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Uranium Exposed Veteran's Daughter - Lili`u's story

By May-Lili`Uokalani Ross Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I am May-Lili`uokalani Ross and I believe in the power and wisdom of my Lord, Ke Akua, and through his son, Jesus Christ, all things are possible.

At the age of five I endured a raw rash accompanied by layers of blisters and swelling, on the toes of my right-foot, consuming skin and toenails fusing them together by pus and ooze. After weeks of thick salt applications and homemade remedies, my toes are healed. From then on, throughout the years, I experience breakouts of rash and blisters that seem more frequent and violent in nature. These are always without pain. Oblivious to the seriousness and cause of this illness, my parents encourage a normal life.

In 1967, at the age of 10, my entire right foot is consumed by pus and ooze that erupted abruptly and extends to my hands in less severe form. This time, the disease does not respond to the previous remedies. Underfoot is raw and with trial and error attempts by medical experts and a retired military medical officer, creating a brace to hold the tissue together proves arduous.

My father was in the Army 1949 thru 1954 in range of Johnston Island, Eniwetok and Kwajalein Atoll enduring Atomic-bomb tests in the Pacific. During that time, he was exposed to some of the most contaminated nuclear hotspots in the world.

With an honorable discharge my father is abandoned and left for dead with illnesses and infectious diseases that are unexplained. As my father learns he has only a few years left to live, he succumbs to what is basically a death by slow burn and I am scheduled for a leg amputation.

At home my mother, who is suffering from uterine pain and swelling from the contaminated semen of my father, tells me that I was born a big blister. I am restricted from physical play and my imagination is my best friend.

At the same time, a retired military buddy of my father is on the mainland exposing the U.S. for its role in nuclear contamination. Seemingly, his last attempt for justice, with three amputated limbs, he tells my father "don't let them amputate her leg."

I have had and continue to have episodes of rash and blisters accompanied by neurological damage, but I have my leg today.

After having my own children, I came to understand my mother's words . . . "big blister."

I have four children who, in the privacy of their lives, tolerate and undertake the burden of this disease. We live with the knowledge of genetic mutation. We live with the knowledge of continued contamination around the world. We live with the knowledge that technology cannot change the inherent radiological toxicity of Uranium. We live with the knowledge that Uranium has a half-life of 4.47 billion years.

I cannot say that I forgive the United States government for what they did.

I am able to move forward without animosity and without hatred because I give my forgiveness to God.

If it is someone we know, we can forgive. But when there is no face, no one who steps up and accepts responsibility, no one to come forward and ask for forgiveness and at the same time the atrocities continue, when there is no repentance, there is no forgiveness. If there is, it is a kind of blindness.

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