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C Assaulted Again & Liberty For Life Website Shut Down By Illuminatzi Pawn.

Liberty For Life & all of C's websites were shut down for about a month by HostGator where the sites were hosted. HostGator made false claims Liberty For Life was violating their policies. Research indicates there may be something far more sinister going on in regard to controlling Internet than most people realize.
The good news is that we are up and running again, however, the number of "independent" "events" impacting C as he brings The Earth Plan live, raises serious questions.
As always, we will just stick to the facts. The reader can draw their own conclusions. The timing, however, and relationships associated with the shutdown of2015 Liberty For Life & The Earth Plan / websites is suspicious. There seams to be no end to the abuse C is subject to, with a constant stream of willing abusers assaulting C under the "color of law" or some other excuse. As C works to bring The Earth Plan & the Universal Peopleisim Constitution to fruition, the abuses have again been increasing. One has to ask when enough is enough?
Shortly after C published the first working version of the Universal Peopleisim Constitution, a cop stopped C ordered him out of his vehicle & assaulted C, breaking his collarbone & crushing his hands. The crazed constable crushed two bones in C's left hand, his right hand survived the assault. Naturally, eliminating C's hands shuts down his ability to type & publish the truth & solutions for mankind. The timing of the assault also coincided with a trial C was forced to prosecute against the South African Revenue Service who unlawfully seized C's personal effects AND the evidence of the lawsuit C prosecuted & won against the government in the US.
SARS is the South African equivalent of the IRS tax collectors in the U.S. Like the IRS, SARS is also a private corporation. It turns out that the "New South Africa" is merely a rehash of the old powers, under a total New World Order dictatorship & Constitution that is a sham. Under South Africa's "New" Constitution, the State maintains exclusive authority to prosecute, hiring & paying both the prosecutor & judge & ensuring the State the power of a dictatorship under the guise of "democracy". While talking about democracy, as thought it were implemented, the two and a half party State ensures that voters can only choose between Illuminati puppet leaders, in what is a democary of a republic.
The claim SARS made to seize the evidence of the lawsuit against criminals in the US government, was that C had not paid a subcontractor of a subcontractor of the contractor C contracted and paid in full to ship his personal effects and the paperwork of the InfoTelesys lawsuit filed against the U.S. government. The InfoTelesys lawsuit was won by default, so Commissioner Irwin Joseph of Santa Cruz evicted C out of C's executive estate home the very day "Urin" Joseph filed to get himself and his co-conspirators in crime, dismissed from the lawsuit C had already won by default.
At the same time as the SARS case & crazed cop assault, lawyers started independently prosecuting C for bill's he had already paid. It turns out there are large numbers of the Freemason Gang in South Africa. The Parliament building in Cape Town is even built on a Freemason owned property, allowing Masonic Gang members to freely walk in and out of the government they control. The first and second Presidents of South Africa, Mandela & Mbeke were/are Knight of Malta, one step down the ladder of the Freemason Gang hierarchy below George Bush & Obamer. The "New" South Africa is under the same Freemason Gang control as the Apartheid Government. Not, however, after which the Freemason Gang members raped the country of thousands of tons of gold & ensured the South African's currency would become worthless to eliminate any potential that might develop under a "black nobility".
Once C's hand had healed sufficiently & he prepared to launch The Earth Plan, HostGator shut down all of C's websites, including Liberty For Life. HostGator was the web-service provider hosting, along with,, & Making a bogus claim that web-bots were using C's sites to send out spam, hostGator shut down C's sites, despite a HostGator's technical expert, admitted in writing that this was not the case. HostGator's CEO, Adam Farrar, would not respond in person to any of the emails he was sent regarding the outrageous shutdown of C's websites. It turns out that HostGator's CEO is the brother-in-law of one of the top Illuminatzi actors, Leonardo Decaprio.
Decaprio is the lead actor in the "Titanic" and the recent “Wolf of Wall Street” movies. Both of these movies were clearly made to deflect form the public asking very serious questions which would expose some of the most outrageous crimes committed by the Illuminatzi.
A list of the broadsides C received after publishing the first working version of the Universal Peopleisim Constitution:
1. Assaulted by a cop who broke C's collar bone & crushed both of C's hands.
2. SARS (IRS copycat) pulls a fast one in preparation for the trial against themselves to obtain the exclusive right to prepare the case index for a newly scheduled court date. The case index they prepare specifically excludes the responses C filed against their ridiculous motions to have the case dismissed. In the trial SARS never even provided C a copy of the case file they prepared for the court. The judge, John Riley, who like the SARS lawyers, is also employed by the State, acted as expected, with criminal intent and purpose not only making the most ridiculous and outrageous ruling, but putting himself in a position to judge whether his judgment could be judged by other judges or not.

3. On the day of the trial C is called by a copy threatening to arrest him again for yet another false arrest where C was arrested after passing multiple breathalyzer tests for alleged drunken driving.
4. Lawyers start prosecuting C for bills he had already paid.
5. All of C's websites including The Earth Plan ( Liberty For Life are shut down under false pretenses.
Could all these facts add up to an ongoing criminal conspiracy?
With the Illuminatzi banksters literally making money out of nothing, they can hire a never-ending supply of henchmen & henchwomen who willingly assault any threat to their criminal cartel's control of the world.
The HostGator assault however, initiated a quick investigation by C. It turns out the Illuminatzi Freemason pawns are diligently buying up Internet. Recognize that the Freemason Gang owns and controls all the mainstream media, the governments, courts, banks and the great majority of book publishers. Is it only a matter of time before the Illuminatzi own and control Internet?
The Titanic Illuminatzi Mind Control Movies
The Titanic was built by the Rothschild owned Star Lines. These banksters for the Vatican, had a Jesuit Captain ensure the Titanic sank when it hit the iceberg. After hitting the iceberg, if the Captain simply shut off the engines the Titanic could not sink. Instead the Jesuit Captain of the Titanic, made sure the Titanic sank by literally driving it full steam ahead so as to flood the ships separated compartments. Is it a coincidence that the three men who stood in the way of the biggest fraud the USA has ever seen, the predominantly Rotschild owned U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, were on the Titanic? However, the fact that neither Gogenheim, Astor nor Strauss got off the Titanic, despite being the three most powerful men in the U.S., raises the facts of a conspiracy, that is so typical of how the Illuminatzi operate.
The Titanic was built and sunk specifically to eliminate the three most wealthy and powerful men in America who stood in the way of the formation of the predominantly Rothschild owned U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. The Titanic movie was also clearly made specifically to detract from what was ridiculously obvious, the ship was built for pre-meditated murder. The Jesuit Captain of the Titanic was also seen alive and well after he allegedly "went down with the ship".
The recent "Wolf of Wall Street" movie in which the brother-in-law of the CEO of HostGator was also the main actor, was clearly designed to detract from people asking questions about President Obalmer literally handing the banks THIRTY TRILLION DOLLARS at the expense of the American public. The bank crimes make the drama acted out in the Wolf of Wall Street, look like a child stealing a lollypop compared to the great train robbery, except the ratio of the value of a lollypop compared to what was stolen in the Great Train Robery, does not even emphasize the mind-blowing amount Obama stole from the public and handed to the bankers, of which the Rothschild family was the primary beneficiary. If the "bail out" money was handed to the American Citizens instead of the banks, it would be more than enough to eliminate all the debt people owe on homes, cars & credit cards.
Imagine how the economy would be boosted if all citizens debt was eliminated. Instead Obama, the Illuminatzi bankster's puppet handed trillions of dollars to the banksters who caused the depression. & Hollywood makes a movie about two-bit thieves instead of the worlds worst criminals in the biggest heist in history.
It is time to get real, the U.S. Government & all the New World Order governments are not here to serve mankind, they are here to profit a small criminal cartel that owns the central banks and who gave the world most of the sacrificial religions. The U.S. Military is the 4th Reich, it is ridiculously obvious. The Judiciary, Courts & Cops are merely criminals & thugs hired to protect the criminals at the top of the pyramid. Anyone working in these NWO governments, whether they know it or not, is an enemy of civilization and being used to destroy liberty & civilization to benefit their masters.
A Conspiracy To Dominate Internet?
When looking for companies that were not owned by HostGator's parent Endurance International, we uncovered more disturbing conspiracy facts. Endurance International owns more than 60 companies providing Internet services, many of which are identical apart from their name & domain. In other words Endurance International has piles of cash and is buying up Internet. The Illuminatzi efforts to shut down and control the liberty provided by Internet, are blatant and obvious. Even Google is an setup.

Google Set Up To Do Evil? When C was a Senior Technical Strategist for Sun Microsystems he Chaired the Frameworks Ambassadors for SMCC the principle organization that made up Sun (Frameworks is just a fancy name for Software Development). Erich Schmidt headed up Sun's Sunsoft division who was responsible for developing Sun's operating system, so C was familiar with Eric. When C started to become aware of what the Illuminatzi were and their control of the banks & government, he started sending his former colleagues emails warning them about what is going on. His finger about to hit the Enter key to shoot off an email to Eric Schmidt, who at the time was CEO of Google, C paused & decided to Google Eric. It turned out that Google was desperately attempting to censor the fact that Eric Schmidt was a Builderberger Groop member & that Eric's girlfriend was VP of Marketing for the Counsel on Foreign Relations. Both the Builderberger Group & CFR are hard-core Illuminatzi control groups. Obviously Google is being set up to subtly control Internet. By offering free services and a good search engine, it is blatantly obvious that Google takes the reigns and control of Internet. What may not be so obvious to people is that Google's logo is merely a representation of 666 and the small "g" has vastly more sinister implications.

We strongly recommend anyone who is hosting their websites on HostGator to move to another provider or any affiliate:


We live in a world that is completely & utterly dominated by money. Money the privately owned central banks literally make out of nothing. There is no end of corrupt politicians, judges, police & military personnel who will sell their soul for the luxury the bankers money buys them. Until the bankers fraud is halted & reversed, there will never be peace, there will never be prosperity, the world will be at constant war while & the masses subject to poverty, while the bankers thugs at the top of government live in the lap of luxury.

When I was a military instructor the fact that we could involuntarily draft young men off the street and in three months turn them into cold-blooded murders who on command would kill anyone they were ordered to. And they would feel proud about it to. This propensity to obey commands & even believe in an unseen unheard non-existent god, must be recognized for what it is, a means to turn humans into instruments of evil. The practice of utilizing hypnosis in religious ceremonies & personnel training needs to be carefully monitored and abolished, while the penalty for those who empoly these methods to corrupt, must be a long-lasting banishment to the badlands.