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Democracy or Republic - Voting by Billboard

Currently only around a quarter of U.S. citizens gather each year to vote. Many, if not most, have no personal knowledge of the persons whom they vote for. Many place their vote based simply on their familiarity with a name.

The massive number of billboards placed on corners and streets around voting time simply post the name of the candidate.  It is frightening to realize that apparently billboards have a significant impact on voting.  A representative can be elected purely on his financial or marketing ability to plaster his name in front of voters without the least regard to the representatives integrity or political position.

The problem is that there is no option on voting poles for people to say they support none of the candidates, and hence do not want to see the position filled.

Perhaps the construct of our democratic voting for our republican government aught to be modified to incorporate minimum thresholds for elected officials. After all, does an individual who only manages to gather ten or twenty percent support of the people have any right to represent the other eighty percent of the populous?

Proposed Constitutional Amendment:
No legislature may enact any new legislation unless they represent a majority of the citizens and not just a majority of those who turn out to vote.

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