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Clive Boustred

Founder & Chairman Liberty For Life Association

+1 (408) 889-4351

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Clive's Career Record

More Background:


As one of the industries foremost technology & business strategists, Mr. Boustred has provided strategy and the architectural vision for some of the world's most successful companies. Mr. Boustred has designed massively scalar systems that have grown to support well over ten million users. The next generation Internet and banking systems Mr. Boustred designed to support billions of users was interrupted by a governmental assault during deployment, which resulted in him analyzing the legal industry and the development of Liberty For Life & CopperCards.

Companies who directly benefited from the Founder
& whom he benefited from:


Key experience in the management of Silicon Valley companies has enabled Mr. Boustred to develop the "C-Law" series covering Business, Motivation, Project Management, Product Development or Corporate Structure theories, reflecting the latest advanced management strategy for progressive companies and helping ensure the success of these organizations.

Extensive international experience has taught Mr. Boustred the value of looking at markets from the outside, affording him and the organizations benefiting from his strategies the ability to significantly shift the paradigm on existing and emerging markets so as to gain significant market advantage.

Mr. Boustred is a dynamic visionary and brings with him a considerable breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in numerous advanced technologies & business fields, providing a refreshing view of complex domains. His ability to explain the most complex problems in straightforward terms has helped many corporations re-architect their strategic direction.


  • World Leading Strategist & Visionary
  • Designing, Building & Motivating Advanced Companies & Products
  • Provided Architectural Vision for some of the World's Largest Systems
  • Extensive Systems Expertise: Legacy to Most Advanced Technologies
  • Advanced Business & Technology Process Re-engineering
  • Exemplary Presentation & Public Management Skills
  • Extensive International Business Experience
  • Next Generation Technologies & Markets


Founder, Chairman & CEO: InfoTelesys, Inc.
InfoTelesys was well underway in deploying the worlds most advanced next-generation Internet coupled with multiple industry changing vertical companies in the banking, real estate, education and many other fields. InfoTelesys’ IT-I2™ network delivered one gigabit connections anywhere in the world, the company had lined up 100 launch vehicles, satellite technology and 1.74GHz of ITU spectrum and the world leading teams in each of the deployed verticals. InfoTelesys successfully employed the advanced GOS and BOS distributed management systems and motivation systems developed by Mr. Boustred. Governmental assault directed against Mr. Boustred forced the company to halt operations while their founder still fights his way out from under the assault. The company is in the progress of bringing recovery suits against the California and U.S. Governments who to date have refused to answer allegations or allow a trial.  Realizing the futility of building companies when the legal system can so easily be employed to destroy them, the founder has been forced to work on fixing the U.S. See 

CEO/CTO & Chief Strategist: Advanced Technical Strategy, Inc. 
Founded & fully responsible for operations at Californian based ATSI Corporation. ATSI Customers are amongst the top vendors and Fortune 500 Companies, including: Microsoft, Motorola, Boeing, Hitachi Data Systems, StorageTek, Bank Of America, Lucent Technologies / Octel, Bell, GTE, Lockheed Missiles & Space, Open Software Foundation, US Defense Force, TCI, Washington Legislative Commission, Automobile Club of Southern California, Intelsat, DCI, IDC, etc. Responsible for the development and delivery of comprehensive seminar series covering the entire range of advanced distributed systems technologies and the detailed analysis of top vendors product, marketing & sales strategies. 

Examples of strategic ATSI consulting contracts for which Mr. Boustred bore full responsibility:

Chief Strategist: Bell Canada
Analyzed corporate IT infrastructure & developed strategies to optimize deployment while reducing cost.  Directed resolution of 33,000 user mail system problems.

Chief  Strategist: StorageTek
Strategic analysis of products and technologies, strategic advice on positioning Company and products for next generation Open Systems & NT Markets.

Chief Strategist: Hitachi
Product and Marketing Strategy for current and new technology products. Including product analysis, market analysis, pricing, competitive analysis, product integration etc. Internal ASTI seminar program delivered to senior staff. Developed OpenTP1 Transaction Monitor Education Program with Marketing, Sales, and System Support Engineer modules.

Senior Technical Strategist: Microsoft
Delivered customized Advanced Distributed Systems seminars concentrating on Object Technologies to Systems Engineers and Sales Representatives.

Senior Technical Strategist: Motorola
Delivered Advanced Distributed Systems seminars concentrating on Object Technologies delivered to Worldwide Systems Engineering Group.

Senior Technical Strategist: Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation, Inc.
Chairperson for Sun's Frameworks (CASE) Ambassadors and Steering Committee, with responsibilities for providing marketing and engineering direction regarding the software development industry, in addition to the structuring and development of education programs for Sun's worldwide Frameworks (CASE) System Engineering Ambassadors. Sat on the Steering Committee for Sun's Network Ambassadors with similar responsibilities. Provided technical sales support and marketing for Sun's Silicon Valley Group. Provided systems architectural design and integration for over 50 of Sun's large-scale U.S. and international customers.

Developed solutions utilizing Sun technology for the following top technology, telecom, banking and general businesses: Intuit, Oracle, Informix, Illustria, Amdahl, Apple,  National Bank of Australia, Cadre, Cadence, Computer Associates, DEC, Case Ware, 3Com, Acuson, Adobe, AIM Technology, Applix, ASK, Bank of America, Atria, Boeing, Borland, Broad Vision, Case Ware, Clarify, Cooper & Chyan Technology, Dialog Information Services, Dun & Bradstreet Information Systems, Sybase, Digitalk, Expertsoft, Rational, Hitachi, ESL, Rohlm, Fujitsu America, Go Corporation, GTE, Intellicorp, Intelsat, Interactive Development Environments, Iona, Ipsys, JSB, Knowledge Ware, Levelor, Lockheed, Logix, Loral, MCI, Micro Focus, Network General, NeXT, Northern Telecom, Novell, Object Management Group, Objectivity, ODI, Pacific Bell, Parc Place, Post Modern, Neuron Data, PowerSoft, Pratricia Sebold, Rational, Pure Software, RedPepper Software, Parc Place, Novell, Relational Database Systems, Rohlm, SAP, Siemens, Swiss Bank, Tandem Computers, Teknekron Software Systems, Talarian, Unify, Wells Fargo Bank, Xerox, etc.

Provided Intuit with the Strategic Architectural Vision and Systems Architecture for Intuit's next generation Automated Financial Services (AFS) System that required growth beyond nine million users.  This system is one of the largest and most successful banking systems in the world.
Two months after Intuit's AFS went live, Microsoft made an offer to purchase Intuit for $2Billion. Intuit's annual revenue at the time was slightly over $100M, a twenty times revenue valuation.

Director Technical Strategy: Teknekron Software Systems, Inc. (TIBCO)
Responsible for directing strategic planning and marketing for the commoditization of TIB middleware, later to be named Rendezvous. Responsible for steering product strategy and architecture with respect to customer expectations and market requirements. Developed and delivered corporate presentations and acted as a company spokesperson. Key and primary speaker for European Teknekron launches and shows, including London, Frankfurt, Antwerp and Paris. Drove strategic partner relationships and agreements with third party ISV's and Integrators including: Pure Software, Applix, CIMAD and Tandem. Responsible for developing new technology vision and market penetration for telecommunications, transportation, and the Distributed Object Market. Customers included: Reuters, Banksys, Cedel, Citicorp, Credit Swisse, EDS, GTE, OCC, Salomon Brothers, The Options Clearing Corporation, BSG, Knight Ridder, Union Bank of Switzerland, etc.

Conference Chair, Speaker: DCI's Distributed Objects Conference, Software World USA.
Developed and Managed Conference Plan. Managed and Directed Speakers. Delivered Seminars.

Moderator, Speaker: Object World
Moderator of Large Scale Distributed Systems Sessions. Speaker on CORBA Architectures.

Systems Analyst: Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Sequent's Silicon Valley Technical Representative for Technical Sales and Integration.  Developed solutions utilizing Sequent technology for a number of companies such as Xilinx, Intel, Santa Clara County services, Milpitas 911 system, Community College systems, etc.

Technical Director, PC and Open Systems Group: General Electric Consulting
Senior Technical Advisor. Strategy and Corporate Consulting. Business Planning. Marketing.

Technical Marketing Engineer: The Santa Cruz Operation
Technical Marketing Engineer for West Coast Major Accounts.

Senior Consultant: AutoDesk, Inc.
Corporate Computerization Systems Evaluation. Senior Technical Advisor.

Senior Engineer: CEPCORE
Engineering Analysis & Systems Design.

CEO: Computing For Business Industries
Setup & responsible for formation of CFBI. Responsible for a number of consulting projects including: Access control and time and attendance system for Scaw Metals, a 3,800-employee Company; Systems design and hardware analysis for Sentrachem, a major chemicals manufacturer; Corporate Computerization Strategy for Thyssen. Amongst other consulting contracts including:

Senior Consultant: NCR, Inc.
Senior Technical Advisor. Marketing and Competitive Analysis. Major Client Strategy.

Manager of Information Systems: Scaw Metals
Started as Project Leader on computer planning and control project, was promoted to Manager, Information Systems for Scaw Metals, a 3,800 employee firm consisting of two large foundries and one large rolling mill.

Bombardier: 10 Anti Aircraft Defense School
Drafted Military Instructor: Anti Aircraft, Radar, Infantry, Anti Terrorist Warfare & Gorilla Warfare & Special Weapons

British Honors B.Sc. Engineering & Management
Minor in Management of Human Resources. Incorporated Equivalent MBA training
- Loughborough University of Technology, England

Numerous Advanced Computer & Management Courses
Covering Areas Such As: Motivation Theories, Sales Strategies; Marketing CASE; Systems Integration; Networking/Communications; RDBMS; High-End Architectures; Hardware Design; SMP; Client Server; Distributed Technology (COM, CORBA etc.); Standards; Competitive Analysis; UNIX Systems; UNIX Systems & C Programming
- Sun Microsystems, Inc.
- Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
- I/O Systems

Bombardier & Military Instructor
Radar, Anti-Aircraft, Infantry & Guerrilla Warfare, Anti-Terrorist Warfare & Special Weapons
- 10AADS
(Involuntary Drafted for 2 years in South Africa)

Foundry patternmaker
- Department of National Education

National Technical Certificate N4
Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing & Design, Mechanotechniques
- Department of National Education



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