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Reincarnation Scientific Study by Dr. Peter Ramster

The following documentary scientifically explores evidence of reincarnation.

Ordinary subjects who lived ordinary lives are placed under deep hypnosis and asked about their prior lives. What you will see may shock you.

English speaking people who have no training in a foreign language all of a sudden speak fluent colloquial French or German from the location and era where under hypnosis they reveal they lived a past life. Dr. Ramster takes these subjects who lived ordinary lives back to the location the person revealed under hypnosis. Not only did these people identify the names and places where they lived under hypnosis, they gave intricate details that would be completely impossible for a person to know had they not lived there at that time in history. Under hypnosis the one lady can even read a map without glasses she needs when not hypnotized.

One lady drew an intricate shape of a marking she had seen on the floor of a home in England in a past life. Taking her to the location across a continent she had never set foot on in this life, on gaining her baring's, she leads the researchers to an old cabin that was converted into a chicken coop. Digging down through centuries of dirt, the stone floor was cleared to reveal the very marking she drew under hypnosis in Australia.

We are left with only two possible conclusions. Firstly we do indeed reincarnate and it looks like we come back to Earth in multiple lives or secondly that under hypnosis these subjects are possessed by spirits who know about the intricate details of other people's past lives. Observing how memories rushed back to these subjects as they were brought back to the place they had lived before in another life, strongly suggest that reincarnation is a fact of life and not simply some voodoo spirit trickery.

Much changes when we comprehend this astonishing construct of reincarnation. Why on earth we have been kept in the dark for all these years we do not know. However, all are now beginning to see, the all seeing eye.

Dr. Michael Newton of The Newton Institute who offers Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy tell us that "One of the primary things that our guides and teachers teach us is how we have treated others in our life. What we have done for others as opposed to ourselves."

Is C Thomas Jefferson Reincarnate? Who have you been? Hopefully you will now carefully consider and understand that it is your walk that county.

A special thanks to Dr. Peter Ramster and his team for outstanding work.

See: Q&A RE Christianity & Reincarnation

C-Live, Love, Oppose Evil. That all may see and learn of the incredible love that fills our universe.

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