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DNA Evidence Prove Jews Are Not A Race


"The fact that Judaism, Christianity, Islam & Luciferism were created to manipulate & control humankind, is now obvious beyond any level of doubt." - SOC

DNA analasys provides some of the most intriguing clues to what is realy going on. It turns out that there is no "Jewsih DNA", but instead that the so-called Jews have common DNA shared with oher groups including the Palestinians they slaguter and call Goiyem. The Ashkenazi Jews DNA is however effectively Greek and Turkish without a Middle Eastern source. Proving the Kazarian Ashkenazi 13th "Jewish" Tribe Theory.

The facts in regard to no common Jewish DNA & lack of any credible archeological records backing up any of the main Biblical Studies, backs the facts of the conspiracy we now know about in regard to the the Vatican/Rome inventing Christianity out of Soli Invictus & writing the Bible in the early 300's.

All the facts surounding the establishment of Israel in Palestinian terratory after World War Two, for the purpose of instigating World War Three, and in sowing more Janus seeds of division, expose the Old World Order Ologarchy's obvious criminal conspiracy to divide & enskave mankind. Naturally the Zionatzi Ashkenazi Jewish Freemasons & Jesuits are desparete as alwasy, to hide the truth.

No Jewish DNAOn 2000 May 9, under Medical Sciences on the "National Center for Biotechnology Information" website of the U.S. National Library of Medicine in Bethesda MD, USA, results of an intensive study of so-called Jewish DNA, blew the lid off the claim of any "Jewish Race". The study titled "Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes" was conducted by a long list of experts:

M. F. Hammer, A. J. Redd,E. T. Wood, M. R. Bonner, H. Jarjanazi, T. Karafet,S. Santachiara-Benerecetti, A. Oppenheim, M. A. Jobling, T. Jenkins, H. Ostrer, and B. Bonné-Tamir  - Click here for the source 

The study shows Y-chromosome haplotype frequencies and percentages in 29 population groups including 7 different "Jewish" groups:

Population Haplotype
N 4S 1R Med 1Ha 1U 1C 1D 1L Other
Jews 336 20 5 36 5 8 7 5 10 4
 Ashkenazi Jews 115 24 12 31 2 3 4 9 10 3
 Roman Jews 44 16 45 5 7 5 20 2
 North African Jews 45 20 2 42 18 7 4 4 2
 Near Eastern Jews 32 13 3 28 6 16 31 3
 Kurdish Jews 50 8 4 44 6 18 8 4 8
 Yemenite Jews 30 17 43 7 10 3 17 3
 Ethiopian Jews 20 45 10 5 40
Mid-East non-Jews 230 15 5 50 4 10 2 6 6 3
 Palestinians 73 19 5 51 3 7 1 8 5
 Syrians 91 10 3 57 3 8 1 9 9
 Lebanese 24 29 13 46 4 4 4
 Druze 21 19 38 19 19 5
 Saudi Arabians 21 5 5 33 5 24 5 19 5
Europeans* 337 15 16 11 6 2 1 11 37 1
North Africans* 137 50 1 26 4 1 1 4 12
Sub-Saharan Africans* 199 6 1 1 93
 Turks 98 6 12 26 9 12 3 5 20 6
 Lemba 34 6 6 26 32 29

Only haplotypes common in seven different Jewish population groups are shown in the above table, and are compared to some non-Jewish population groups - source - study source

What is clear from the analysis is that the Ashkenazi Jews AND the Saudi Arabians have European DNA while the Jews are slaughtering Palestinians who share almost idnentical DNA with their Mid-East Jewish "brothers".

The Mid-East non-Jews effectively share the same DNA as the Jews who originated from the same region. However, the "European Jews", namely the Ashkenazi Jews and the Ethiopian Jews don't quite fit in with their Middle-Eastern Jewish "brothers". Neither strangly do the Saudi Arabians - is that why the Saudies are so eager to cooperate with the Ashkenazi Jews who control the Washington D.C. Government?

DNA European vs Mid-East

140000 old DNA roots

The extensive study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information site, also anhialates the rediculously short 7,000 year-old "history of the world" claim made by the Jews, Chrisians & Moslems.

All achaeological evidence totally contadicts the Bible & there is simply ZERO credible arhaeological evidence for ANY of the Bible's main characters. The Bible was created by the Vatican in the early 300's when Rome changed the name of their official religion, "Soli Invictus" to "Christianity". To sow more seeds of division Rome invented Islam, literally assisting the illeterate Mohamad in the writing of the Quoran.

Dr. Eran Elhaik, an Israeli Jew from Beersheba, who earned a doctorate in molecular evolution from the University of Houston, published a paper in December of 2013 on Oxford University Press, on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution titled “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” Dr. Elhaik proved that Ashkenazi Jews’ roots lie not in the Middle-East, but in the Caucasus, a region at the border of Europe and Asia that lies between the Black and Caspian seas. The Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Khazars, a Turkic people who lived in one of the largest medieval states in Eurasia and then migrated to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. The Abstract to the Oxford article reads:

The question of Jewish ancestry has been the subject of controversy for over two centuries and has yet to be resolved. The “Rhineland Hypothesis” depicts Eastern European Jews as a "population isolate" that emerged from a small group of German Jews who migrated eastward and expanded rapidly. Alternatively, the "Khazarian Hypothesis" suggests that Eastern European Jew descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and converted to Judaism in the 8th century

Mesopotamian and Greco-Roman Jews continuously reinforced the Judaized Empire until the 13th century. Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars. Thus far, however, the Khazar's contribution has been estimated only empirically, as the absence of genome-wide data from Caucasus populations precluded testing the Khazarian Hypothesis. Recent sequencing of modern Caucasus populations prompted Dr. Elhaik to revisit the Khazarian Hypothesis and compare it with the Rhineland Hypothesis. 

Dr Elkaik states: "We applied a wide range of population genetic analyses to compare these two hypotheses. Our findings support the Khazarian Hypothesis and portray the European Jewish genome as a mosaic of Caucasus, European, and Semitic ancestries, thereby consolidating previous contradictory reports of Jewish ancestry. We further describe major difference among Caucasus populations explained by early presence of Judeans in the Southern and Central Caucasus. Our results have important implications on the demographic forces that shaped the genetic diversity in the Caucasus and medical studies."

Dr. Elhaik points out that the Ashkenazi Jew genes are far more heterogeneous than proponents of the Rhineland Hypothesis believed. Dr. Elhaik did find a Middle Eastern genetic marker in DNA from Jews, but, he says, it could be from Iran, not ancient Judea. Dr. Elhaik points out that the Khazars converted to Judaism in the eighth century and explains the ballooning of the European Jewish population to 8 million at the beginning of the 20th century from its tiny base in the Middle Ages.

Elhaik bases his conclusion on an analysis of genetic data published by a team of researchers led by Doron Behar, a population geneticist and senior physician at Israel’s Rambam Medical Center, in Haifa. Dr. Elhaik can be contacted at

Despite what his critics claim, Dr. Elhaik was not out to prove that contemporary Jews have no connection to the Jewish people of the Biblical myths. His primary research focus is the genetics of mental illness, which, he explains, led him to question the assumption that Ashkenazi Jews are a useful population to study because they’re so homogeneous.

Dr. Elhaik says he first read about the Khazarian Hypothesis a decade ago in a 1976 book by the late Hungarian-British author Arthur Koestler, “The Thirteenth Tribe,” written before scientists had the tools to compare genomes. Koestler, who was Jewish by birth, said his aim in writing the book was to eliminate the racist underpinnings of anti-Semitism in Europe. “Should this theory be confirmed, the term ‘anti-Semitism’ would become void of meaning,” the book jacket reads.

In a news article that accompanied Dr. Elhaik’s journal paper, Shlomo Sand, a history professor at Tel Aviv University and author of a 2009 book titled “The Invention of the Jewish People”, said the study vindicated his long-held ideas. ”It’s so obvious for me,” Sand told the journal. “Some people, historians and even scientists, turn a blind eye to the truth. Once, to say Jews were a race was anti-Semitic, now to say they’re not a race is anti-Semitic. It’s crazy how history plays with us.”

What Shlomo Sand is not drectly connecting, but perhaps hinting on, is the fact that the controllers of this planet are intentionally manipulating society & religion for the express purpose of dividing, conquering & enslaving mankind.

Origins of Zionazi Ashkenazi Illuminatzii Jippo Jews

Hungarian-British author Arthur Koestler's book “The Thirteenth Tribe (read it here) gives detailed accounts of the origins of the "13th Jewish Tribe" of Ashkenazi Jippo Jews. We can add more detail to the book in regard to the Origins of Christianity and we touch on some of the Origins of Man in the next short section. shows how the so-called Jewish Holocaust was not a genocide of Jews, but rather a genocide BY Ashkenazi Jews for the express purpose of setting up Isis-Ra-El (Israel) on Palistinian terratory to cause violent divisions, terrorisim and hatred according to the Zionazi Protocols of Zion for the lead up to World War Three. and a World Wide Zionazi Dictatorship they try to call the "New World Order". However, let's briefly examine some of the origins of these Jippo Jews who are a curse to civilization, mankind and the very existence of life on planet earth.
Ivan the Terrible
A few years of the death of Muhammad (AD 632) the Islamic armies of the Caliphate sweepe north. On the line of the Caucasus the Arabs met the forces of an organized military power, the Khazars, who stoped the violent spread of Islam to the North & East. The wars of the Arabs and the Khazars lasted more than a hundred years.

In 732 - after a resounding Khazar victory over the Arabs - the future Roman Emperor Constantine V married a Khazar princess. In due time, their son became the Emperor Leo IV, known as Leo the Khazar. It is important to recognize that Judism, Christianity AND Islam were all setup by Rome. The Vatican was established on the temple of the all-might all-encompasing two-faced God Janis. This article on Janus the God of War, provides an important insite into the Janus two-faced principles of dividing & conquring. Rome, in essence supported Islam & when their Islamic forces failed to conquer the Khazar empire, Constantine marrying his daughter into them provided the alternate "integration" or conquering through marriage.

Around 740, the Khaza King Leo, his court and the military ruling class embraced the Jewish faith, and Judaism became the state religion of the Khazars. The kingdom of the Khazars held its own for the best part of four centuries, living chiefly in tents, but they also developing large urban settlements.

.The last Arab campaign was led by the future Caliph Marwan II, and ended in a Pyrrhic victory. Marwan made an offer of alliance to the Khazar Kagan, then attacked by surprise through both passes. The Khazar army, unable to recover from the initial shock, retreated as far as the Volga. The Kagan was forced to ask for terms; Marwan, in accordance with the routine followed in other conquered countries, requested the Kagan's conversion to the True Faith. The Kagan complied, but his conversion to Islam must have been an act of lip-service, for no more is heard of the episode in the Arab or Byzantine sources - in contrast to the lasting effects of the establishment of Judaism as the state religion which took place a few years later.*[The probable date for the conversion is around AD 740
Marwan himself was the chief commander in the civil wars that followed, and became in 744 the last of the Omayad Caliphs (only to be assassinated six years later when the Caliphate passed to the Abbasid dynasty). Given this background, Marwan was simply not in a position to exhaust his resources by further wars with the Khazars.

" In fact, the Arab sources (though they often exaggerate) speak of armies of 100000, even of 300000, men engaged on either side - probably outnumbering the armies which decided the fate of the Western world at the battle of Tours about the same time. "To the Garden, Muslims, not the Fire" - the joys of Paradise being assured to every Muslim soldier killed in the Holy War. ..At one stage during these fifteen years of fighting the Khazars overran Georgia and Armenia, inflicted a total defeat on the Arab army in the battle of Ardabil (AD 730) and advanced as far as Mosul and Dyarbakir, more than half-way to Damascus, capital of the Caliphate. But a freshly raised Muslim army stemmed the tide, and the Khazars retreated homewards across the mountains. The next year Maslamah ibn-Abd-al-Malik, most famed Arab general of his time, who had formerly commanded the siege of Constantinople, took Balanjar and even got as far as Samandar, another large Khazar town further north. But once more the invaders were unable to establish a permanent garrison, and once more they were forced to retreat across the Caucasus.

The sigh of relief experienced in the Roman Empire assumed a tangible form through another dynastic alliance, when the heir to the throne was married to a Khazar princess, whose son was to rule Byzantium as Leo the Khazar.

The last Arab campaign was led by the future Caliph Marwan II, and ended in a Pyrrhic victory. Marwan made an offer of alliance to the Khazar Kagan, then attacked by surprise through both passes. The Khazar army, unable to recover from the initial shock, retreated as far as the Volga. The Kagan was forced to ask for terms; Marwan, in accordance with the routine followed in other conquered countries, requested the Kagan's conversion to the True Faith. The Kagan complied, but his conversion to Islam must have been an act of lip-service, for no more is heard of the episode in the Arab or Byzantine sources - in contrast to the lasting effects of the establishment of Judaism as the state religion which took place a few years later.*[The probable date for the conversion is around AD 740.
Marwan bid farewell to Khazari. Marwan was simply not in a position to exhaust his resources by further wars with the Khazars. Marwan was not only the last Arab general to attack the Khazars, he was also the last Caliph to pursue an expansionist policy devoted, at least in theory, to the ideal of making Islam triumph all over the world.

Ibn Fadlan describes not the simple murder of too-clever people, but one of their pagan customs: human sacrifice, by which the most excellent among men were offered as sacrifice to God. their shamans, whose equivalents among the Bulgars and the Rus also wielded power of life and death over the people, in the name of their cult. According to Ibn Rusta, the medicine men of the Rus could put a rope round the neck of anybody and hang him on a tree to invoke the mercy of God. When this was done, they said: "This is an offering to God."
human sacrifice was also practised by the Khazars - including the ritual killing of the king at the end of his reign.

The Khazars and their King are all Jews - Gog and Magog are the Khazars

While meany theories have been put forward as to the reson the Khazars adopted Judaism, KXXXXXXX suggest the most likely reason: "At the beginning of the eighth century the world was polarized between the two super-powers representing Christianity and Islam. Their ideological doctrines were welded to power-politics pursued by the classical methods of propaganda, subversion and military conquest. The Khazar Empire represented a Third Force, which had proved equal to either of them, both as an adversary and an ally. But it could only maintain its independence by accepting neither Christianity nor Islam - for either choice would have automatically subordinated it to the authority of the Roman Emperor or the Caliph of Baghdad." - Chaper II, The Thirteenth Tribe

Josepheus, the Jewish Roman Historian, states two centuries later in a letter, which also includes much muth, that: "After these feats of arms [the Khazars invasion of Armenia], King Bulan's fame spread to all countries. The King of Edom [Byzantium / Rome] and the King of the Ishmaelim [the Muslims] heard the news and sent to him envoys with precious gifts and money and learned men to convert him to their beliefs; but the king was wise and sent for a Jew with much knowledge and acumen and put all three together to discuss their doctrines." Josepheus goes on that the Khazarian king asks the Christians whether Judism or Islam is nearer the truth, and the Christian answers, "the Jews". The same was asked of the Muslim in regard to Christianity verses Judism, to which the Muslim naturally stated Judism, with which the Khazarian king adopted the neutral religion of Judisim to avoid conflict with Edom (Rome) or Ishmaelim (Islam).

"The custom in the Khazar capital is to have seven judges. Of these two are for the Muslims, two are for the Khazars, judging according to the Torah (Mosaic law), two for the Christians, judging according to the Gospel and one for the Saqualibah, Rus and other pagans, judging according to pagan law..." - Meadows of Gold Mines and Precious Stones, by al-Masudi, known as "the Herodotus among the Arabs" one of the foremost Arab historians, written between AD 943 and 947

universal bibliography written circa AD 987, informs us that in his time the Khazars used the Hebrew alphabet.

As a consequence of the Khazars official adoptation ofJudaism, naturally Jews suffering persection in other regions saught refuge with the Khazars. The Crimea was, as we have seen, intermittently under Khazar rule; but it also had an old-established Jewish community

The Crimea was, as we have seen, intermittently under Khazar rule; but it also had an old-established Jewish community

Lastly, the Professor of Russian History in the University of Oxford, Dimitry Obolensky:19 "The main contribution of the Khazars to world history was their success in holding the line of the Caucasus against the northward onslaught of the Arabs."

Professor of Mediaeval Jewish History at Tel Aviv University, A. N. Poliak, in his 1994 book Khazaria (in Hebrew) writes that the facts demand "a new approach, both to the problem of the relations between the Khazar Jewry and other Jewish communities, and to the question of how far we can go in regarding this [Khazar] Jewry as the nucleus of the large Jewish settlement in Eastern Europe. ... The descendants of this settlement - those who stayed where they were, those who emigrated to the United States and to other countries, and those who went to Israel - constitute now the large majority of world Jewry."

In  Arthur Koestler book "The Thirteenth Tribe" he adds: "This was written before the full extent of the holocaust was known, but that does not alter the fact that the large majority of surviving Jews in the world is of Eastern European - and thus perhaps mainly of Khazar - origin. If so, this would mean that their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that genetically they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Should this turn out to be the case, then the term "anti-Semitism" would become void of meaning, based on a misapprehension shared by both the killers and their victims. The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated." Koestler was clearly not aware of the Holocaust Hoax.

"Cruel hoax" is indeed an interesting choice of words when you consider that the Red Cross Records Ashkenazi Jew Stalin hid from the world now reveal that only 30,000 Jews died in Auschwitz and that the so-called Jewish Holocaust was not a Holocaust against the Jews, but one by the Ashkenazi Jews against Russians, Germans, Japanise, Chinese, Europeans & what these Zionazi refer to as "Goiyem". Now these Ashkenazi Jews who own the banks, control the governments, courts, police & military have decided to genocide off six billion Goiyem. The "Hoax" is juxtaposed and no "hoax" in regard to the slaughter of hundreds of millions of "Goiyem" by these Jippo-Jews.

The Zionazi Ashkenazi Jippo Jew's trheat to genocide off six billion of us is just as real & actively progressing as this text is written. Fortunately Chezholosvakia blew the whistle on the Baxtern International Bio-WMD Vaccines the Illuminazi distributed all around the world. The Mosaad & Washington D.C. Illuminatzi HAAP & Neuclea attack on the Fukushima Nuclea plant however has already claimed many hundreds of thousands of lives.


Ivan IV Vasilyevich (Ива́н Васи́льевич, 1530/8/25 – 1584/3/18), commonly known as "Ivan the Terrible", the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and Tsar of All the Russias from 1547 until his death in 1584, conquered the Khanates of Kazan, Astrakhan and Siberia in the 1550's.

While Ivan IV was a minor, armies of the Kazan Khanate repeatedly raided the northeast of Russia. In the 1530s the Crimean khan formed an offensive alliance with Safa Giray of Kazan, his relative. When Safa Giray invaded Muscovy in December 1540, the Russians used Qasim Tatars to contain him. After his advance was stalled near Murom, Safa Giray was forced to withdraw to his own borders. These reversals undermined Safa Giray's authority in Kazan.

In 1552 Ivan The Terrible led a 150,000-strong Russian army agains Kazan and laid seige to the Tatar capital, in October 1552, Kazan fell & most of people in the Tatar capital were slaughtered, no doubt securing more intense hatred between the people. Between 60,000 & 100,000 Russian prisoners and slaves were freed, indicating the Kazan deep rooted and insane belief they have any right to enslave people. In 1556 Ivan annexed the Astrakhan Khanate and destroyed the largest slave market on the River Volga.

With the annexation of the Middle Volga into Russia, the migration of the aggressive nomadic hordes from Asia to Europe through Volga was complicated. The Tsar celebrated his victory over Kazan by building several churches with oriental features, most famously Saint Basil's Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow.

In the later years of Ivan's reign, the southern borders of Muscovy were disturbed by Crimean Tatars. Their main purpose was the capture of slaves. Khan Devlet I Giray of Crimea repeatedly raided the Moscow region. In 1571, a 40,000-strong Crimean and Turkish Tatars army launched a large-scale raid on Moscow who's 6,000 garison could not even delay the Tatar approach. Unresisted, the Tatars devastated unprotected towns and villages around Moscow and set Moscow on fire, killing between 10,000 to 80,000 Russians. To buy time, Ivan was forced to tempararily relinquish Russia's rights to the Astrakhan region to the Crimean Khanate.

The following year, in 1572, the Khanate launched another raid on Moscow with a 120,000 strong army equipped with cannons, and reinforced by Turkish janissaries. The Russian army, half the size, estimated at between 60,000–70,000 men, equipped with modern firearms and gulyay-gorods in more than a week long battle defeated the Tarars. Both the Ottoman Sultan and the Crimean khan, his vassal, were forced to give up their ambitious plans of northward expansion into Russia.

Ivan transformed Russia into a multiethnic and multiconfessional state, spanning almost one billion acres, approximately 4,046,856 km2 (1,562,500 sq mi). Ivan managed countless changes in the progression from a medieval state to an empire and emerged as the regional power. Ivan was the first ruler to be crowned as "Tsar" of All the Russias.

A Much More Ancient Extraterrestrial Origin?

The Sumerian Texts, written six to ten thousand years ago, with close to half a million year history on this planet, tell us that we humans were engineered about two hundred thousand years ago to be slaves. Where this gets interesting is evidence from South America refers to "gods from the sky" who had cone-head sculls controlling society (along with the human sacrifice rituals), however, through a leaked DNA analysis we can now link cone-head scull Pharaoh's to the Illuminatzi leadership.
Akhanaten Royal R1 Blood
It turns out that Pharaoh Thutenkamen, his mother Nefratiti and his father Akhenaten, one of the founders of the Illuminati & son of god / "Christ" sacrificial religions, and also cone-head's, are blood relatives of the Queen of England, European royalty and the Ashkenazi Jews.

What is a first in our time, 
is the relase of this LibertyForLife analysis by C, and facts relating to a conspiracy that stretches back around 200,000 years & the enslavement of mankind.

However, it is quite clear that none of the world's current leaders like the Queen or any Presidents, Popes, the Rothshild or any of the Illuminatzi have cone-head sculls. Perhaps the reason they are messing up the running of the earth, is becuase half their brain is missing.... Although many of us gentile Goiyem with our regular sized skulls could do a much better job - See for C"s Peopleisim Plan.

ALL the evidence we have is that the "Ashkenazi Jews" are not "Jews"

The Ashkenazi "Jews" who are not "Jews" have got the real Jews, who are blood relatives of the Palistinian's, whos land they stole,  murdering their own kin, in the name of an invented mythical god and religion. The leaders on this planet have us all fighting, mrudering, destroying & enslaving each other.

6 Crazy Things Israel Has Done to Maintain Racial Purity -
2015-05-15 By Zaid Jilani | source: & 1 
Israel bills itself as the Middle East's only democracy, but it is increasingly clear that this label depends a lot on how you define the Middle East, and how you define democracy. Perhaps the sharpest dissonance between the description of Israel as a liberal democracy and its actual policies is the drive for racial purity.

Israel insists on being the historic homeland for the world's Jews, something few would disagree with. But it also insists on being a Jewish-majority country, at all costs. In order to maintain its Jewish majority, it must demonize non-Jews, particularly Muslims and Christian Arabs, as “demographic threats."

Here are six crazy things the Israeli government or the Israeli people have done to maintain this racial makeup.

1. No-Sex Contracts: In 2003, an Israeli company importing Chinese workers required them to sign a contract agreeing not to marry or have sex with any Israelis. No legal action was taken against the company, as Israel has no laws protecting workers from such demands.

2. Birth Control Without Consent: For years, the Israeli government was injecting Ethiopian Jewish immigrants with birth control, “often without their knowledge or consent.” When the practice was exposed in 2013, it was ordered to be halted.

3. Deporting Non-Jews: Anyone in the world with Jewish lineage can move to Israel and claim citizenship. But if you're not Jewish, things can be dicey. Many refugees from African conflicts have fled to Israel to claim asylum. Israel has locked many of them into massive camps in the desert. It has granted asylum to 0.07% of those seeking it, deporting many others. NPR recently did a story on some refugees who were deported, only to be slain by ISIS.

4. Stripping Palestinians of Land Rights: The Israeli Supreme Court recently laid out two decisions essentially allowing Israel the right to demolish Palestinian communities within Israel itself—not the Occupied Territories—to clear land for Jewish Israelis.

5. Discriminatory Marriage Laws:In the United States, marriage is one of the ways a spouse can gain legal entry through a green card and citizenship. Israel prohibits its citizens from marrying Palestinians in the territories, by refusing to recognize their spouses as citizens. Israel also has no civil marriage law, leaving the institution in the hands of religious clerics who work to prevent interracial marriage.

6. Right Of Return, For Jews Only:The most systematic policy designed to maintain a Jewish majority is the Law of Return. Under this law, Jews can come to Israel from anywhere in the world and claim citizenship, but Palestinians expelled after various wars from homes that were in Israel cannot. The double standard was expressed by Ghada Karmi and Ellen Siegel, a Palestinian woman and a Jewish woman who met in London in the early 1970s. They have posed multiple times with these signs over the years:

These laws, norms, and practices form a matrix with one goal: to maintain a Jewish majority in Israel. (In the case of the birth control given to Ethiopian Jews, it was also an example of trying to maintain a certain type of Jewish majority.)

Eusebius’, Cesar Constantine’s Propaganda Minister, admitted to writing the Holy Bible and handing Constantine 50 Bibles in or about the year 323.  In Eusebius’ 12th Book titled “Evangelical Preparation” in the 32nd Chapter he states "How it may be Lawful and Fitting to use Falsehood as a Medicine, and for the Benefit of those who Want to be Deceived."

clearly blended their belief in Baahl with Judaism, which is where the current insane human sacrificial practices of our planets leaders hale from.Jewish Child Sacrifice

royal Khazarians.

Several lines of evidence support the hypothesis that Diaspora Jews from Europe, Northwest Africa, and the Near East resemble each other more closely than they resemble their non-Jewish neighbors.

"We dnon't need the Roman Catholic Church's concept of forgivness, we need the enactment of accountability. Those responsabile for committing crimes need to be held responsible, they must pay restitution. Without accountability there is no justice." - SOC

People don't wish their conceptual framework to be challenged, they don't want their religious frameworks & cultural frameworks, intellectual frameworks, philosophical frameworks, and spiritual frameworks, they do not want those to be destablalized.
Pure truty has a tendancy to trash every single sacred cow." - Sorch Stone

The bloody Bible Eusabius wrote is a curse to mankind. To teach that sins can be washed away with the blood of an innocent being, wheter a lamb, dove, sacred cow, man-god, whether real or virtual is utterly psychotic. Sacrificial religions are utterly insane & have absolutely no place whatsoever in a civilized society. Those partaking in sacrifice or promoting sacrificial religions need to be locked up in psychatric wards & not relieaced till their psychotic tendancies are completely cured.

It's not just the Christians, Jews, Moslems & Luciferians who are utterly insane, it is the Hindu too. In fact it is the insane Ashkenazi Jews who pull in the Baal & Molock worship & child sacrifice along with their insane religious beliefs. Consider the Hindu recent "religious festaval" in which half a million non-human beings are slaughtered:

But it is equally frustrating to inquire into the origins of the Huns, Alans, Avars, Bulgars, Magyars, Bashkirs, Burtas, Sabirs, Uigurs, Saragurs, Onogurs, Utigurs, Kutrigurs, Tarniaks, Kotragars, Khabars, Zabenders, Pechenegs, Ghuzz, Kumans, Kipchaks, and dozens of other tribes or people who at one time or another in the lifetime of the Khazar kingdom passed through the turnstiles of those migratory playgrounds." - tribe1.html

Freemason & Jesuits desparately censor all the evidence of much more advanced extraterrestrial civilizations because knowledge of these far more intelligent beings brings into question every rediculous religion along with the idea of eating those that are less intelligent than oursleves.

These pices fo shit welthy Freemason bankers and corporate owners fly all over the world. Get on a jet plane and fly from any city to another and you will witness the swaths of open space. The world is not over populated by humans, it is under managed, the leadershp are the problem. Both political and religious leadership is a curse to mankind & civilization. It's got nothing to do with DNA, all life is sacred.

To kill, to stop a beating heart and eat the flesh of another being is utterly psychotic. Take special note that those who purchase their meat in a super market are more guilty than the hunter who kills in the wild. The manner in which the pour souls are slaughterd for super market meat is vastly more psychotic than what the Ashkenazi Jews did to the Jews in Hitler's concentration campls. Hitler too was an Ashkenazi Jew, the bastard son of a Rotshchild.

American Marines & American Soldiers wll go overseas and murder woemen & children in cold blood in the name of some cooked up lie by their crooked politicians to benefit bankers and fat corporate criminals, yet they will not hold the very thieves, murderors & criminals who rob and murder their own people responsible, the real terrorists are the politicins in Washington D.C. the New World Order politicians, the Freemasons, Jesuits, Judges, police and military of the New World Order banker governmetns. American Marines, American Soldiers are Fucking Cowards.

You want to be a big-brave soldier of fortune? Go skinn a BAR Association Judge or lawyer alive, hang a Politician or their police man from a tree by their neck. Boil a banker in oil. Fry all the Freemasons & Jesuits. Hunt down the Directors & owners of Monsanto and force feed them Roundup, they say it does not harm humans. Go after the other corporate criminals who destroy civilization. Or shoot those killing innocent animals along with the preachers who promote sacrifice, if you really want to be big & brave. But don't bomb and shoot innocent women & children or men who do you no harm.
After all that is what the Roman Catholic Christian Jesuits did to thinkers throught the Inquisition. However, if you think that was bad, consider the impact of being irradiated by the Freemasons who blew up Horoshima or being fed their GMO foods that mame and kill slowly. The double-headed all-seeing-dimwitted-eyes of the Freemason & Jesuit Janus God of War is the real enemy of civilization. Realize the Christian Church was founded on the Temple of Janus out of Pharaoh Akhenaten's Soli Invictus.

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