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Bohemian Club and Bohemian Grove
- Human Sacrifice Before the god of Moloch

The Bohemian Club founded in 1872 in San Francisco where they have regular meetings, has a large annual meeting to which only the powerful and elite are invited in the Bohemian Grove, a 2700 acre grove of redwood trees about 75 miles north of San Francisco.  Central to the grove is a large owl shaped stone representing their god of Moloch. 1,500 VIPS pay the $2,500 initiation fee and annual $600 membership.  The motto of the Bohemian Club "Weaving dealing spiders come not here", comes from a Shakespearean phrase which basically means "leave your dirty business at the door".

Below: Program cover for the 2000 Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ritual:

On the first Saturday of the annual Bohemian Grove camp, in front of all attendees, a ceremony called the Cremation of Care is carried out after dinner.  A procession of men representing priests, acolytes, torch bearers, brazier bearers and boatmen, dressed in red pointed hoods and red robes playing a funeral dirge and carrying flaming torches approach the stone god owl of Moloch.  They carry a coffin containing a human body made of a black muslin-covered wooden skeleton which represents "the body of Dull Care".  The "body of Care" symbolizes the concerns and troubles important men bear in their daily lives.  The procession carries the human effigy sacrifice and places it on the stone altar in front of the stone owl god of Moloch.  With flowery speeches, to no avail, their high priest attempt to start the fire under the human sacrifice, after which he turns to their stone owl god of Moloch and says "O thou, great symbol of all mortal wisdom, Owl of Bohemia, we do beseech thee, grant us thy counsel".  The stone owl's head is lit up with floodlights and the high priest lights the fire under the human sacrifice with the "lamp of fellowship" and then in more flowery speeches commits the burning body to the wind as violent screams of the sacrificial human effigy are broadcast over the loud speakers.

    Magnified Section of from the Cremation of Care Ritual Brochure showing skeleton of human sacrifice:

The Cremation of Care is a classic Canaanite occult ceremony sacrificing a human body to the owl god of Moloch.  While this public display involves a wooden effigy human sacrifice, non public events are reported to involve real human sacrifices involving children taken from orphanages.  Investigations conducted by FBI agents into these pagan rituals which usually involve raping before murdering the victim have been quietly hushed up.  A number of books and lawsuits have been written and filed on this macabre subject. (Search Franklyn Savings, Larry king, pedophile, John Decamp,



Direct link to video

Direct Link To Video:

Known Members of Bohemian Grove:

Both George Bushes
Ronald Reagan (announced candidacy for the Presidency at the grove)
Jimmy Carter
(announced candidacy for the Presidency at the grove)
Henry Kissinger
Casper Weinberger
Dick Cheney
Malcom Forbes
Stephen Bechtel (Bechtel Corp.)
James Baker
David Rockefeller
Tom Johnson (President of CNN and former publisher of LA Times.
William Randolph Hearst Jr.
Jack Howard
Charles Scripps (Of the Scripps-Howard Newspaper publishers)
Walter Cronkite (On the CBS board of management)

The god of Moloch owl found on Federal Reserve Bank One Dollar Bill

The privately held Federal Reserve Bank hides a small owl god of Moloch peeping out from the curve framing the One on the One Dollar Bill.  The owners of the bank simply create money out of nothing and then lend it back to the public.  By owning the Federal Reserve Bank money becomes no object and these banksters are able to buy up all the major media channels along with politicians, judges and many major corporations. 
See Evil on $ Note

owl.jpg (7742 bytes)

Image of the owl god of Moloch can also be found in the Capitol

Satellite photo of the owl taken from a high resolution satellite called KH-7 in 1966.

National Press Club Owl

In 1908 The National Press Club was established in Washington DC, it's membership include most News executives in addition to the last 17 presidents.  Their logo also shows an owl in addition to a lantern.

Horned owl Sign and Satanic Handshake

Satanic symbolism is brashly portrayed on the logos and notes by these organizations, while many of the Presidents are often caught showing the sign of Satan:

bushowl.jpg (9553 bytes)clintondevil.jpg (9395 bytes)

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