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Trial Notes:

Clive videotaped the entire false arrest up to the point the officers assaulted Clive.  Both the judge and the Ass DA saw the video of the arrest before the trial, both were fully aware that Clive not only followed the law, but that the officers assaulted Clive.  By law, the Judge and Ass. DA had to initiate a case to prosecute the officers for assaulting Clive.  However, that's not the case here, clearly the government wants to lock Clive up under false charges.

The Judge forced Clive to show the Ass. DA this presentation before his final argument otherwise she said she would deny Clive the right to use the presentation. After viewing the presentation the Judge censored the sections shown, deleting critical law and evidence so as to prevent Clive from having a fair trial.  The Judge would not allow Clive to hand out copies of the censored presentation and the judge would not allow Clive to hand the jury an accurate transcript to the video evidence which also showed that the Ass. DA had modified the evidence so as to conceal critical evidence.