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Liberty For Life Finding on Nibiru / Planet X - WORK IN PROGRESS


The ongoing malicious prosecution of LFL Founder, Clive by Santa Cruz DA Bob Lee, and Judges Michael E. Barton, Robert B. Atack, Samuel S. Stevens and John Salazar who have literally kidnapped Clive's children and stolen Clive's home.  On November 11 Barton intends to give Clive another sham trial and send Clive to prison for a life sentence.  Consequentially, these Nibiru pages are not completed and reflect work in progress.

The theory is that there is a large comet/planet called Nibiru that follows a 3,600 year elliptical orbit around our sun.  If such a large mass were to pass the earth, the gravitational pull, like the moon's could cause massive tides that could flood the earth.  As deadly, the planet would also cause enormous solar flares from the sun which could bun up vegetation enormous storms and flooding, spelling death to animals and humans alike.

All the ancient texts refer to a great flood, archeological evidence provides ample evidence of such.  The Sumerian texts are perhaps the most interesting in regard to Nibiru - See the Religion section for a summary.

While many websites and individuals swear Nibiru exists, there is however a significant shortage of evidence from astrologers.  However, significant evidence exists of a what looks like a serous cover-up.  The claim is that the government is keeping Nibiru a secret so that they alone can prepare for the impending disaster.  If this is the case, when Nibiru appears on the horizon, would not public officials who kept the planet secret be sacrificed by the public to the Nibiru go?

What Liberty For Life Knows:

In 1983 NASA launched the IRIS satellite to find Nibiru which NASA calls Planet X. They announce they had found it, the news was published in at least six news papers, however, shortly afterwards NASA retracted their announcement. NASA however built the Hubble telescope which the Vatican paid for - they built two, the CIA had the one which probably worked.  NASA also built a telescope the size of a shopping mall on the South Pole

Nibiru is apparently going to be visible to the naked eye in the southern hemisphere as of may 15, 2009 and visible from the equator in 2010, and the whole world is supposed to see it by 2011. Saturn's tilt is purportedly tilted as a result of the influence of Nibiru.

Many people are taking pictures of the sun and claiming that the lens flares are Nibiru causing a huge amount of disinformation.

The following pictures apparently

Perhaps the most interesting evidence is the research carried out by Dr. P. K.; Harrington, extracts from some of the research:

Theoretical models of solar-system dynamics which predict the existence of a 10th planet (planet X) are surveyed and compared with recent observations. The history of the discoveries of Neptune and Pluto on the basis of discrepancies in the orbit of Uranus is recalled in detail, and the persistence of such discrepancies in 9-planet computations is considered. Particular attention is given to ongoing efforts to compute the current position of planet X, and to ground-based and space-based (IRAS and Pioneer) searches.

Groups at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington and at Teledyne-Brown Engineering in Huntsville, Alabama, are attempting to solve for the orbit and present locations of the plant

"Other considerations that are sometimes brought into the discussion of the possibility of a tenth planet including the rapid disappearance of the dinosaurs and the corresponding appearance in dated core samples of Iridium in excessive amounts. This is explained as being due to unusual comet showers which were caused by Plante X sisturbing the supply of comets in the inner Oort cloud (Whitmire and Matese (1985) and Matese and Whitmire (1986)).

UB313's elliptical orbit is show below.  Nibiru is apparently on such an orbit with a 3,600 period.

NASA Source Data

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