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Iraq: US Military Bulldozing Trenches and Tossing in Dead American Soldiers


TEMPE, AZ, August 9, 2005, Dandelion Books [] . . . “Most people simply do not want to believe the US Army would simply bulldoze trenches in the combat areas [of Iraq] and toss in mangled GIs who were in such a shape as to preclude their being shipped back to Baghdad en route to the United States,” writes Walter Storch of TBR News [] to a loyal web subscriber.

States Storch: “We have had access to the so-called ‘Supplemental Lists’ that list the number of the actual dead and injured in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brian Harring, a computer data specialist obtained and sent TBR News these official Department of Defense U.S. Military casualty reports.

In September, Dandelion Books, will publish the full list in a book titled Prelude to Disaster: The Harring Report – Complete Official DoD Iraq & Afghanistan US Military Casualty List.

“Unpleasant as this may seem,” states Storch, “there are rolls of pictures taken by several foreign journalists, one of which picture we published… the others are too sickening to put up… that more than support this terrible story.

“We also have located and published, complete with all the official headings, a report from the Pentagon that between March of 2003 when the conflict with Iraq began, to date, that over 25,000 seriously wounded US soldiers were evacuated to the US military facility at Landstuhl, Germany and Walter Reed military hospital in the US.”

Says Storch: “I have said that Iraq was going to be Bush’s Achilles Heel and it looks as if this will prove to be true. Stories like the ones we, and now others, are following and printing, are impossible to conceal for long and when they become common knowledge, the results will be predictable…and terrible.”

The Harring Report is part of Dandelion’s America Speaks Out! series that includes investigative reporters and analysts Sherman Skolnick, Norman D. Livergood, Wayne Madsen, John Stanton, John Kaminski, John H. Brand, Jaffer Ali, Aldo D. Pascale, and others.

All Dandelion Books are for sale at [Toll-free orders: 1-800-861-7899].

Walter Storch can be reached at

For more information, contact:

Carol Adler


5250 South Hardy Drive – #3067, Tempe, Arizona 85283 Fax – 480-452-1580


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