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End of Chem Trails? What About BioWMD's

There was an extraordinarily serious attempt to commit the largest mass genocide ever.  The link and story on the buildup is here   The Chemtrails were primarily spraying barium which attacks the immune system in preparation for Baxter's Bio-WMD.  Baxter International was caught red handed sending their BioWMD to 18 nations while Homeland Security rushed the vaccines around the US paying truckers $5,000 per load and telling them that they and their families would be allowed to come onto military bases for safety.  This was conducted while the NWO mass media hyped the public into a frenzy regarding 'swine flu' with the intent of getting sheriffs to round up the populous and force the injection of the vaccine BioWMD into every citizen in the County.
We believe that officials eventually realized that they too were on the extermination list.  The Chemtrails have stopped and yet another genocide attempt by the NWO was foiled.  The Old World Order, headed by the Black Pope and the cabal of tera-wealthy owners of the Fiat-Banking systems, foremost of which are the Rothschild's, a virus of criminal banksters that has named itself the "New World Order" in an attempt to usurp the construct of "Novus Ordo Seclorum" or "New Order of the Ages" (NOA) which represents what the USA is all about:  A world where there is no king, queen or pope, a world where we the people are sovran and no one is sovereign over us a world where 'we the people' are our own government, a world without taxes, oppression and wars. 
Liberty For Life has some articles on the NWO, and in particular the Albert Pike letter which position the background and lead up to much of what has taken place in the last century and a half.  Mason's were key to the development of the USA, Pike a Jesuit, reversed the Mason's direction in the mid 1800's.  Many Mason's today are unaware that they have been deceived and are working for the opposite intent and construct to that for which their organization was established.  The latest expose of the NWO mass genocide attempt provides a key opportunity to wake up individuals in our government and military who have assumed they are a part of some prophetic construct of NOA to save the world, when they have been deceived, like the Aztec's were deceived by their leaders and priests who simply utilized their knowledge of the solar movements to predict the position of the sun.  Showing those who are working for the NWO that all they are doing is helping a world minority of revolutionaries, an oligarchy of banksters who's actions do noting but exterminate and destroy civilization
Its disturbing how many of these attempts are being perpetrated, the other exceptionally disturbing element regarding this vaccine BioWMD was how they were hyping the media and public to get the sheriffs to round up all the public and force injections!  Some of the false flag events we are aware of (no doubt there have been many that we are totally unaware of):

9/11 Again..

CAUTION Sources Indicate The Government Has Been Preparing Another 9/11 Attack.
Possibly the detonation of a Nuclear Device. Nukes were hijacked and flown across the U.S. - White House Breaks 50 year Nuclear Military Protocol?

Parents who refuse to allow State to vaccinate their kids face $50 per day fine and or 10 days in jail

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