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Bush Bio Bombs & Nuclear Waste

U.S. Troops infected with deadly concoction of poisonous Uranium and Bush baked lethal L-form Bacteria Bio Bombs developed by Bush backed companies. 1.2 Million Disabled 73 thousand dead U.S. troops as reported in the May 2007 Dept. Vet Affairs Report,

The piropropic characteristic of Kinetic Depleted Uranium Penetrators, otherwise known as the armor piercing rounds made out of nuclear waste, which our military has been blasting into the foreign nations we have been illegally invading, undergoes extreme and intense heat causing uncontrolled phase changes and the generation of complex compounds in the completely uncontrolled environment of the battleground in the violent wars the U.S. is perpetrating around the world.

“Metallurgically there is no control of what happens when a Nuclear Waste Armor Piercing Round (NWAPR) hits it’s target.  The vaporized uranium is in a completely uncontrolled environment, enabling dangerous phase changes resulting in not only deadly radio active uranium but also in complex compounds that leave a deadly dust capable of destroying life for billions of years.” – Clive Boustred BSc Hon Metallurgical Engineering, Loughborough University of Technology, England.



Further evidence of the horrendous criminal background of the Bush family is surfacing revealing the billions of dollars the Bush family has stolen from the Reagan established Leo Wanda account and transferred to their off-shore Panamanian Accounts.

The Bush family direct association with the Occult and Satanic practices of the Yale Bones Club and upper Masonry, provide a backdrop to reflect an understanding of a group of people who would mercilessly conduct genocide against not only their own troops but also millions of innocent women, children and men around the world.  After all, it was the U.S and U.S. troops that undermined the Nazi's.  The Bushe, family's long standing Nazi relations have been well published.

It is time to arrest the Bush's before this judicially appointed President appoints another criminal Attorney General, far worse than any of the previous ones, murky Michael Murkagy, a fellow Yale's Bones Club Satan worshiper and the man who handed billions of dollars to the people who blew up the World Trade Center and Chief Government Corruption cover-up man for the Attorney Generals office.

There was more than enough evidence in the Iran/Contra drug scandal to arrest the Bush's for their direct involvement in the drug industry.  How much more evidence do we need to arrest this criminal, the destruction of the earth?  We the people call on our military to intervene and arrest these criminals before they send millions of U.S. troops to die in Iran and declare Martial Law in the U.S.

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