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The Battle of Waterloo - A Watershed Event - Britain Down The Toilet

Even though Napoleon lost, the ultimate losers of the Battle were his enemy, the British who won the Battle of Waterloo.

Both the British & French forces under the auspices of Napoleon's 2nd Reich were funded by the same evil entity, the Vatican's banksters, the Rothschild's. Rothschild, or “Red Shield” is not actually the original name of the Rothschild family, they, like the Queen of England, changed their name to hide their original German identity. Bauer is the original name of the Rothschild family. Above the Bauer's goldsmith “bank” in Frankfurt, Germany, hung a red shield, from which this family, which represents the greatest greed and evil on this planet, took their name. We don't know if the original red-shield had a double headed Janus eagle on it when they changed their name, it does now. Janus is the God these criminal psychopaths serve, the two-faced God of War. The Battle of Waterloo, is indeed a supreme example of the workings of the God Janus, if you believe in such myths, in reality, it's the nature and practice of a criminal cartel that has gone by the name Illuminati. We prefer the name Illuminatzi.

Liberty For Life has yet to research the lead-up to the Battle of Waterloo, we expect to find the same two-faced deception and betrayal one finds behind all the Illuminatzi orchestrated wars, it is the aftermath, we will briefly examine in this article.

Having carefully coordinated with the commanders of both sides to avoid the hilltop on which the Rothschild's positioned themselves, complete with campaign, picnic and whores to impress, the Rothschild's had an eagle eye view to enjoy the carnage, bloodshed, pain and sacrifice of men murdering each other below.

A thirst and enjoyment of sacrificial bloodshed, is a common trait amongst the Illuminatzi bloodlines and their slave-drivers. For his honeymoon, to impress his new floozy, Evlyn Rothschild took his newly wed to their 18th floor luxury palace at Riverhouse in New York, where two private terraces offered them front row seats for the scheduled 911 ritual sacrifice, coordinated and planned by Rothschild and Illuminatzi interests inside their U.S. and Israeli Governments. Right after the 9/11 sacrifice, the couple apparently jetted to Washington and spent a night of bliss in the White House. The rest of America, apart from the Bin Laden family, were prohibited from flying.

When it became clear that Napoleon was loosing the Battle, Nathan Rothschild, who had been positioned by his father in London, to steal Britain and its interests, hurried back to London. A storm was raging when he got to the English Channel between France & Britain, no ferries were available, so he bribed a fisherman to take him across in the storm. The next day a pale-faced worn-out Nathan Rothschild entered the London Stock Exchange. Through plants he had carefully spread the rumor that Napoleon was winning the Battle. Everyone knew the Rothschild's were funding Napoleon. In a panicked fashion, he started selling his shares in English companies. Naturally, this crashed the market, as the stockbrokers feared it was the end of British rule of England. Secretly in the crowd, agents of the Rothschild's bought up the now allegedly worthless stocks. The Rothschild's bought up Britain for pennies on the pound.

Nathan Rothschild was so unpopular after the scam he pulled on the London Stock Market, that when he threw lavish parties, none of the people he invited would even come along. Unperturbed, Rothschild hired a nobody named George Peabody, to secretly host his parties. As these were usually lavish fancy-dress parties, naturally it was easy for Rothschild to use the parties for full influence & infiltration.

George Peabody, an American living in England, provided the Rothschild's more than just parties, he was also a major part of the banksters entry into the US markets. When Peabody kicked the bucket, as he had no children (he was probably a homosexual), J.P. Morgan took over the Rothschild interests in George Peabody "Co". In this way, the Rothschild's not only bought up most of Britain by leveraging their investment in the Battle of Waterloo, they also bought up much of America – more on this story later.

In a follow up article, we will learn how the Rothschild's J.P. Morgan owned Star Lines, built and sank the Titanic, to eliminate three of America's most wealthy men, Gugenheim, Astor & Strauss, who stood in the way of the formation of the predominantly Rothschild owned U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. In other articles we will show how the Rothschild's also funded Cecil Rhodes to capture much of Southern Africa.

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