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The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses.

The contaminated product, a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabelled H5N1 viruses, was supplied to an Austrian research company. The Austrian firm, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then sent portions of it to sub-contractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany.

On Friday, the company’s director of global bioscience communications confirmed what scientists have suspected. “It was live,” Christopher Bona said in an email.

The contaminated product, which Baxter calls “experimental virus material,” was made at the Orth-Donau research facility. Baxter makes its flu vaccine — including a human H5N1 vaccine for which a licence is expected shortly — at a facility in the Czech Republic.

While H5N1 doesn’t easily infect people, H3N2 viruses do. If someone exposed to a mixture of the two had been simultaneously infected with both strains, he or she could have served as an incubator for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to and among people. That mixing process, called reassortment, is one of two ways pandemic viruses are created.

Baxter hasn’t shed much light — at least not publicly — on how the accident happened. Earlier this week Bona called the mistake the result of a combination of “just the process itself, (and) technical and human error in this procedure.” He said he couldn’t reveal more information because it would give away proprietary information about Baxter’s production process.

Baxter International’s research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

According to a compiled translation from Czech newspaper stories, the media over there is asking tough questions about whether the contamination was part of a deliberate attempt to start a pandemic.

“Was this just a criminal negligence or it was an attempt to provoke pandemia using vaccination against flu to spread the disease - as happened with the anti-B hepatitis vaccination with vaccines containing the HIV virus in US? - and then cash for the vaccines against H5N1 which Baxter develops? How could on Earth a virus as H5N1 come to the ordinary flu vaccines? Don’t they follow even basic precautions in the american pharma companies?”



As health expert Mike Adams points out, “The shocking answer is that this couldn’t have been an accident. Why? Because Baxter International adheres to something called BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3) - a set of laboratory safety protocols that prevent the cross-contamination of materials.” As explained on Wikipedia (…):

In addition, as we have previously reported, those that have a stake in the Tamiflu vaccine include top globalists and BIlderberg members like George Shultz, Lodewijk J.R. de Vink and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.


“Baxter is acting a whole lot like a biological terrorism organization these days, sending deadly viral samples around the world. If you mail an envelope full of anthrax to your Senator, you get arrested as a terrorist. So why is Baxter — which mailed samples of a far more deadly viral strain to labs around the world — getting away with saying, essentially, “Oops?”, Adams concludes.

In 2006 it was revealed that Bayer Corporation had discovered that their injection drug, which was used by hemophiliacs, was contaminated with the HIV virus. Internal documents prove that after they positively knew that the drug was contaminated, they took it off the U.S. market only to dump it on the European, Asian and Latin American markets, knowingly exposing thousands, most of them children, to the live HIV virus. Government officials in France went to prison for allowing the drug to be distributed. The documents show that the FDA colluded with Bayer to cover-up the scandal and allowed the deadly drug to be distributed globally. No Bayer executives ever faced arrest or prosecution in the United States.



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Found at:

The Centers for Disease Control said during a press conference Monday 27, April that current flu vaccines were ineffective in battling the new strain of swine flu called H1N1.

Dr Mercola - Did Baxter Deliberately Try to Start a Pandemic?

Posted By: RumorMail <Send E-Mail> Date: Saturday, 28-Mar-2009 22:50:31

Ferrets in a Czech Republic laboratory helped ferret out the crime.

There is actually a name for this mixing of viruses; it’s called “reassortment,” and even The Canadian Press has pointed out that it is one of two ways pandemic viruses are created.

the most recent global outbreak -- the 1977 Russian flu -- was started by a virus leaked from a laboratory.

In 2006, for instance, it came out that the drug company Bayer sold millions of dollars worth of an injectable blood-clotting medicine to Asian, Latin American, and some European countries in the mid-1980s, even though they knew it was tainted with the AIDS virus.

2. Vaccines are not the answer to protecting yourself from flu outbreaks of any kind

Remember back in 2005, when headlines warned that the U.S. was facing a cataclysmic extermination event, with a calculated 2 million Americans succumbing to the bird flu, and the best-case scenario taking only 200,000 lives?

At $100 per dose, the United States used taxpayers’ dollars to purchase some 20 million doses of the highly questionable Tamiflu, lining the pockets of then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who was president of Gilead Sciences when they created the drug.

Baxter has previously worked with governments all over the globe to develop and produce vaccines to protect against infectious disease or potential threats from bioterrorism. After 9/11 Baxter helped supply stockpiles of a smallpox vaccine and in 2003 the company was contracted to develop a vaccine to combat the SARS virus. In 2006 the UK Government announced plans designed to inoculate every person in the country with Baxter’s vaccines in the event of a flu pandemic.

As reported by multiple sources last month, including the Times of India, vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus were distributed to 18 countries last December by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter.

It was only by providence that the batch was first tested on ferrets in the Czech Republic, before being shipped out for injection into humans. The ferrets all died and the shocking discovery was made.

Czech newspapers immediately questioned whether the events were part of a conspiracy to deliberately provoke a pandemic, following up on accusations already made by health officials in other countries.

Initially, Baxter attempted to stonewall questions by invoking “trade secrets” and refused to reveal how the vaccines were contaminated with H5N1. After increased pressure they then claimed that pure H5N1 batches were sent by accident.

Since the probability of mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible, this leaves no other explanation than that the contamination was a deliberate attempt to weaponize the H5N1 virus to its most potent extreme and distribute it via conventional flu vaccines to the population who would then infect others to a devastating degree as the disease went airborne.

The fact that Baxter mixed the deadly H5N1 virus with a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses is the smoking gun. The H5N1 virus on its own has killed hundreds of people, but it is less airborne and more restricted in the ease with which it can spread. However, when combined with seasonal flu viruses, which as everyone knows are super-airborne and easily spread, the effect is a potent, super-airbone, super deadly biological weapon.


Why should Baxter be trusted, when they have already been proven to be at the very least criminally negligent, and at worst a prime suspect in attempting to carry off one of the most heinous crimes in the history of mankind?

As Mike Adams of Natural News has commented, “If you mail an envelope full of anthrax to your Senator, you get arrested as a terrorist. So why is Baxter — which mailed samples of a far more deadly viral strain to labs around the world — getting away with saying, essentially, ‘Oops?’”

European labs discover flu vaccines contaminated Posted on March 28, 2009 by niarane

It should also be noted that the federal regulators in the U.S. and the affected countries have not commented on the incident nor is there any evidence that they plan to sanction Baxter for its serious breach in security with regard to the handling of such tightly controlled pathogenic agents.


RI Defends Decision To Stop Sharing Bird Flu Samples With WHO (Page 30)
Associated Press

Wednesday, 07 February 2007
Indonesia defended its decision to stop sharing bird flu samples with the World Health Organization, saying Wednesday it did not want the agency passing them on to drug companies to develop vaccines the cash-strapped country could not afford.

Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said, however, that WHO and other international organizations were welcome to the samples so long as they signed an agreement that they would not be used for commercial purposes. It was unclear whether this offer could be a solution to the standoff.

The minister made the remarks after signing a memorandum of understanding with U.S. drug manufacturer Baxter Healthcare develop a human bird flu vaccine in Indonesia, the country worst hit by the virus.


JAKARTA (XFN-ASIA) - Indonesia signed an agreement today with US firm Baxter International Inc to develop a human bird flu vaccine and ensure the country benefits from any treatment for the deadly virus, officials said.

Under the memorandum of understanding, Indonesia will provide samples of the H5N1 strain of bird flu and Baxter International would develop a vaccine and help Indonesia set up its own production facilities.

Health Minister Siti Fadillah Supari said the agreement will secure an affordable supply of vaccine in the event of a national emergency in Indonesia. -

'It is for our own use. If in the near future we need it, we would be ready,' she said.

When approved for licensing, Indonesia will also have the right to market the vaccine domestically and export it to other countries, she said.

Baxter has already developed a vaccine for humans for the Vietnamese strain of bird flu, which is undergoing trials, but Supari said Indonesia needed a vaccine for its own specific strain.

She added that Indonesia's move was in line with the World Health Organisation's (WHO) call for all countries to prepare and develop their own vaccine production capacity.

Details of the plan still have to be agreed with Baxter.

Baxter president Kim Bush said the memorandum set up the framework to 'continue to develop the vaccine to get it to a point where it can be used in humans' and 'enable some of the manufacturing process to be done here in Indonesia.'

But he stressed it will not prevent Indonesia from working with other firms.

'This in no way precludes the government in working in parallel with other companies or other technologies,' Bush said.

'This in absolutely no way gives Baxter privileged access to any of the strains,' he said.

Bush said his company had moved at the request of Jakarta.

'The Indonesian government requested it, that they be able to do some of the manufacturing, to be close to the situation should they need a large amount of products,' Bush said.




Mr Kim Bush,
President, Vaccines SBU,
Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Kim Bush joined Baxter International in 1978 and currently holds the position of President, Baxter BioScience, Vaccines Division. He and his team are responsible of the commercial management of Baxter’s vaccine business on a global basis. Prior to holding this position, Kim held several Baxter senior management positions including, President, Hyland Immuno Europe, President, Biotech Europe and President of Baxter’s Fenwal Division. Prior to the spin-off of Allegiance from Baxter, Kim also served as President for both the Industrial and Life Sciences Division and the Biomedical Division of Allegiance Healthcare Corporation.

- Little Blue

"OK," you say. "But what does he mean by decoys? Surely this whole plot has
been about getting Howard to win the election, and yet... isn't that Kim Beazley?
Isn't he in the Labor Party?"
"And what is the prize?" Fiona asks.
You stare longingly into Fiona's dark, gorgeous eyes; admire the lithe line
of her leg, neatly ending in a designer sneaker near her father's corpse. You can't
help the punning in your head: Not surprisingly that the daughter of a physics
professor has a good physique... You realise from your phallocentric objectifying
view of Fiona that you could only be a heterosexual man. "How are they going to
A large wad of your hair falls lifelessly to the ground. You wish that you
had accepted your father's offer to sponsor your use of Rogaine. Then, you remember
that you are nearly a zombie and you are probably falling apart. A swarm of feral
kittens pounce on your hair and start to tear it apart. They will get the fur balls
from hell. You kick at one of their mangy hides. "Hey!" says the kitten, "You won't
be doing that when Puss in Boots. oh." They disappear in the direction of the
mathematics department.
You blink for a moment before you realise what has happened. "These cats,"
you say. "They are nearly as common as the scraps of paper." An insecure-looking
member of the Puzzle Hunt committee walks briskly past you, eating a bagel, and
carrying a book entitled "1001 Pretentious Quotations." You wonder if any of this
has any relevance.
You start wondering about the cats. They have been everywhere: they were
there when Theatre A blew up, quizzing Robert Foot, when the INU bar collapsed.
this is getting too much.
"Do you think there is another layer to this then?" you say to Fiona.
"Maybe in some way the cats are responsible." The convoy is headed in the direction
of University Square. You and Fiona decide to follow, getting on the final tricycle
(you can't believe that you couldn't think of the name of them before.)

Down at the Square, there is an enormous podium, and you can see the
assembled outside broadcast vans of all the major television and radio networks.
Trust the media to know before you what is happening. The zombies stand behind the
media throng in the formation you can't quite make out.
Suddenly, there is moaning and clapping. The clapping of the dead is eerie,
calcified. A fat man mounts the platform, and pulls back his hood. "My God, it's
Kim Beazley," says Fiona. And so it is. "But surely, the Liberals would have won
the election?" Kim stands at the lectern, and clears his throat.
"Good evening, my fellow Americans. I mean Australians. I appreciate so
very much the opportunity to speak with you tonight."
"Huh?" you whisper to Fiona.
"Vice President Gore, I mean, Vice President Howard, I mean, Minister
Howard, and I put our hearts and hopes into our campaigns. We both gave it our all.
We shared similar emotions, so I understand how difficult this moment must be for
Vice Minister Howard and his family." You listen to Kim Beazley's voice. It has a
funny twang to it.
"This evening I received a gracious call from the Prime President. We
agreed to meet early next week in Washington, I mean Canberra, and we agreed to do
our best to heal our country after this hard-fought contest."
Fiona looks at you, ashen. "But shouldn't it be Latham?" she says.
"Following the mysterious disappearance of Mark Latham in the last day of the
campaign, it is my job as the urgently elected head of the Republican, I mean Labor
Party, to lead this nation. We face many threats. More and more imports these days
are coming from overseas. Free societies are hopeful societies. And free societies
will be allies against these hateful few who have no conscience, who kill at the
whim of a hat."
Our decoys have worked perfectly. Kim's earlier remarks resonate in your
head. So it wasn't a Liberal conspiracy at all. John Howard was just... just what?
You remember back to the first document you ever found. You pull it out from your

He is a politician from a political dynasty; his father was a
politician. Both he and his father and share the same name. Their surname
begins with the letter .B.. If both are referred to, the son is usually
called .Jr. and the father .Snr.. He is an avowed Christian to the
right of his party. He has close defence and intelligence connections
for which he is sometimes criticized. His full name (Christian name,
middle initial and surname) has 11 letters. Four of those letters are
vowels. The remaining seven are consonants. The sixth letter is an .e..

You remember how you used to think that it was George W. Bush, only later
realising that it was Kim C. Beazley. But what if. you turn to Fiona.
"What if Kim Beazley and George W. Bush are the same person?" you say.
"What if there is a Hotmail account,,
and the password is ngfuaaukqnecyts?" says Fiona.
"What are you talking about? Next thing, you'll tell me that the mod-26
right-justified multiplication of 'The Pythagorean Brotherhood makes giant bagels
filled with ice cream and eye fillet using the synchotron to appease the Oracle at
Ekkos' gives the first line of the Thai national anthem, expressed in hertz, played
in E major,"
Fiona stares at you for three seconds, her pupils dilating like detergent
on scum. A small bead of froth forms at the corner of her mouth. Then she says,
"assuming that 0 is an integer that's true, but only according to the Viennese
tuning system as it was around 1880, where A = 415. But never mind, let's go dig!"
But Fiona is already moving away, in the direction of the system garden.
There, she quickly locates a gnome and begins to scrape this soil away with her
hands. It reveals a trapdoor. Wrenching at the large iron ring, it comes open,
revealing steps leading down.
"Come on," says Fiona.
"Are you sure?"
You use the torch on the end of your mobile phone to light the way. The
steps go down into a large space. You can hear dripping water, and maybe the
muffled sound of bats. Suddenly, a glinting object catches the torch. You swing
around, and see the mirror-matter controller standing, unprotected, on a pedestal.
Fiona grabs the small object and secures it in her cleavage. You think of so many
B-grade movies. You listen again to the sounds.
"Wait," you say. "It sounds like --"
You scan the room with your dim torchlight. Another glinting object, no,
two glinting objects, no, four. And you can hear the sound more clearly now -- it
is gagged shouting. You run towards the sound. The glinting turns out to be the
eyes of two men, bound back to back, and thrown in the corner of the dungeon. As
you get closer, you can make out who it is: Mark Latham and John Howard. Quickly,
you ungag Mark Latham.
"I plan to ease the squeeze on Australian families." says Mark. "I plan to
put more money into Medicare. Today I can announce Medicare Gold, the greatest
extension in Federal responsibility for hospital care in this country since the
introduction of Medibank 30 years ago. A Federal Labor Government will take full
responsibility for the hospital costs of Australians aged 75 and over. We will
ensure that they can access a hospital bed - public or private - straight away."
You shine the torch to John Howard. He is turning bright purple, and
protesting through the kerchief that covers his mouth. Relenting, you ungag him
"The one thing you just can't trust the Labor Party with is the economy. You can be
guaranteed that interest rates will go up under a Labor government, they have no
plans to keep the economy strong..."
Both leaders are now talking over each other, the din is unbelievable. The
policy jargon echoes around the cavern; you and Fiona block your ears and run for
the stairs, leaving the two politicians behind. As you slam the iron door back in
place, you feel glad that the cabin is adequately soundproof.

Without another thought, you run immediately back towards the control room.
On the way, you encounter a squadron of cats, marching in formation, to the tune of
"I left my wife in New Orleans."

I left my wives in New Orleans
with twenty five cents and a can of Whiskas
and I thought it was front left, front right, back left, back right,
right for my country, whoopsidoo.

You realise that Fiona is way in front of you, and hurry to catch her up.
Scraps of paper fly in the windy evening air. Breathless, you turn the final corner
into the corridor where the control room is. To your horror, there are six
Dementors guarding the door, and you are pretty sure that neither decency, mercy,
nor copyright law would make them let you past. Indeed, you can feel them sucking
away... wait on, but you don't have a soul. Maybe you are not a zombie after all.
Or else, you, like the rest of the plot, are inconsistent. You turn to run the
other way, but hooded zombies are fast advancing upon you, reeking of lemon and
swinging at you with triangular axes inscribed with Poincar� disks. You are
The wrinkly desiccated hands of one of the zombies (you later realise that
it was Bruce Ruxton) seize around your neck, and you are frog marched off through
an inordinately circuitous route, into the depths of the catacombs. You exchange
glances with Fiona, and manage to ascertain that she still has the controller. You
are placed in a stone room, with bars running down the centre. You can clearly see,
on the other side of the bars, a meeting room. A radio in the corner of the room
talks continually in an undertone, relaying its fatigued transmissions. Almost as
soon as you are shackled to the floor, a committee of cats files into the room and
sits down at the large table. They seem completely unconcerned about your presence.
One of the cats, standing with his back to you, begins to address the
meeting, speaking in low, hissed tones.
"Soon complete domination will be ours. The Pythagorean Brotherhood will be
destroyed, and our assault on global dominance will be one step closer to fruition.
No one has suspected us, just as no one suspects the Spanish Inquisition. But there
remains one obstacle in our paths. We suspect that the Rebel Anarchistic sect of
the Brotherhood has stolen the mirror-matter controller and also switched the
specially impregnated bagel that would allow Kim C. Bush to permanently maintain
his duality without the need for a synchrotron. Therefore, it is absolutely
imperative that we find the controller and manufacture a new bagel before it is too
late. If the zombies retrieve the wrong bagel for George W. Beazley to eat, that
is, if he consumes a bagel made of anti-mirror-matter, the duality will be
destroyed, and we will again be further from our goal of global conquest."
One of the subordinate cats, trembling, raised his paw to speak. "F... F.
Felix, wouldn't anti-mirror-matter just be normal matter?"
"Silence, Garfield. We have limited time. The food consumption of Kim C.
Bush is the only thing we cannot control. You have seen how big he is. If he is
given the wrong bagel, he will eat it, regardless of whether we tell him not to.
Therefore, time is of the essence. We cannot change the zombie's course without the
controller. They will present him with the bagel within the next hour. If they
present the wrong one, we are doomed. We will lose our current control of Bush, and
therefore of America. We will be back to square one. Failure is inconceivable."
Fiona winks at you. You see her slip the controller out of her bra and
deftly swallow it. The cats dissolve into several subarguments, which grow
increasingly fierce and heated. Soon, the cats are at each other's necks, clawing,
ripping off fur, shrieking and yelling.
"Silence!" yells Felix. The cats immediately regain composure.
"Organise yourselves properly, and then go! You know what is at stake." The
cats whisper among themselves in a more civilised way, and then hastily exit.
"So they already control Bush?" Fiona says to you, when she thinks the
coast is clear.
"Evidently. I always knew something with a small brain was writing his
speeches," you say. Then you pass out.

You wake up what you think it is a short time later, feeling very heavy and
queasy. The radio on the other side of the room hisses and spits. On it, you hear
an incredibly flat, uninteresting voice.
"As a result of the extraordinary and unbelievable events of the last
half-hour, it is my duty to inform the Australian people that the Governor-General
has just, in a ceremony held at Government House a few moments ago, sworn me in as
Prime Minister of Australia. I, Simon Crean, pledge to do the very best I can for
the Australian people. I promise a full investigation of the events today, in
which, according to all eyewitness accounts, Kim Beazley, upon eating a bagel,
dissolved instantaneously into the lifeless form of George W. Bush. We wish to
dispel rumours, being circulated on the websites of certain anarchistic sects, that
Kim Beazley was a duality zombie. Everybody knows that the only duality zombie was
Howard, with his core and noncore promises."
You listening intently, or at least as intently as you can until your ear
falls off. You never thought you would be so happy to see such a boring man as
Prime Minister. At least, you think, cats will not take over the world. Again, you
lose consciousness. You come to momentarily and realise that Fiona is dead. Unlike
you, whose life-force hangs in a precipitous zombification-induced balance, she has
passed away without sustenance. You continue to fade in and out of consciousness,
having no concept of how time is passing. No attempt seems to be being made to come
and rescue you. Perhaps no one knows you're here.
Just when you feel that your death must surely be nigh, you are brought to
by an AFP officer who is gingerly trying to pour water down your throat. He begins
to fill you in on all that has happened. Indeed a feline conspiracy was uncovered.
George Bush and Kim Beazley were a duality zombie, undone by the swapping of a
special synchrotron-produced bagel for an ordinary one. The cats had mysteriously
disappeared underground. Howard and Latham had not been found. But just before your
head falls from your shoulders, he says one last thing, that in your last gasping
breath, you are unable to comment on:
"You know, he says. "You'll never guess who won the American presidential
election. It was some unheard-of independent candidate by the name of P. I. Boots."
Indonesia Signs Bird Flu Vaccine Deal
Indonesia signs deal with Baxter to produce bird flu vaccine
JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 7, 2007
By ZAKKI HAKIM Associated Press Writer

(AP) Indonesia, the country hardest hit by bird flu, signed a preliminary deal Wednesday with U.S. drug manufacturer Baxter Healthcare Corp. to develop a human bird flu vaccine.

Under the memorandum of understanding, Indonesia will provide strains of the H5N1 virus circulating in the nation and Baxter will offer technical expertise to produce the vaccine, said Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari.

The agreement had been linked with an earlier decision by Indonesia not to share samples of the H5N1 virus with foreign laboratories, citing intellectual property rights.

Kim C. Bush, president of Baxter's vaccine unit, said the company was not involved in Indonesia's decision, which has raised fears that global research into the virus could be hampered.

"Baxter is not involved in this process and we don't intend to be involved in (it)," he told reporters. "That, we believe, is the responsibility of the Indonesian government."

Supari denied the country was preventing research into bird flu, saying that foreign laboratories must first sign an agreement stating they would only use H5N1 samples for research and diagnostic purposes, not commercial ones.

Indonesia and other poor countries have often expressed concerns _ that some independent experts say are justified _ that samples from viruses in their country are used to make vaccines by drug companies that they then cannot afford to buy.

"This is not fair. Small countries are always badly treated. I don't want our country to be treated like that," she said.

The deal said the drug would be made and distributed mostly in Indonesia, but did not give a date when commercial production would start.

Several countries are producing vaccines to protect against H5N1, the strain of bird flu responsible for 163 human deaths around the world, around one-third of them in Indonesia.

The virus remains essentially an animal disease, but experts fear the virus may mutate into a form easily spreadable between humans and trigger a global pandemic, possibly killing millions.

The vaccines currently under production may offer some protection against any pandemic strain, but there is no guarantee.

©MMVII The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


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