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In the U.S. five corporations control what you see and hear: NewsCorp, General Electric, Viacom, Disney and Time-Warner.

Examples media bias include the media's failure to cover an enormous body of evidence proving the World Trade Centers were blown up and the conspiracy by top government officials to allow this new "Pearl Harbor".  Many of the early anti-globalization demonstrations were ignored by the media, and if covered, the protestors were depicted as violent trouble makers while police brutality towards the peaceful protestors was not reported.  When reporting on Iraqi citizens bravely fighting to defend their nation from a violent unlawful invasion, the freedom fighters are referred to as "terrorists" or "insurgents", while the invaders and mercenaries who attacked their nation from the other side of the world are referred to as "troops" or "defense force" or "military".  The Wikipedia Encyclopedia lists the following media outlets as biased: Fox News, the Washington Times, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Beehive Standard Weekly, New York Sun, San Diego Union-Tribune and the Arizona Republic.

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