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Pre-Crime, The path to tyranny

Throughout history, a battle between the have’s and have-not's has surged.  Tides in an ever changing world.  As tides turn, so too the balance of power floats from one end of the spectrum to the other, from one country to another, from one race to the next.  Much of the balance of power is established and built through deception and FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt).  Recent history, within the last two to three hundred years, has proven that technological advantage over brute force can force a rapid imbalance in power.  The development of gunpowder, the repeater rifle, combustion engines, communications and surveillance technology, computers and internet, amongst a host of engineering feats that bring tools that make one as powerful as many, has proven that knowledge is indeed more powerful than the sword.

The free mind is however and element no tyrant has yet mastered. 

Victim Less Crime

The underlying law of the land, English Common-Law, enforces the construct that there can be no punishment if there is no damage. The legal term is CORPUS DELICTI  - read more about law

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