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Ticket Scam

So why does the traffic officer make you sign the ticket?

They don't give tickets to people caught committing crimes.  So why make you sign the pink ticket?  They even go as far as to threaten that you will be arrested if you don't sign the ticket!  What's going on? Are they following the law?

The problem the government has is that the law says that they cannot punish you unless you meet all three of the elements that make up a crime: Act, Intent & Damage.  You have not caused any damage when you drive 90mph in your Porsche down Hwy 280 that was built to be a no speed limit autobahn.  So what the cop does is he scams you into signing a contract to appear in his court under his Code.  You see the Code is not law, it's 'code' like your code of ethics, which they sure don't respect.  By conning you into a contract they can effectively do whatever they want under the Universal Commercial Code'.

You may smack a child on the wrist to teach them not to cross the road in traffic, however, should the government be smacking our wallets when what we are doing does no harm?

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