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Non-Trivial Trivia

Questions herein are not trivial.  If your stomach can't handle them, should you expect freedom?

  1. Who caused the deaths of more U.S. citizens than deaths caused by all other person combined?
  2. What war caused the deaths of more U.S. citizens than all the other wars combined?
  3. In that war which side was breaking the law?
  4. Which President ignored all of Congress and his generals advice?
  5. List the Presidents who handed control of the Nations currency to private individuals, and the date they committed this extraordinary serious crime.
  6. List the Presidents who flat out violated one of the most holy elements of the U.S. Constitution the Writ of Habeas Corput?
  7. Only the Legislature may enact legislation. List the Presidents who blatantly violated this most fundamental construct and gave themselves the power of a king to make law themselves?
  8. At what date in U.S. history was the concept of an Executive Order regularly employed?
  9. During what period was the concept of "Case Law" which allows the Judiciary to act as the Legislature first employed?
  10. List the Presidents who’s actions could be attributed to causing the deaths of more than 100,000 innocent civilians.
  11. List the Presidents who’s actions could be attributed to causing the deaths of more than 1,000,000 innocent civilians.
  12. Of all the U.S. Presidents which two Presidents actions most closely mimicked that of Hitler?
  13. Under the law of the land, who decides the best interest of children, the State or the children's parents?
  14. Which President stole the Citizens gold?
  15. When was the last time the gold held in Fort Knox was last audited?
  16. Who was Fort Knox named after and what was he infamous for?
  17. Which proposed amendment to the Constitution would have authorized uneven taxation if it were ratified?
  18. Does the IRS or the local County Tax Collector have a legal right to make you pay the tax they demand?
  19. Which President first implemented Socialism in the U.S.?
  20. What triggered and is attributed to causing the Great Depression in the U.S.?
  21. List the worlds most infamous False Flag Operations?
  22. Which two publicly acknowledged secret societies have had more Presidents than any other societys
  23. What are the purported origins of those two secret societies?
  24. Who were/are the well known U.S. banks that funded both Hitler and Stalin?

For the answers send an email with the Subject "trivia" to

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