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H.R.6166 Military Commissions Act of 2006

The Military Commissions Act is the governments further enactment of U.S. Concentration Camps that parallel Hitler's and Stalin's camps, except these camps are for U.S. citizens.

The bill allows U.S. citizens to be targeted as terrorists, kidnapped and stripped of all legal rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Top legal scholars have expressed their shock at the scope of the so-called "compromise" legislation. To top it off, the media touted it as a 'defeat' for Bush. How Orwellian..

Yale Law Professor Bruce Ackerman states in the L.A. Times, "The compromise legislation .... authorizes the president to seize American citizens as enemy combatants, even if they have never left the United States. And once thrown into military prison, they cannot expect a trial by their peers or any other of the normal protections of the Bill of Rights."

Similarly, law Professor Marty Lederman explains : "this [subsection (ii) of the definition of 'unlawful enemy combatant'] means that if the Pentagon says you're an unlawful enemy combatant -- using whatever criteria they wish -- then as far as Congress, and U.S. law, is concerned, you are one, whether or not you have had any connection to 'hostilities' at all."

The bill also contains a definition of "wrongfully aiding the enemy" which labels all American citizens who breach their "allegiance" to President Bush and the actions of his government as terrorists subject to possible arrest, torture and conviction in front of a military tribunal.

The bill also formalized:

  1. State sponsored torture, including allowing the sexual torture of children in the presence of their parents. (Including specifically crushing and/or electrocuting the genitalia of children in attempts to extricate coerced and untrue testimony from their watching parents).
  2. Designating a U.S. Citizen an "Unlawful Enemy Combatant" (which would make them potentially vulnerable to experience the above).
  3. Arresting "Unlawful Enemy Combatants" (AMERICANS) in the middle of the night, never charging them, never allowing access to an attorney and denying them every Constitutionally protected right - in effect slicing the throat of Habeas Corpus (Due Process), the backbone of democracy since the Magna Carta.
  4. Making legal every illegal thing this Administration has done over the last 3 1/2 years in the name of the "War on Terror" (fear-mongering for profit), including illegally spying on Americans and advocating and approving torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

H.R.6166 Military Commissions Act of 2006, Roll Call Vote, S 3930 Military Commissions Act of 2006,

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