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Transhumanist Agenda?

In an interview of Alfred Webre by Vinny Eastwood from, Weber covers areas ranging from the Draco treaties with the US and Nazi governments; the central role of Dracos and the CIA-NSA-MI5-Mossad-MKULTRA apparatus in driving both the ritual child sacrifice and pedophile networks world-wide as exemplified by the recent expose in Hampstead UK; and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Talmudic attempt on 3/3/2015​, just prior to the 3/20/2014 Tetra Lunar Eclipse,​ in an unlawful address to the U.S. Congress to ignite WWIII as a ritual human sacrifice.

“The over-all goal of the Transhumanist Agenda is the robotization of humans and the substitution of manipulatory AI [Artificial Intelligence] for the human soul and Source connection.” - Alfred Webre

In his interview, Webre defines the â€śThe Transhumanist Agenda" as: A complex cooperative entity originating in the Draco reptilians and CIA/U.S. government using MKULTRA technology that appears now to have expanded out into a planetary infrastructure around the NSA and contracting agencies around the world, along with a dedicated grid of HAARP installations, chemtrails, Supergrids, Super computers, nano-bots, nanochips to be the prime mover entity responsible for driving pedophile and ritual child sacrifice networks world wide in power institutions such as the Vatican, Jesuits, Zionists, Churches, Monarchies, governments, intelligence, military, police, Schools, and families. Pedophile and ritual child sacrifice activities and networks world wide appear to facilitate establishing a global power base in these institutions for the ultimate robotization of humanity.

LibertyForLife can not determine if the claims made regarding the manipulation of leaders with the human sacrificial agenda has any extraterrestrial or non-human links. The extreme and intense censorship of the many extraterrestrial civilizations, and the well known life on other planets, including Mars as well as the mountains of evidence of activities on our own moon, clearly indicate that the "extraterrestrial" topic is very sensitive. One could argue that exposure of the extraterrestrial civilizations annihilates the power religions have over mankind, and that this alone would be sufficient reason for the intense censorship of all extraterrestrial information. However, the question remains, particularly in light of what is written in the ancient Sumerian Texts, in relation to humans being engineered to be slaves, as to whether there is an ongoing extraterrestrial or non-human agenda behind these insane sacrificial practices and the enslavement of mankind.


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