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Part 4 - Santa Cruz Ass. D.A's class mate files false charges against Clive in Placer County who gives Clive a Textbook example of a sham trial

Classmate of Santa Cruz Ass. DA Steven Drottar files false charges against Clive in Placer County.  Commissioner Trilla Barke gives Clive classroom example of a sham trial.
- Placer County Superior Court Case XXX

Ass DA XXXX files false misdemeanor battery charges against Clive.

The day before the Sheriff shooting at Clive and his children, in another classic setup, Clive's ex-wife Anamaria and her lover, Tichatschke, dump Clive's three year old son, William, in the middle of a learner ski run.  When Clive goes to rescue his son, Tichatschke ski's down making a scene literally waving his arms in the air then

Textbook Example of a Sham Trial -

Commissioner Trilla Barke refuses to allow Clive to make a presentation during the trial - view the presentation Barke would not allow Clive to make.

Juror comes up to Clive after the trial, crying and saying that she was sure Clive was setup.


Part 5 - On the eve of Statue of Limitations expiry, Sheriffs come to arrest Clive at his son's school. Read more >>.