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Liberty For Life Founder Blackmailed Into 9 Year Sentence

Liberty For Life Founder Clive Boustred being blackmailed into signing a plea-bargain by Judge Michael E. Barton. Barton is a primary defendant in Clive's lawsuit against Santa Cruz County for attempting to murder Clive in front of Clive's children and other serious crimes.  Barton has no jurisdiction & acts criminally.

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When asking Clive if he was pressured into the plea bargain, Clive responded on the record and said that he had been shot at by the sheriffs, had his children kidnapped and that his children were being held hostage, that his home had been stolen amongst other threats on his life by the government.


Note BARTON is the Judge who immediately remanded Clive to jail on a $150,000 bail warrant and ordered that Clive not communicate with his children in any way. Barton on multiple occasions rushed into Court to kidnap Clive's children. Barton is one of the primary defendants in Clive's two cases filed against the State. In this hearing he is presented with a Grand Jury Indictment of himself and he clearly has absolutely no subject matter jurisdiction yet he continues to commit outrageous and shocking crimes on the open record. Judge Michel E. Barton epitomizes the state of the Judiciary in the US a man of the lowest and most disgusting morals and a filthy obnoxious criminal. In most countries around the world men like this would be shot without hesitation or lynched by hanging them from the closest treason tree.

BEAUVAIS is Clive's BAR Lawyer who throughout the process is incapacitated in BAR incompetence. At one point Clive asked David Beauvais what he thought needs to be done, after a long pause for thought, David replied "I think we need a revolution". As officers of the Court BAR lawyers are bound and controlled by the court, they have no power to represent their clients or do anything other than assist in the malicious and criminal prosecution of their clients.



BARTON: Alright let’s go. We stand on the record in the Boustred Matter.
David Beauvais appearing on account of Mr. Boustred who is present in court.
CLIVE:  Mr. Boustred here by special appearance of course.
BARTON:  - … looked at the probation report which is eleven pages … Mr. Beauvais, uh, any legal cause why the defendant should not now be sentenced?
BEAUVAIS:  Only to reiterate what I think we have said in the past that un there’s no proper procedure in absence of a Grand Jury indictment  which is the position Mr. Boustred has previously taken.
BARTON: Alright
CLIVE:   If I may your honor?
BARTON: keep going
CLIVE:   I wish, I am actually representing myself as well has having counsel here.  I wish to add on the record that “Certain agreements between a public prosecutor and a prospective defendant are in flagrant violation of the interests of justice and therefore highly improper. 
CLIVE:   Thus, it is improper for a prosecutor to promise an accused, in return for a confession of guilt regarding a particular crime, immunity from prosecution for other crimes that he may have committed.” People v Groves, 63 CA 709, 219 P 1033
CLIVE:   and then aging in People v. Chapan, 234 P.2d 716, 106 C.A.2d 51.   “To compel a plea of guilty by threats, fraud or coercion, is denial of due process, and, in proper case, if found to exist, would warrant issuance of writ of error coram nobis but to be entitled to writ, application must be filed with due diligence.” 
CLIVE:   I have indeed filed a coram nobis in this case I have been pressured blackmailed  and in fact when I supposedly was blackmailed by you Mr. Barton who immediately ordered that I not communicate in any with my children after the Sheriffs  tried to murder me in front of my children.
CLIVE:   And you sir also have been holding my children hostage right now as you rushed into the family court case to even prohibit me from sending my children cards to tell them I love them.  I have witnessed many cases many situation all around the world.
CLIVE:    I have never seen something so disgraceful as your behavior it shocks the conscience.  Obviously you don’t have much of a conscience. I have here as well a No Bill Grand Jury Indictment for yourself,if I may approach.  Thank you sir.

CLIVE:   As we speak Grand Juries are forming across the nation indicting this corporate administrative court that you’re pretend to act as a judge in.  Indicting you for failing to follow the law.  You’re arrogance in this regard is astonishing.
CLIVE:   The law is absolutely clear.  The 5th Amendment specifically placed there form a date which predates the Magna Carta to get rid of Witch Hunts so that the government cannot go after people and simply prosecute them and prosecute them into silence because of crimes the government has committed against people. 
CLIVE:   You know very that the cases filed against me I was not guilty of any crime.  Accused of driving forty miles per hour down a private road, when in fact the evidence proved I was driving at 27 mph, with no reason to chase me.
CLIVE:   They shot at me in front of my children.  A man ran up to my car and literally tried to blow my head off in front of my children.  I am glad you haven’t got him here threatening me today because usually you have him in the court room in front of me to threaten me every time.
CLIVE:   I was then again assaulted in my garage in front of my children thrown in jail and accused of assault with a deadly weapon.
CLIVE:   I just for the first time saw this probation report this morning.  It’s full of libel, full of slander, full of disgraceful behavior.  What are you trying to prove?  Do you know there is law in this country?
CLIVE:   You have actually, effectively shutdown what I was working to put up.  A non fiat-based banking system which would solve this current crisis.  A free education system that would prevent the State from running education.

BARTON:  Let me interrupt you for a moment Mr. Boustred.  You just indicated that you just read the Probation Report.  Are you indicating that you are not prepared for sentencing this morning?
CLIVE:  I am not prepared to proceed in any of these cases.  Now the issue with respect to the Probation Report is that as I read it, it is full of inconsistencies.  I have only just seen it now. It’s got inaccuracies. But in regard to that there is something that is vastly more important, the matter of due process. 
CLIVE:  The 5th Amendment is explicit, you may not prosecute someone without a Grand Jury Indictment.  And here sir I have a grand jury indictment for you.
You have no jurisdiction in this case.  You rush to throw me in jail with bail set at $200,000 while you rush down to San Jose Court to get the case I filed against you dismissed.
CLIVE:  And the basis for ordering that I not even tell my children that I love them? Do you have any integrity? Any at all? Any morals? Any decency? Do you have children?
BARTON:  Mr. BOustred my question is this.  You have read the Probation report are you prepared for sentencing this morning?
CLIVE:  I am absolutely not prepared for sentencing or any case.
BARTON:  What is your request?
CLIVE:  My request is that this case be dismissed and the law be served.         
BARTON:  Mr. Boustred what is your request?
CLIVE:  I don’t make any request to this court, I want to see the Grand Jury Indictment.
BARTON:  Mr. Boustred, we discussed that, I have indicated what’s happened on that.
CLIVE:  If you want you want to have an offer.
BARTON:  It’s now time for sentencing.  My question to you Mr. BOustred is are you prepared this morning or do you need more time?
CLIVE:  I am prepared to settle, my first lawsuit against you was a 3.3 billion dollar win.  My second lawsuit was a 3.3 million dollar win, and my last lawsuit I filed for 1.45 trillion would be a small fraction of what this government is spending on murdering people overseas,
CLIVE:  which would put together an education system for the world; would put together decent judicial systems; which would put together a non-fiat based banking system which is being used to rape everyone and steal everyone’s homes.
BARTON:  Mr. Boustred, back to my question. Are you prepared for sentencing this morning?
CLIVE:  I said, I gave you and offer I said I am prepared to settle on those cases with respect to those issues. Am I prepared for sentencing? Obviously not.
BARTON:  You entered a plea Mr. Boustred.
CLIVE:  I never entered a plea, I was blackmailed.
BARTON:  You entered a plea
CLIVE:  I was blackmailed
BARTON:  Are you prepared for sentencing this morning?
CLIVE:  I never entered a plea.
BARTON:  Alright. Well my question then is this. Is that based upon the case report based upon the plea that was entered in this court and based upon that indication are you going to accept probation?
CLIVE:  I never entered a plea.
BARTON:  You still have not answered my question
CLIVE:  Well obviously.  If I never entered a plea I am not accepting anything this court is doing because you don’t have jurisdiction.
BARTON:  Well at this point it will be the judgment of the court
CLIVE:  Could you hold this, could you take my computer?
BARTON:  a violation of
CLIVE:  You don’t have to hurt me guys.  You really, I’m relaxed.  You really don’t have to assault me in, in this case.
CLIVE:  David, could you take my wallet out of my pocket.  Take my wallet out of that pocket and my keys.
BAILIFF 2: Step back, step back, we will get the keys out.
BALIFF 3: I would be more than happy.  Do you want him to have the keys?
CLIVE:  Just relax. Could you undo that, that’s.
BAILIFF 2: Do you want anything else to go to him?
CLIVE:  Sorry?
BAILIFF 2: Do you want anything else in your pockets to go to him?
BARTON:  Count one. In relation to count two, count three
CLIVE:  You don’t have to hold me guys, I am not going anywhere, just relax.
BARTONL  I will impose a mid term of two years concurrent on each for at total of six years in the department of corrections. And Mr. uh. And  I will impose seven days credit against the two years.
BEAUVAIS:  Your honor if I may be heard just briefly
BEAUVAIS:  We did have a conditional plea here
BARTON: No there was no condition the condition was that Mr. Boustred accept probation, be placed on probation with the execution of sentence suspended.  He indicated that he is not going to accept probation.
BEAUVAIS:  Actually I did not hear him say it that way. I heard him say that there was no jurisdiction over the proceedings, but I didn’t
BARTON: I asked him multiple times and he indicated that he is not going to so I am imposing State Prison. If he wants to um, think about that I will deal with it at one thirty but at this point I have asked him multiple times and he as indicated no. I have no other alternative.
CLIVE:  Let’s go talk about this with, with some people outside. Or are they going to throw me in custody now are they?
CLIVE:  Well I would like you to call
BEAUVAIS:  Well it’s either you accept probation or you are going to prison.
CLIVE:  So I am, I am blackmailed into accepting probation?
CLIVE:  Ok I accept probation under blackmail.
BARTON:  No. Six years department of corrections
BEAUVAIS:  Again your honor I would just state for the record..
This case is a classic example of how utterly out of control Judges in the court are and how bar lawyers also facilitate in the crime blackmail. Today the US has more people in Jail, Prison and on Probation than those incarcerated in any other nation and all other nations combined.
The complete lack of law, integrity and justice in the courts and blatantly open criminal acts of Judges like Michael E. Barton and District Attorney’s like Bob Lee, reflect the state of the Union, a Nation that has been bought out by and ruled by the fraudulent fiat money of the Federal Reserve Bank.  The courts cater to adulterers, murderers and thieves.  Criminals are rewarded while the innocent are incarcerated and good men are crucified in Santa Cruz.

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