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The Elkins Family Law Task Force was established after a large group of highly respected lawyers and retired judges filed an "Amici Curiae" in the California Supreme Court in an attempt to force the Superior Courts to follow basic forms of justice and due process. In other words, the lawyers said they were 'friends of the court' and the court was screwing up and should look at what they were doing.

However, as illustrated in the order shown below, issued by Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph of the Santa Cruz Superior Court on 9'11 of o8, the California Supreme Court and the Elkins Family Law Task Force obviously don't mean a thing. 

The question is whether or not the Elkins Task Force can accomplish anything?  Or will they simply be another bogus government cover-up like the 9'11 Commission that was established to hide the fact that the government blew up the World Trade Center

The order shown below was issued by Irwin H. Joseph, who is not even a judge but a mere commissioner who has no jurisdiction over Clive Boustred, the Petitioner. Clive is suing Joseph, so Junk Justice Joseph issued the order maliciously, literally putting in writing the very elements the Elkins Task Force was formed to eradicate:

“2. Therefore, the Petitioner shall be precluded from providing any evidence, oral or documentary, as to any claim he has or may advance regarding his right to be reimbursed by the Respondent relative to any issue.

Judges and Commissioners in the courts simply take the law into their own hands and do the hell what they want, making life in the U.S. a living hell for may of their victims.  So when Clive submitted a response to the criminal order Joseph issued, the clerks simply turned around and 'struck the filing'.

In other word's Clive simply has absolutely no rights in the Santa Cruz Superior Court, Junk Justice Urine Joseph has put himself in the position of "sovereign", Joseph says he's king and he can do what the hell he wants to do to Clive and no one can hold him accountable for the crimes he commits.

Check out the expert "Tainted Trials Stolen Justice" analysis published by the San Jose Mercury News, and you will quickly realize that judges depend on the simple fact that only 2% or so of the appeals are successful.  So you chances on appeal, unless you are an "Amici Curiae"/Friend of The Court, are next to zilch.  You're screwed which ever way you turn. Does doing your 'job' in the courts authorize committing crimes against fellow citizens?

Jeff Elkins was simply trying to get divorced, when he was forced into a trial before Judge Barry Baskin of the Contra Costa County Superior Court.  Judge Baskin decided to refuse to consider all but two of Jeff Elkins 36 trial exhibits, to top if off, he decided that he would not allow Jeff Elkins to testify in court.  The result, Elkins was screwed, and the lawyer representing Jeff's ex, who clearly had an 'in' with Baskin, laughed all the way to the bank.  How much did Baskin get out of it?

Fortunately for Elkins however, a whole troop of lawyers and ex-judges decided to step in and help and they field the Amici Curiae.  However, in reality, all this meant was that Elkins could get a retrial.  Elkins who has been extraordinarily damaged by Judge Barry Baskin, simply had to swallow the damage.  What we ask, happened to Judge Barry Baskin?  Nothing no doubt.  And that is clearly the problem.

People working as public servants in the U.S. today believe they can commit crimes with impunity.  And they do.  There is no consequence for commissioners and judges who commit outrageous crimes from behind the bench.  The Sheriffs who shot at Clive have all been promoted while Clive's companies and career have been wiped out, his children kidnapped and home stolen.  Consequentially, 'officials' have become so brazenly criminal in nature and form that they don't give a dam and simply rule in the interests of what lines their personal pocket.  Bribes and kickbacks in all forms are what drives the judiciary and politicians today.  Look at the $700B bankster bailouts or the billions handed to Halliburton.

Today in the U.S. is our government not vastly worse than King George's government that ruled America before the revolution?  So what should we do to remove people like Irwin Joseph from the bench?

The Attorney General certainly is not going to do it, their office is too busy defending the criminal actions committed by their colleagues in government.  When we the people are accused by they the government of committing crimes, we have to pay for our own defense.  And the Californian Courts have abandoned the Constitution so there is not even any Grand Jury standing between the prosecutor and the accused.  DA's and Sheriffs simply roll of charge after charge as though they were on a wild free shopping spree.  A shopping spree that gives them all jobs and creates the prison industrial complex.  How come when real people accuse government officials of crimes, the officials don't have to pay for their own defense?

The Judicial Nominations Committee (JNE) is not going to do it for us.  Even when JNE rates people as not qualified, which they only did two times out of 678 or so judicial nominees made by Governor Wilson, their recommendations are completely ignored.  Former Santa Cruz District Attorney Art Danner who had to quickly resign as DA after he was caught red handed committing crimes, was appointed a judge by Governor Wilson (Apparently you can get a judicial appointment for $850,000).  JNE would qualify a dog, however, not Art Danner, twice they rated him as 'not qualified'.  That made no difference, Danner was appointed a judge and criminally presided over the case Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee filed against Clive Boustred after the Santa Cruz Sheriffs assassination attempt on Clive failed.  Read the Opening Brief for that trial to get an idea what a Sham Trial is like.

The question Clive faces is what to do next.  Will the Elkins Family Law Task Force be just another show to pretend the government is doing something while criminals in government maliciously assault us?

The Santa Cruz Superior Court refused to put Clive in front of anyone else but the criminal Junk Justice Urine Joseph.  Any dismissals Clive files to dismiss Joseph are simply denied, usually by Joseph himself.  The Santa Cruz Sheriffs, DA, Judges and commissioner hold Clive's children hostage and they have stolen Clive's home.  There is no justice in the U.S. the courts are presided over by criminals while the government awards themselves and their buddies billions of dollars at the people's expense and sends our troops to invade innocent nations.  Can help?  What can we do?


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