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Thursday 29, 2008 - Commissioner Irwin Joseph rushes in to hear case on his day off.

Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph one of the primary defendant in the case Clive filed against Santa Cruz County for attempted murder, kidnap and other extremely serious charges rushed into court on his day off to hear the ex parte hearing to have the utterly illegal order he issued to evict Clive out of Clive's home.  Naturally, the little prick denied Clive's motion to set aside the order "Irwin" issued without subject matter jurisdiction or any legal or factual basis.

The question we must now ask is what to do with a criminal like Irwin H. Joseph who acts under the color of law to commit crimes with the support of our government.  These court's don't follow the law, they break it.

Void orders are of no legal force and anyone attempting to enforce a void order naturally does so without any lawful authority and risks the consequences.

Will the government attempt to murder Clive again?  Stay posted for next steps. 


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