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InfoTelesys Lawsuit: H. PREAMBLE


This government fights against the righteous, convicting the innocent and not only acquitting the guilty but literally supporting and litigating for the guilty!  This government levies War against we the people, adhering to our Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Surely our government is nothing less than a sham engaged in criminal racketeering and treason, a bunch of filthy criminals.  No doubt, there are some in our government who have integrity, however, what are they doing about the severe and outrageous criminal nature of those who are clearly committing the most heinous crimes in the name of our government and “We the People”.

Extensive study of the problem by Plaintiff Clive Boustred, employing similar analytical techniques he used to architect technological leading strategies, lays out the reasons and cause of government corruption.  Convincing evidence shows an ongoing conspiracy associated with the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, who for more than a century, have conspired to obtain world dominance and a "Novus Ordo Seclorum," or "A New Order of the Ages" more commonly known as the “New World Order” by employing Hegelian Dialectic processes causing conflict so as to take advantage of people suffering hardships in said conflict. 

NOTE NOT IN ORIGINAL SUIT: The realization that the Old World Order simply called themselves the New World Order in order to trick good people into believing that they represented Nuvus Ordo Seclorum followed this lawsuit.  Incidentally, Santa Cruz County had to issue an illegal eviction order of Clive and arrest him and hold him hostage while they called hearings to have this lawsuit dismissed.

Central elements to this New World Order’s strategy is the control of a Nations money supply (where they literally create money out of nothing enabling their purchase of almost anything); control of government agencies and politicians, especially judges; implementation of a police state; dominating and censoring media; control of education; and the implementation of communism / socialism including claiming head of family status and the kidnap of children from their opponents & the implementation of a Police State that incarcerates millions employing “pre-crime prosecution” where the innocent are prosecuted and incarcerated based on alleged potential damage (Corpus delicti).

The New World Order conspiracy benefits a very small number of individuals, placing the masses, including every person who is a listed Defendant in this case, in abject servitude.  Judges, Sheriffs, Clerks and District Attorneys also have to pay six to ten months of their salary to the New World Order bankers. 

To put in perspective the oppressive strategy of the New World Order conspiracy, consider 1994. In 1994 the economy was booming from what has proven to be the world’s larges and most significant industrial revolution ever, the information era.  Greenspan, the Chairman of the major New World Orders bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, claimed ‘that the Internet bubble was going to burst’.  The irrational exuberance of Greenspan’s claims have been proven completely wrong.  The Internet bubble was only the froth on the surface of an enormous and exciting industry that is bringing huge benefits and profit to mankind.  Internet has survived and continues its extraordinary growth.

1994 is interesting from other perspectives too.  The attempt by the Federal Reserve Bank to Crash the Internet boom by raising interest rates at an incredible rate failed (See Graph Below), this followed a failed attempt by the FBI to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993[1].  However at the time, the Berlin Wall had come down, the cold war was over and money was pouring into the U.S. to fund the Internet revolution, the future was bright and the economy was booming, even the government had a surplus.  The world was not only welcoming peace we were welcoming the new prosperity Internet brought.

Very few of the worlds population own computers, Internet is still in its infancy.  The New World Order oligarchy simply do not want the average man to advance and benefit, they want to dominate and control mankind.  Consequentially, when their efforts to crash the markets in 1994 failed they implemented renewed efforts in 1999 when Greenspan literally stepped out of the Federal Reserve Bank’s domain into the SEC’s domain and concertedly worked to scare investors with his “irrational exuberance” speeches so as to crash the marked.  With the Millennium celebrations it looked like the world would brush off the Fed’s crashing the market in 1999, so in 2001, Bush, Cheney and crew then stepped in to finish off what the FBI failed to do in 1993, blowing up the World Trade Center and flying a missile into the Pentagon, what PNAT referred to as a “New Pearl Harbor” event.

Take note of Greenspan’s recent allegations regarding the real estate market ‘bubble’ – No doubt, these banksters are snapping up real estate across the U.S. after they also caused that crash.  However, they don’t have to buy real estate to own it, by simply lending money they ‘create out of nothing’, the Federal Reserve Bank owners effectively own everyone’s homes anyway.

Where does the money come from?  The Federal Reserve Bank owners invent it out of thin air then lend it to us in exchange for real assets! What a steal!  No wonder these banksters shoot any President or anyone who challenges them.

Plaintiffs Association With These Events: Plaintiffs Clive Boustred and InfoTelesys, Inc. were in the process of deploying a next generation internet called IT-I2™ capable of delivering one gigabit connections anywhere in the world.  IT-I2™ also incorporated next generation banking that would compete with the New World Orders usurious and corrupt banking systems and it delivered next generation media that would compete with the New World Orders control of current media (InfoTelesys, the Media Channel for the New Millennium™), in addition to next generation education that would significantly improve education for billions of people around the world. 

Of particular note is that the InfoTelesys media and education systems were based on “pull” and not “push” media, that is, the consumer could choose content instead of an oligarchy dictating what is broadcast on TV or radio or taught in schools.

The President of the United States and many other senior officials, who are clearly a part of the New World Order conspiracy, were fully aware of InfoTelesys and the capabilities of IT-I2™.  The Russian government had provided InfoTelesys with one hundred launch vehicles for the IT-I2™ network in addition to Space Station Mir.   The White House was strangely silent regarding proposals InfoTelesys, Inc. made  (See the included Liberty For Life Dot.Bomb Conspiracy News DVD).

What is important to not loose sight of is the exciting era in which we are blessed to live.  We are all witnessing the cusp of a new renaissance.  Just as the printing press destroyed oligarchic control of ‘we the people’ when Martin Luther translated the Bible into languages ordinary people could understand, computers and digital media and networks are translating what in the past was kept secret and used to dominate and control people.  Documentaries, websites and blogs are popping up all overt he place revealing the explicit involvement of our government in the 9/11 False Flag events and all the other crimes they are committing against us.  Technology is ushering in new knowledge and dynamic education that no oligarchy can control.  Knowledge will set us free, the future is bright. 

By awarding Plaintiffs the summary judgments they have been entitled to and damages they are entitled to in this suit, all mankind will benefit significantly from what InfoTelesys still needs to deploy.  These benefits extend also to the DEFENDANTS in this case and even the members of the New World Order oligarchy.

There are very few people in the world who know how to build massively scalar networks capable of supporting billions of users.  There are not many people in the world who have a firm understanding of problems that face humanity and more importantly who have significant real solutions to address many of the more difficult problems.  And there are very few people who are able to bring solutions to the extraordinary serious problems facing all of us as a consequence of the Rothschild New World Order conspiracy.  Having all skill sets in all three of these domains is extremely unusual.  Having the courage to do what Clive is doing is however something only the Lord can provide.  Every individual involved in this case aught to be working to help make things easier for Clive Boustred and his sons Richard and William and not just the opposite. 

The Sheriffs Lieutenant, Hemmingway, who most probably developed the strategy to maliciously prosecute Clive Boustred and who on the day the Sheriffs Shooting Instructor shot at Clive in front of Richard and William, kidnapped the boys, already died of an aneurism.

The Judge, Art Danner, who maliciously prosecuted Clive Boustred giving him an absurdly sham trial and sent him to jail for six months without any right to bail for the alleged ‘crime’ of Clive driving at around 27mph down his private road, has already died from a heart attack.

The lawyer, Vicki Parry, who repeatedly incited Clive’s ex, Anamaria, to renege on settlement agreements and to make false 911 calls, has landed up in the ICU as her liver fails.

These are but three examples illustrating what goes around comes around - karma.  Life is short, before we know it, we will all be accounting for what we did with our lives.

Plaintiffs hope DEFENDANTS will see the errors of their ways and join with Plaintiffs to fulfill the InfoTelesys mission: “To make the world a better place, showing respect for all creation, while operating with complete integrity, for it is in God we trust.”



Plaintiffs are effectively oppressed by agents of the New World Order / Rothschild’s and other foreign interests who have ceased control of the U.S. dollar and employed their control of the currency to instigate and fund wars, to crash the markets and to purchase controlling interests in media, industry and government so as to implement a socialist tyrannical dictatorship in the U.S. that is vastly worse than what King George imposed on the American Colony before the Revolution.  These agents of the Rothschild’s have placed themselves as socialist sovereigns who lord it over we the people, claiming more sovereign privileges than even King George claimed.  As is proven by Plaintiffs first two cases, these so-called officers of the law and courts, claim that they can attempt to murder, assault, kidnap and steal from citizens with complete impunity, with ‘sovereign immunity’.

The saddest aspect of these agents of the Rothschild’s is that their servitude to the New World Order oligarchy enslaves themselves and their children along with future generations around the world.  Most of these Agents of the Rothschild’s also have to work six months of the year to pay interest these banksters demand on our own money.  They too are likely to end up in one of the banksters jails, prisons or concentration camps if vaccines or cancer inducing substances propagated secretly by these banksters do not get them first, or this will be the fate of their children & future generations.

The manner in which Agents of the Rothschild’s are treated, is perhaps most clearly demonstrated in how the U.S. Armed Forces are treated.  Our soldiers are considered cannon fodder.  According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, with far more than a million U.S. Gulf War veterans already disabled[2] (mostly from exposure to Nuclear Waste in the form of dirty bomb armor piercing rounds the U.S. manufactures and deploys, and from violent concoctions of vaccines designed as components of biological warfare).  Also according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 73,000 U.S. Gulf War troops are already dead[3].  The agents of the Rothschild’s are often the first to be eliminated.  When disabled they are usually left to rot.

Conservative estimates put the number of Iraqi’s murdered by the illegal U.S. invasion of their nation at over one million, with the total number of dead children and adults estimated at around two and a half million when one also adds the number of civilians who died from the U.S. imposed sanctions.

The term this sect of Jewish Zionist banksters use to refer to everyone but themselves is “Goyim” or “cattle” i.e. we are to be used, sold and slaughtered at will – this predominantly Jewish sect must not be confused with regular Jews, this band of insane banksters worship Lucifer.  Their ‘secret’ god is JAOBULON.  "JAO" is the Greek word for Jehovah. "BUL" is the name for Baal. "ON" was the name used in ancient Egyptian religion to call upon their god, Osiris.  You can find their owl god of Molock before whom they literally sacrifice people, along with and their ‘all seeing eye’ on their dollar bills and in other locations such as Bohemian Grove about 75 miles North of San Francisco.  Their satanic rituals have been videotaped and books have been written by many people who have uncovered these insane practices.  Members of their sect are often recruited from the Masons which maintain strict isolation and ‘secrets’ between different levels of Masonry so as to keep lower levels subservient and ignorant of ‘higher’ levels ‘knowledge’.   Most Masons have no idea that they to do not come close to meeting the ‘purity’ of Jewish bloodline necessary to avoid being classified as Goyim.   Strict hierarchical organizational structures keep these individuals in the dark.  Use the Internet to search “Yale Bones Club” of “Bohemian Grove” or “Goyim” or “Child sacrifice” – if you can stomach carefully analyzing the results, your ignorance regarding these matters should quickly dissolve.

The sheer foolishness and stupidity of our government officials who are actively imposing this foreign tyranny on ‘we the people’ is astonishing.  Many, if not most of these officials, have absolutely no idea for whom and what they are working.   Most don’t even know that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank that takes our dollars for nothing and lends them back to us plus interest.

When explaining to these agents the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank takes the U.S. dollar for printing costs or free if digital, and they turn around and lend it back to us at thousands, millions, billions and even trillions more inflated value, many of these agents of the Rothschild’s show a complete lack of comprehension of this extreme crime.  They actually often think that the person showing them that their pocket is being picked is foolish!  You will also hopefully recognize that computer technology has blown the lid on this insane group of criminals who have been mastering our world and murdering our Presidents who were brave enough to challenge them[4].

When the great U.S. Industrialist Henry Ford said "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning" surely he was saying it with tongue in cheek, because it certainly is not well enough.  If people cannot understand that foreign interests own our dollar and use that ability to manufacture trillions of dollars for themselves out of thin air, thus giving themselves the ability to purchase anything they want, including complete control of all mainstream media, the military industrial complex, most major corporations, government officials (especially politicians and judges), then perhaps the people can understand some of the raw statistics:

U.S.A. Worlds Worst Prison State

"In 2004, nearly 7 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole at yearend 2004 -- 3.2% of all U.S. adult residents or 1 in every 31 adults." - U.S. Department of Justice[5].

International incarceration statistics from World Prison Population List (sixth edition) and International Centre for Prison Studies[6].

However one looks at it, whether total numbers or percentage of population, shown below, the United States of America is the Worlds Worst Prison State by orders of magnitude:

These raw statistics alone should shut down the Courts throughout the U.S.  Judges, lawyers and District Attorneys practicing criminal law in the U.S. aught to be bared from the bar for failing to uphold the law and racketeering through their support of the Prison Industrial Complex.  The sheer shame and disgrace of persons practicing law in this disgraceful field is unconscionable.

The reason for this crime is simple:  Prisons are profitable; judges, lawyers, District Attorneys and police are feeding off the lives of their victims they throw into prison for personal profit.  The same way Hitler and his Gestapo did it.

The methods Cops, Judges, Lawyers, District Attorneys and Lawyers employ to commit their crimes are simple enough.  Firstly the core English Common Law construct of “innocent until proven guilty” has been completely abandoned and replaced with “guilty without any right to prove innocence” (general practice and codified in the Patriot Act), and the mandatory three elements necessary to convict someone of a crime have been abandoned. MENS REA - willful intent, actus reus - act or crime, CORPUS DELICTI - body of the crime, the actual damage, have all but been ignored.  Instead, the majority of government prosecutions are for “pre-crime” charges in which there is no Corpus Delecti, no Mens Rea and no Acuts Rea and no real party of interest filing any Verified Criminal Complaint.  Prosecutors manufacture charges and put their name at the end of the complaint in complete and arrogant violation of the law.  The government then usually proceeds to blackmail their victim with a plea-bargain. 

In the fraud and black-mail of a plea-bargain, the government ‘on the side’ offers to drop some false charges and the length of the sentences their victim faces if the victim agrees to admit guilt or “no contest” for the remainder of the charges.  Lawyers encourage their clients to accept the charges, telling their clients that they will be convicted if they take the matter to trial, no matte how false or absurd the charges are.  And they lawyers are right!  That’s because the judges simply prevent any evidence proving a persons innocence from coming before the jury while they rig the juries and impose “Judicial Law” in the form of “Case Law” which is no law at all!

In the false charges the government filed against Mr. Boustred after their attempt to murder him on March 10, 2003 failed, the judges went as far as to literally strike Mr. Boustred’s favorable testimony that proved his innocence and allowed the prosecution to submit hearsay, double hearsay and known lies before the jury.  They even ordered Mr. Boustred out of the court room and the Jury out of the court room when Mr. Boustred raised any legal or factual issues in his defense!  (See Exhibits & Opening Briefs in the Placer case 72-002045 and Santa Cruz Case F08656 - [7])

Police arrest their victims on hearsay and flat out lies, throw them in jail then demand exorbitant bail which goes straight into the Sheriff’s bank account, without baring any interest to the victim, but certainly baring interest to the Sheriff.  The police usually steal the victim’s vehicle and then demand ransom in the form of outrageous “towing and storage charges”.  If the victim does not pay the ransom for their vehicle within 30 days the sheriffs sell the stolen vehicle for a fraction of its value to cover their ransom.

When a victim of the government has been arrested and severely punished before any trial, Judges and lawyers trick the victims into entering “pleas” which the judges try to convince themselves is an “acceptance of prosecution” and washing of the crimes the government committed against their victim.

Lawyers do nothing to advise their clients of their Constitutional and English Common Law rights, going along with the ‘system’ so that all the insiders can personally profit.  The crimes committed by officers of the law are vastly more criminal than 90% of the people they prosecute.

The San Jose Mercury News' Tainted Trials Stolen Justice series in which highly respected legal professionals mostly from universities around the Nation analyzed cases under appeal “The review established that in 261 of the appellate cases reviewed -- more than one in every three of the total -- the criminal trial had been marred by questionable conduct that worked against the defendant. In only about one in 20 cases did the defendant win meaningful relief -- either a new trial or a significantly reduced sentence -- from higher courts.  The problems occurred at every phase of a trial, and in every part of the system.”  The report goes on to state:

• Prosecutors. In nearly 100 cases, the prosecution engaged in questionable conduct that bolstered its effort to win convictions, the examination revealed. Some Santa Clara County prosecutors withheld evidence that could have helped DEFENDANTS, some defied judge's orders and some misled juries during closing arguments.

But they did not act in a vacuum. In an adversary system in which defense attorneys and judges are responsible for guarding against prosecutors' excesses, the newspaper study found, those checks on the system too often fall short.

• Defense attorneys. In 100 cases, defense attorneys acted in ways that harmed their clients. In nearly 50 cases, the attorneys failed to take the most basic of measures, from properly investigating their case to presenting the evidence they gathered. Defense attorneys failed in dozens more cases to object as prosecutors or judges engaged in questionable conduct, in effect excusing the mistakes.

• Trial judges. In more than 150 cases, judges made missteps or questionable rulings that favored the prosecution. Violating legal precedents, trial judges allowed evidence that unfairly tainted DEFENDANTS and prohibited evidence that might have supported their defense. Repeatedly, judges failed to properly instruct jurors on legal principles, instead offering direction that made a guilty verdict more likely.

• The appellate court. The 6th District Court of Appeal, the primary court of review for Santa Clara County cases, upheld verdicts in more than 100 cases even as it acknowledged errors had occurred. The appellate court simply concluded those errors made no difference in the outcome of the case. Sometimes those conclusions were appropriate, but a review of the appellate record and consultations with experts established that in more than 50 cases the court misstated facts, twisted logic and devised questionable rationales to dismiss the error.

In nearly all the cases, the 6th District designates its opinions as ``not to be published'' -- a distinction that means they are not to be cited as legal authority in subsequent cases, and thus have little relevance beyond the parties to a case. The Mercury News found that higher courts are extremely unlikely to review unpublished opinions, making the 6th District the final word on most criminal trials in Santa Clara County.

The unpublished designation also has served to shield the cases from outside review. Past academic and journalistic studies of criminal justice, here and elsewhere, have examined published opinions, even though they represent a tiny proportion of court decisions. The Mercury News review is unprecedented in its comprehensive analysis of criminal decisions, published and unpublished alike.

State court statistics show the 6th District over time has published a smaller portion of its criminal cases -- 2 percent -- than any other appellate district in the state. The statewide average is 4 percent.

Taken together, the Mercury News findings offer a picture of a system that often turns on its head the presumption that DEFENDANTS are innocent until proven guilty. Prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and appellate justices often act in ways that cause DEFENDANTS' rights to be violated.

The newspaper study points to a ``skewed system that disproportionately bends over backward to help the DA win,'' said Bennett Gershman, a former prosecutor and professor of criminal law at Pace University School of Law who has written on prosecutorial and judicial ethics. ``Admitting and excluding evidence uneven handedly and overlooking serious errors is not a pretty state of affairs if one is concerned about fair trials. Nor if one is concerned about the appearance of justice.''

“Having had seven absurdly false cases filed against me after the Santa Cruz Sheriffs Shooing Instructor shot at me in front of my children, and having been put through two utterly sham trials, purported to be trials by jury, and having spent years and around one hundred and fifty thousand dollars on legal fees, I can honestly state, without hesitation, that the Judicial System in California and the United States of America is run by nothing less than a bunch of filthy criminals. – Clive Boustred

Such a sweeping statement is based on the simple fact that anyone working in the system cannot be unaware of the rampant corruption and the complete lack of fairness of the courts.  Any person working in the system is thus consequentially guilty of misprision of felony pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 4 “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.” amongst many other crimes.”

Our District Attorney’s act as modern day Judas’, vigorously and falsely prosecuting people they know full well are innocent, so as to profit their own personal career.  Ass. District Attorneys such as Santa Cruz’s Stephen Drottar, and his former boss Art Danner, surely are the lowest ebb of society, of moral character well below any of the criminals they prosecute.  The San Jose Mercury News lists many other examples of District Attorneys who under the color of law prosecute people they know full well are innocent.

When Santa Cruz’s former DA, Art Danner was caught red handed in crimes, all he did was resign without any consequence, and then he was appointed a Judge by Governor Wilson.  Despite the Judicial Nominations Committee rating Art Danner as “Not Qualified” to be a judge, he was appointed to the bench.  Only 2 out of 678 or so judicial nominees by Governor Wilson were ever rated as Not Qualified.  Despite not qualifying, Art Danner went on to preside over a trial where the sheriffs had literally attempted to blow Mr. Boustred’s head off in front of his children.  Danner acted criminally in the trial, with complete and utter disregard for the law and justice.  SEE Opening Brief included in Evidence CD (“EXHIBITS\Exhibit C - Case Files\Exhibit C-8 - Federal Court Habeas.doc\ Opening Brief Clive Boustred 6th Appellat Court v6 FILED.doc”).

Case after case shows that criminals are being appointed to senior positions in government, including our current President and Attorney General.  And the judiciary is entirely responsible for literally appointing George W. Bush as President over the popular vote – and that is even over a completely rigged voting system designed as the Chairman of the largest vote counting systems, Diebold Election Systems, Walden O'Dell, stated "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [G.W. Bush] next year."  At Global Election Systems now called Diebold Election Systems, the Senior Vice-President and Senior Programmer, Jeff Dean, was convicted of 23 counts of felony theft for planting back doors in software he created for ATMs.  Countless audits prove the voting machines have been rigged.  Programmers have come forward and formally told Congress the machines are rigged and patriots repeatedly demonstrate how easily the machines are rigged. 

The judiciary is in on the crime.

The growth of the Prison Industry is visually represented in the chart opposite:

While based on the prison industry statistics alone, most judges, DA’s, police and lawyers in the U.S. should be charged and tried for treason, perhaps one of the most disturbing factors, is the massive buildup of Concentration Camps throughout the U.S.[8].

While the public is well aware of the many international Concentration Camps the U.S. has built, such as Guantánamo Bay, the buildup of Concentration Camps within the U.S. and the laws to support them goes almost unnoticed.  Halliburton Contracts confirm the construction of the Concentration Camps within the U.S.

For example, Halliburton subsidiary "KBR has been awarded a contract announced by the Department of Homeland Security’s United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) component. The Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contingency contract is to support ICE facilities and has a maximum total value of $385 million over a five year term. The contract provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the United States, or to support the rapid development of new programs".[9]

Army Regulation 210—35 “Installations, Civilian Inmate Labor Program” and H.R.6166, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, show us that the U.S. government is absolutely serious about Concentration Camps in the U.S.   Letters from Congressmen confirm the same.[10]

The John Warner Defense Appropriation Act for Fiscal Year 2007, H.R.5122, which grants the President the right to commandeer Federal and State National Guard Troops for use against citizen, indicates who it is the government intends to throw into these Concentration Camps.  Since 1878, through two World Wars, Depressions, the Posse Comitatus Act protected U.S. citizens from their own military.  Somehow, however, this government believes that the U.S. military must now be deployed against U.S. Citizens.  Why?

One has to carefully consider what we are all up against, particularly, when one learns that the 9/11 attacks were instigated by people in our own government and the attack was used as the basis for justifying these extreme and outrageous eliminations of liberty.

FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS Blowing up Buildings & Murdering Citizens To Incite War & Eliminate Liberty


Facts surrounding our own government’s complete involvement in blowing up the World Trade Center buildings and crashing a missile into the Pentagon are so blatantly obvious that only a complete fool would believe that Bin Laden’s boys with box cutters brought the buildings down!  World Trade Center Building Number 7 is of course the most classic example.  This 47 story building, shown below, at about half the height of the two towers, according to our government demolished itself!  No plane hit WTC 7 and there were no major fires in WTC 7.  Containing FBI & CIA Offices and New York City’s Emergency Response Center, WTC 7 was probably the most robust building in New York.  However the buildings did contain files on government corruption such as the ENRON files in the FBI and CIA offices in that particularly robust building.


   World Trade Center Building 7  Exhibiting Classic Demolition Profile


The government and their banksters media’s attempt to cover up the facts exposing the complete complicity of senior politicians direct involvement in planning and carrying out the 9/11 attacks is so blatantly obvious, only a moron would not see through the deception.  On 9/11 Cheney was running the largest war-games exercises ever in the U.S: 

1. Northern Vigilance – mock cold war hijack; 

2. Vigilant Guardian – insertion of false radar blips on radar screens; 

3. Vigilant Warrior – live fly hijack drill. 

The FAA had more than twenty 'hijacked aircraft" blips on their radar on 9/11.

Many government officials have come forward expressing their total disbelief of the official government 9/11 Commission Report.

Consider the poor government officials working for the Army auditing the 2.3 Trillion Dollars that went missing from the Pentagon budget.  The missile that hit the Pentagon circled around the Pentagon, in a maneuver FAA described as fighter aircraft performance, to strike the Pentagon on the side exactly where these auditors were working on uncovering the missing $2.3 Trillion.[11]  Now a Boeing 757 is no small plane, however, the flight path of what hit the Pentagon was completely inconsistent with a Boeing 757, while there was no Boeing 757 wreckage at the crash scene, no bodies, and the hole in the Pentagon was far too small for a Boeing 757.  The FBI confiscated security camera footage of the missile that hit the Pentagon and the Pentagon refused to release any video footage showing what actually hit the Pentagon.  However with these absurd inconsistencies in the government endorsed official 9/11 report, how are the public to believe that with “high alert” already been called, with planes crashing into the nations primary financial centers etc, how is it that a “commercial” airline can simply waltz in and fly into the most secure building in the U.S. into the center of military planning and control in the U.S.   What happened to the Pentagon’s highly advanced air defenses. Where were the scramble jets?  Ho yes, Cheney had sent all the scramble jets to Alaska, why?

Come on, you have to be an absolute imbecile to actually believe that officials in the U.S. government were not explicitly involved in the 9/11 attacks.  So who exactly is behind our government?  Certainly not all government officials are corrupt; however, with such extraordinarily blatant and obvious complicity to the highest levels, including the Judicially Appointed President and his Vice President, one cannot but question corruption of the entire government.

Other officials have come forward revealing vastly more sinister plans for Concentration Camps and the extermination of U.S. citizens who refuse to go along with the banksters World Domination Plan, including the identification of extermination facilities which have ominously been labeled with RED/BLUE lines reflecting the Nazi SS classifications for death camps and obviously correlating with CIA RED / BLUE lists.  Obviously foremost on these RED/BLUE lists would be government officials who respect the U.S. Constitution.  Apparently U.S. troops have been injected with L-Form Bacteria and other “bio bombs” that will allow the banksters to exterminate them at will while the government is quietly getting the general public accustomed to areal spraying in Santa Cruz.

For those who believe for one moment that they can safely be part of the banksters plan, consider that their entire construct is based on deception and crime.  People who operate under such principles can never be trusted.  No one is safe.

However, there is one element these banksters have not counted on, just as the printing press ushered in the renaissance when people like Martin Luther published the Bible in languages people could read and thereby exposed the lies and corruption of the government, computers and the Internet promise to usher in an even greater renaissance.

Adolf Hitler (whom elements of our government follow and funded, including Prescott Bush the Presidents Grandfather[12]), when he wrote the following in MEIN KAMPF, had no idea of the power of internet or computers in the hands of regular people: "In journalistic circles it is a pleasing custom to speak of the Press as a ‘Great Power’ within the State. As a matter of fact its importance is immense. One cannot easily overestimate it, for the Press continues the work of education even in adult life. … With ruthless determination the State must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the State and the Nation."

While the banksters have most certainly taken control of the 5 media companies who bring us our news, they cannot take control of the millions of media companies sprouting up in peoples homes across the world.  Controlling presses may have been possible in Hitler’s time, however, today pressing computer keys, is such a light operation that it is foolish to even considering controlling it.  The cat is out of the bag.  Too many people already know what is going on.  Information disseminates around the world at the speed of electrons.

In this new world, the traitors who have sold out to the banksters will stand naked and exposed through the new media.  Associating with these banksters is perhaps the most risky position anyone can take.  Are citizens of the U.S. on the verge of revolt?  Will citizens of other nations come to the aid of the oppressed in the U.S. who rise up against those who commit treason by destroying our lawful government and Constitution of the United States of America?

Anyone who has associated themselves with treasonous acts such as the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the elimination of the Posse Comitatus the theft of citizens land and assets, and 9/11, is at extraordinary risk.  Judges, of all people, should realize that they are at the front line of blowback that is guaranteed to occur, unless something such as South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission can be established.

With new media it is impossible for those committing these crimes against the people, to keep it secret.

U.S.A. Illegally Invading other Nations

The U.S. invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Serbia etc. were completely illegal.  They were no different to Hitler’s invasion of Poland and other Nations.  Illustrating the absurdity of the U.S. justification of the invasion of Iraq is the fact that the alleged terrorists, whom according to the government flew planes into the World Trade Center, had absolutely noting to do with Iraq, they came from Saudi Arabia.  Bin Laden was an enemy of Saddam Hussein, but a friend of the Bush’s[13].  Even considering the invented information regarding the Weapons of Mass Destruction that never existed in Iraq, the government’s justification for invading Iraq is utterly without any merit what so ever. 

However, the U.S. has pumped close to two thousand tons of weapons of mass destruction into Iraq in the form of armor piercing rounds and bunker busters made out of nuclear waste!  In fact in this very court, “lying Judge James Ware” dismissed a case filed in this very court that attempted to get the Nuclear Regulatory Body to issue a ruling regarding the use of “Depleted Uranium”.  Since the 1950’s there has been no official position on the use of Depleted Uranium in the U.S.  That’s because it is a deadly material, a heinous weapon of mass destruction that once deployed is only half as deadly as when it is first released after four and a half billion years (The half-life of DU)!  Our own troops are being killed and disabled by DU, birth defects are up 600% in Iraq.  May the screams of the millions who will die agonizing deaths and disabilities, including the million plus U.S. troops disabled from the Gulf War[14], wake up Ware with nightmares every night.  To discard an opportunity to save the world from one of the worlds worst ecological disasters ever, is surely something that much sleep must be lost over.

U.S.A. Outwardly Aggressive By Nature, Murdering Millions

The USSA has spent more on war, armaments and Weapons of Mass Destruction in the last decade than what has been spent in all the wars throughout the world combined.  The U.S. has invaded and occupied South Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Kuwait, Iran and Afghanistan and many other nations.  Three million Vietnamese and over one million Iraqi’s are dead from U.S. aggression.

The U.S. has taken over nations by unseating popularly elected government and installing dictators (Chelae, Iraq, etc.).  The authorities actively engage in the torture.   The U.S. has invaded more of the world than Hitler to which President Bush has direct family ties[15].

Dictatorial & Fascist By Definition:

Since the 1861 War against Southern Independence, Presidents have issued more than 14,000 legislative orders, called “Executive Orders”, reflecting the absolute rule of a Fascist Dictatorship.  The Judiciary, who themselves usurp the legislatures exclusive right to making law, ignore the illegality of the Executive Orders and themselves legislate through what they call “Case Law”.  Supreme Court Judges who are appointed by Presidents, elected the current President over the popular vote of citizens.

The actions and plans of the Supreme Court Elected President, Bush, mirrors that of Hitler.  Including False Flag operations, concentration camps, torture, Police State and Homeland Security.  Bush has given himself the authority to declare Martial Law and suspend the Constitution and Habeas Corpus.  For more on Bush see footnote[16].

U.S.A. Creating the Worlds Worst Ecological Disasters

The U.S.A.’s explosion of close to two thousand ton's of nuclear waste in the form or armor piercing rounds in Iraq has caused the Worlds worst man made disaster ever.  The Uranium in the U.S. armaments starts to vaporize as it leaves the barrel of the gun it’s fired from and on impact fifty to eighty percent of the Uranium will vaporize in a violent intensive heat explosion.  Soldiers call the victims whose tanks and armored vehicles are hit with these DU rounds “crispies” because they are fried like burnt chips.

 This 3rd U.S. Nuclear Holocaust is only preceded by the use of Agent Orange and the ecological nightmare the U.S. caused in Vietnam.  Biological and chemical weapons were banned on June 17, 1925 at the Geneva Convention and entered into force on February 8, 1928. Under U.S. “Operation Ranch Hand” between 1961 and 1971, the U.S. employed chemical warfare in Vietnam. The U.S. indiscriminately sprayed 19,395,369 gallons of poisonous herbicide over 6,465,123 acres and 30,305 square miles. Monsantos “Agent Orange”, containing dioxin which is one of the most toxic substances ever produced, was literally openly sprayed across Vietnam by the U.S., literally directly spraying as many as 2.1 to 4.8 million people.   Recently released Department of Defense records indicate that the extent of the contamination and concentration was far greater than previously thought. Our military used 27 times more herbicide than typical domestic applications, used to prevent weed growth. Dioxin is an irremovable chemical that accumulates in the body of animals and humans.  Speak to any Vietnam veteran disabled by Agent Orange to get an impression of what our Nation is doing.  More than three million Vietnamese were murdered by U.S. actions.

Of particular interest to those living in the greater Bay Area visit “New Nuclear Weapons Testing in Tracy outside San Francisco”:  Many more links on this page expose how the U.S. government is literally conducting open air nuclear weapons testing on our doorsteps.  Ever wonder why so many people are dying from cancer?

More frightening is the Bush government’s vigorous efforts to develop new biological weapons.  The government has allocated $38 Billion into biological weapons development.  When one learns that the Anthrax in the Anthrax attacks on politicians following 9/11, came from U.S. military sources, one understands the nature and intent of biological weapons development by Bush and crew.  The key to developing biological weapons is not creating the viruses, it is creating the vaccines to protect your own.  Insiders report that the banksters intend to kill off many billions.  Clearly they have no qualms of killing their own agents, which is fitting with the occult practices these leaders are seen taking part in at the Bohemian Grove, where they conduct a public show of mock child sacrifices to their owl god of Moloch 

U.S.A. Maiming Millions and Killing Thousands, Tens of Thousands and Hundreds and Thousands of Their Own Citizens

Those who work for the government, especially those in the military and police are instructed to read and consider the documents found at the following URL’s:

“Proof the Government Demolished the World Trade Center” at

To understand 9/11, starting with the collapse of 47 story World Trade Center skyscraper half the height of the towers, Building Number 7, helps most people understand that massive extremely robust buildings do not simply fall down by themselves – no planes hit WTC 7, there were no major fires in WTC 7 and WTC 7 was significantly further away from the towers and behind other buildings that never collapsed – perhaps the contents of WTC 7 are however the most interesting.  see “Government Refuses to Consider Cause of 47 story World Trade Center skyscraper Building 7 Demolition” at   Once one understands WTC 7 was blown up in a controlled demolition; one has to ask who put the explosives in the building, when and why they did it.  A good place to start with these questions is the principle director of the company who managed security for the WTC complex, Marvin Bush, President George W. Bush’s brother.

“Experts & Officials Coming Out - 9/11 An Inside Job” at

Government Employees Convinced 9/11 Inside Job” at

“Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Vets Dead” and One point Six MILLION U.S troops have filed for disability with already 1,220,905 U.S. Gulf War Veterans already classified disabled from service related injuries.  at  or the official Dept Vet. Affairs Source Report at

“Pentagon Cruse Missile 9/11 Victims” at NOTE: Most of the victims in the Pentagon were employees of the government working on analyzing what happened to $2.3 Trillion Dollars that went missing from the Pentagon’s budget.  Those who work for the government are generally the first used as bait in false flag operations.  Those in government and the shadow government behind them do not hesitate to murder their own for personal gain.  The Hegelian constructs state that "the end justifies the means" and that means literally anyone can be sacrificed, including you.  See: “Day Before 9/11 Rumsfeld Declared War On Pentagon Bureaucracy” at Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war on Pentagon Bureaucracy the day before 9/11 when he addressed the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS that went missing at the Pentagon: "According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions," Rumsfeld said he identified the adversary: "the adversary's closer to home. It's the Pentagon bureaucracy," he also added that "In fact, it could be said it's a matter of life and death," originally at

“United States Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta Confirms Cheney's Complicity In 9/11” at

“Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax”:

“How The Government Treats Their Own”:

If you are knowingly part of the New World Order conspiracy or are part of a hierarchical organization that demands complete obedience to your superiors consider what people like George W. Bush have lined up for themselves such as the Bush family 98,840 acre bolt hole in Paraguay: See “Bush Bolt Hole Next To Nazi War Criminals”:

If you are still not convinced, perhaps the words of one of the U.S's most decorated soldiers, two-time Medal of Honor recipient Major General Smedley Butler may help explain that the bankers are the one’s who are using us to commit their crimes "I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was operate a racket in three cities. The Marines operated on three continents....`I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1916. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City (Bank) boys to collect revenue in. I helped rape half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street.... In China, I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.... I had ... a swell racket. I was rewarded with honors, medals, and promotions." - Major General Smedley Butler, more at\butler-mercenary-marines.htm


Socialist In Taxation & Law But Not In Services:

The government forces citizens to work six months of the year to pay bankers interest, bankers who steal our own currency.  The following information comes from an actual calculation reflecting a typical citizens tax burden:




Gross Employee Pay

 $     48,443

 $       4,037


 $     45,000

 $       3,750

Federal Withholding Tax

 $      8,184

 $         682

Medicare Employee Tax

 $         653

 $           54

Social Security Employee Tax

 $      2,790

 $         233

CA Withholding Tax

 $      2,335

 $         195

CA Disability Employee Tax

 $         360

 $           30

TOTAL Withheld From Employee

 $     14,322

 $       1,193

Net Take Home Pay

 $     30,678

 $       2,557

Federal Unemployment - Employer Tax

 $           -  

 $            -  

Medicare Employer Tax

 $         653

 $           54

Social Security Employer Tax

 $      2,790

 $         233

CA Unemployment Employer Tax

 $           -  

 $            -  

TOTAL Employer Tax

 $      3,443

 $         287


 $     17,764

 $       1,480

Tax Rate On Wages






Other Taxes



8% Sales Tax on 60% of Net Take-home Pay

 $      1,473

 $         123

1% Property Tax Ave Home Value of $500K

 $      5,000

 $         417

Telephone Tax

 $         230

 $           19

Road Tax

 $         375

 $           31

Gas Tax

 $         347

 $           29

Other Tax Total

 $      7,425

 $         619

Tax Rate on Other Taxes




 $     25,189

 $       2,099

Actual Total Tax Rate




Most citizens work six months of the year to pay taxes.  The tax these citizens pay goes into paying off the interest bankers charge they U.S. for money the government borrowed, money the bankers manufactured out of thin air.  On top of this extraordinary 6 month slavery tax, the largest chunk of most citizens remaining income goes into paying interest on mortgages and credit cards.  The final income citizens and their families have to survive on is around twenty to thirty percent of their annual salary.  It makes no difference if the person is an employee of the government or not.

The net effect of the depreciation of the dollar coupled with inflation of real estate, creates and environment where citizens are forced to go to the bank and borrow money to buy their homes, with the net effect of the banks literally owning peoples homes.  With money made out of fresh air, the agents of the Rothschild’s have invaded and taken control of most people’s homes, companies and land throughout the U.S., without firing a single bullet. Well ok, they had to shoot a couple of presidents and people who stood in their way.

The following graph reflects the Interest rates the owners of the private Federal Reserve Bank charged after manufacturing dollars out of thin air and lending them back to the public (typically, their co-conspirator banks add an additional ten to twenty five percent interest on top of these central banks rates):

The largest shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank, the Rothschild’s, put Lenin on a train to Moscow with five million dollars in gold and around 36 of their agents.  These terrorists instigated the Bolshevik revolution.  Terrorist who initiated the Bolshevik revolution were also dispatched by the banksters from New York[17].

The State through the Courts now assumes the role of Head of Family and takes control of our children's interests – you don’t get more communistic than this. The State now also even actively involves itself in religion through "faith based initiatives" while the far worse and foolish imposition of "State controlled education" has been enforced for many decades.  Separation of Church and State is indeed important, however, Separation of School and State is vastly more important.  Most people educated by the State even thing Lincoln was honest and that the civil war was about slavery[18].

The Federal State maintains absolute control of media through the FCC who also illegally traffics in the people's frequency selling spectrum for billions of dollars.  Naturally the owners of the bank, who write checks for billions of dollars they create out of fresh air, are the only ones who can afford to purchase the spectrum.

According to the Treasury Department, the government claims the right to seize all financial instruments, currency, gold, silver and every thing else if they deem an emergency exists.  Surely the U.S. is far worse off under the Rothschild’s New World Order than they were under King George.


Illegal Tender Conspiracy: Stealing Real Assets With Illegal Tender Created Out of Noting

The privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, who is not a part of the U.S. government (The Federal Reserve Bank is a much part of the government as Federal Express is), represents the worlds most outrageous and criminal conspiracy that has and is responsible for the most violent wars and depressions throughout the last century and is responsible for the financial ruin or financial enslavement of most citizens of the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve Bank literally has fraudulently and illegally obtained the so-called right to create U.S. Dollars out of nothing.

The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, foremost of whom are the Rothschild’s, invent money by simply entering it into their account.  For paper money the Bank pays the U.S. Mint printing costs to provide them with Notes they claim to be Legal Tender.  The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank literally have the so-called exclusive right to add as many U.S. Dollars into their bank as they want.  This criminal conspiracy then turns around and lends these U.S. Dollars they created out of nothing to citizens of the United States and people and corporations around the world.  The bank exchanges the money they made out of nothing for ownership in real assets.  An invasion by fraud that literally passes ownership of real assets to the Rothschild’s and their co-owners of the private Federal Reserve Bank.

Federal Reserve Bank owners and co-conspirators have been directly associated with initiating and fueling the following:

·         Instigating Lincoln’s War and the assassination of Lincoln and conversion of greenbacks into banker’s debt.

·         World War I, which was made possible by the funds available from the Federal Reserve Bank that was fraudulently formed the year before in 1913.

·         The French Revolution

·         The Bolshevik Revolution & Socialism/Communism (Funding Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and the U.S.)

·         The Agricultural Depression of 1920.

·         Black Friday Crash on Wall Street of October, 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression (Installing FDR who stole the people’s gold, instituted the FCC to control media, the SEC to control competing stock or notes, the IRS and Social Security for Socialism).

·         The assassination of President Kennedy (Who started to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank)

·         World War II (Tens of millions murdered)

·         The Korean War

·         The Vietnam War (3 million murdered)

·         The conversion of the assets of the United States and its citizens from real property to paper assets from 1945 to the present

·         The assassination attempt on President Ronald Regan (When he started to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank)

·         The market crash in the 1980’s

·         The technology market crash in 1989

·         The FBI bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993

·         The Dot Com / Internet market crash

·         The 9/11 False Flag bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon

·         The Gulf War (1 million murdered – 73,000 U.S Veterans dead, 1.2 million disabled)

·         The current real estate market crash

·         The deaths of more people than any other institution or organization ever.

By employing their Hegelian Dialectic Process to cause conflict the banksters have been able to position themselves to steal during the changes caused by the conflict they trigger.  Key to the Rothschild/Weishaupt world dominance plan has been the complete dominance of media.  The reason you will not find these facts on regular TV or News Papers was explained by their agent Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf: "In journalistic circles it is a pleasing custom to speak of the Press as a ‘Great Power’ within the State. As a matter of fact its importance is immense. One cannot easily overestimate it, for the Press continues the work of education even in adult life. … With ruthless determination the State must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the State and the Nation."

Other notable quotations relating to this extraordinary world dominance conspiracy are:

“The masses indulge in petty falsehoods every day, but it would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths… The bigger the lie therefore, the likelier it is to be believed.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” – President J. Edgar Hoover

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State." Dr. Joseph M. Goebbels, Propaganda Minister of Nazi Germany.

"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." — Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II


The Rothschild/Weishapt/Illuminati world dominance conspiracy was first publically discovered in 1784 when a courier carrying papers for the Illuminati was struck by lightning in Bavaria[19].

The Federal Reserve Bank, it’s owners and co-conspirators subject citizens to abject slavery and servitude.  The average citizen works more than six months of their year to pay the many forms of tax, for their remaining year, three to four months or more are worked to pay interest to bankers.  Citizens take home perhaps one to three months of their annual income.  This is the case for the great majority of people around the world whether they work for the government or not.  Foolishly we have allowed ourselves to be deceived, with a slight of hand the ‘Hegelian magicians’ have managed to confuse us with, in a ‘dialectic processes’ that get us fighting amongst and oppressing each other, while the bankers, or banksters referred to herein, literally steal the bank and everything we work for and own behind our backs.

This grand conspiracy was initiated by Mayer Amschel Bauer of Frankfurt, Germany, who changed his name to Mayer Amschel Rothschild and who formalized said conspiracy when Adam Weishaupt who was retained by Rothschild to revitalize Zionism completed said conspiracy plan on May 1, 1776. 

·         May 1, 1776 Whitehouse retained by Rothschild's completes world dominance plan.

·         1776-1790: U.S. Independence - Free Banking -no formal central bank.

·         1791-1811: First Bank of the United States.

·         1816-1836: Second Bank of the United States.

·         1837-1862: Free Banking Era -no formal central bank.

·         1862-1913: System of National Banks (Consequence of Lincoln's War).

·         1914-current: A consortium of 12 privately held banks called the Federal Reserve Bank.  The largest share holder of the bank are the Rothschild's of London

In November, 1910, agents of the conspirators met on Jekyll Island, Georgia to formalize the enactment of said conspiracy in the final form of the Federal Reserve Bank Act which was fraudulently passed during Christmas recess in 1913.

Said conspiracy literally handed exclusive money making rights to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, granting the owners of that bank the so-called right to create out of thin air as many dollars as they want.  This ability to make money out of thin air, gave the conspirators the ability to purchase anything they wanted, including all the major media channels, the military industrial complex, many major corporations in addition to paying off many of our government officials.

The Tender DEFENDANTS listed in this case loaned to PLAINTIFFS is in fact ‘fiat currency’, that is the Federal Reserve Bank is not obligated to give in exchange to the holder of a note gold, silver, or any specific tangible property.  In other words the Note and Tender DEFENDANTS loaned PLAINTIFFS, is based on and backed by nothing.  The Tender loaned by DEFENDANTS was invented and created out of thin air to defraud PLAINTIFFS of real property.  Said fraud having created artificially inflated prices on real property which in turn forced PLAINTIFFS to borrow said illegal Tender in order to be able to afford what normally would have cost a fraction of the price PLAINTIFFS were forced to pay as a consequence of the conspirator’s fraud.  Said conspirators have thus defrauded PLAINTIFFS through deceptively implying that their Notes were legal Tender, claiming on their Notes “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE” and baring the signature and seal of the Treasurer of the United States and Secretary of the Treasury of the United States Government, “The United States of America” and images mostly of past Presidents of the United States of America with most ironically “We the People” on certain Notes. 

In fact DEFENDANTS have loaned PLAINTIFF nothing other than Tender invented from stale air, Tender that is factually worthless other than through continued deception.  DEFENDANTS having forced PLAINTIFFS to purchase fraudulent Federal Reserve Notes in order to pay DEFENDANTS, thus forcing PLAINTIFFS to exchange real services and real goods to purchase said fraudulent and factually worthless Notes of illegal Tender.

Let the JURY NOTE: The images of Past Presidents on said Federal Reserve Bank Notes are Presidents who adamantly and vehemently opposed any private ownership of National Banks such as what the Federal Reserve Bank Act fraudulently installed.  Significant evidence supports claims that said bankers agents attempted to or did assassinate the people they show on their Notes.

The One Dollar Note also bares an image of the Masonic Pyramid and “all seeing eye” with the Latin “Nuvus Ordo Seclorum” which translates to “A New Order of the Ages”, or New World Order, reflecting said conspiracy.  On the side baring the image of George Washington, above top left scallop in the frame surrounding the number 1 in the upper right hand corner of the One Dollar Note, the owl representing the god or Moloch can be found, illustrated below:


The significance of the owl on the Federal Reserve Bank Note can best be demonstrated by the ceremony the politically elite perform at the annual Bohemian Club Bohemian Grove “Cremation of Care” ceremony representing a human sacrifice in front of the owl god of Moloch, show below[20]:

Criminal Civil Courts

Practice in the civil courts has reached the astonishingly absurd level where real parties of interest often are not only not present in, many cases they are never present.  Instead lawyers and judges meet repeatedly arguing technicalities that bare little if any relation to the real matter brought before the court, not only unnecessarily building up fees and wages, in what can be considered one of the most corrupt industries in the nation, but utterly destroying any form of justice, peoples lives, corporations and the Nation itself.

Consider Who & What You Work For

With these blatant facts and clear argument, attorneys representing the very body responsible for ensuring law and order, the Attorney General’s Office, thinking only of their personal profit and position, will rush down and work with their fellow agents of the Rothschild’s to unlawfully dismiss this case so that every fact and every crime committed against the plaintiffs, by both agents of the State and private parties, can be completely ignored, and the murderers, kidnappers and thieves they defend will go free.  Surely we are far worse off than being under the former rule of King George of England that inspired this people to revolution.

If the officers of this court can for one moment put aside the delusion that denying these plaintiffs the law, will some how benefit themselves or their comrades, and realize that these plaintiffs actually have a solution to the problems our Nation and world faces, could we would all benefit significantly.


[1] See “FBI & CIA Admit culpability in the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center Bombing” - and other sources re the WTC 1993 bombing.

[2] The Department of Veterans Affairs May 2007, Gulf War Veterans Information System reports the following: Total U.S. Military Gulf War Deaths: 73,846, Total number of disability claims filed: 1,620,906 – see  see also

[3] The Department of Veterans Affairs May 2007, Gulf War Veterans Information System reports the following: Total U.S. Military Gulf War Deaths: 73,846, Total number of disability claims filed: 1,620,906 – see  see also

[5] Source: Department of Justice

[6] Source: World Prison Population List (sixth edition), International Centre for Prison Studies:

[7] See documents included in the ECHIBITS folders “EXHIBITS\Exhibit C - Case Files\Exhibit C-8 - Federal Court Habeas.doc\ Opening Brief Clive Boustred 6th Appellat Court v6 FILED.doc” and EXHIBITS\Exhibit C - Case Files\Exhibit C-3\Placer Opening Brief Exhibits 5-3-04.doc


[10] See

[16] Bush Above The Law - Gives the Senate Judiciary Committee the Up Yours!

Bush Declares Geneva Convention Invalid:

Bush Bin Laden Bonanza: Bush Family Attorneys Run Terrorists Escrow Account

Hitler & the Bush’s

Bush Bolt Hole Next To Nazi War Criminals

President Unelect, Bush Makes New Law Declaring His Actions, Crimes & Records Secret

[17] The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations by Myron C. Fagan, 1967.

[19] The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations by Myron C. Fagan, 1967.



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