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InfoTelesys Lawsuit: G. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


On March 10, 2003, without probable cause Santa Cruz Sheriffs set ambush,  pursued Plaintiffs running up to Plaintiffs vehicle in front of Plaintiffs garage on private property and attempted from point blank range of five to seven feet to blow Plaintiff Clive Frank Boustred’s head off in front of his children RCB and WFB.  WFB aged three at the time was in the direct line of fire behind his father, RCB aged seven was two feet off the line of fire.

After the assassination attempt failed, the government engaged in a series of outrageous malicious prosecutions against Plaintiff Clive Frank Boustred.  Acting under the color of law, filing a barrage of malicious and false charges against, Clive including two false felonies and nine false misdemeanors, DEFENDANTS have sought to drive Petitioners into ruin.  Clive has been falsely arrested on multiple occasions and held for five months without even any right to bail.  Clive was given patently sham trials where the jury was rigged and he was not allowed to put any evidence proving his innocence before the jury and even had his testimony struck from the record, yet the government was allowed to put hearsay, double hearsay and know lies before the jury along with totally misleading information.

One of the most despicable and outrageous acts by the government against Clive following the assassination attempt, was to kidnap his children RCB and WFB.  The government’s gunman literally violently chased WFB after shooting at the children,  WFB wet his pants in fear, and both boys were reduced to a zombie like state of shock.  The government then handed the children to a man who was ordered to have no contact with the children, a man who in his own words admitted to having serious problems with drugs, pornography and sex.  The government ordered that Clive not communicate with his children for three years.  The boys lived with their dad before the government tried to kill their dad in front of them.  The government went as far as to repeatedly deny the boys not only access to their father but also access to their grandparents. The government completely ignored and repeatedly covered up blatant & irrefutable crimes committed against Clive & his children

Neither Clive nor his children have had any justice or any fair hearing in three and a half years.  The California and U.S. District Courts have maintained that the government’s false charge that Clive drove at around forty miles per hour down his private road justified the government from shooting at Clive and his children, ordering that Clive not communicate with his children for three years, arresting and sentencing Clive to six months in jail, filing Clive’s name and DNA in the California Central Felons Index and also filing Clive’s name in California’s Central Child Abuse Index.  Irrefutable proof showed that Clive drove a slow 27 miles per hour down his private road where the Sheriffs without warrant or any probable cause, laid in ambush, unlawfully chased and then attempted to assassinate Clive in front of his children.

Clive Frank Boustred was the Founder, President, Chairman, CEO and Key Man of InfoTelesys, Inc. that was well underway in building a next generation internet which amongst other exciting projects was building a global education system that literally had significant and real potential to eliminate world hunger – see the Get IT Ed project on the site.  The company was in the process of developing and deploying it’s IT-I2 satellite network capable of delivering one gigabit connections anywhere in the world.  A joint education project in Afghanistan between InfoTelesys, World Vision, World Bank and numerous Afghan organizations was destroyed as a consequence of actions by DEFENDANTS.  InfoTelesys, Inc. was even approached to build an education system for China’s largest education facility and as a direct consequence to ongoing malicious prosecution InfoTelesys could also not take up that opportunity.

InfoTelesys had amongst their team some of the worlds top banking systems experts and was in the process of building a competitor to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.  History has show that U.S. Presidents who challenged the legality of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank to take the peoples money and charge us interest on it, were either assassinated or shot at.


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