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Eleventh Claim For Relief Conspiracy


All Plaintiffs



Jon Doe’s, 1 to n.                                           


On multiple dates before and on March 10, 2003 to present, in the above named Judicial District, the crime of CONSPIRACY, in violation of Common Law and the Constitution of The United States of America, a felony, was committed by DEFENDANTS, who did by implied actions or willfully and unlawfully commit CONSPIRACY against PLAINTIFFS.  Said actions by conspirators make up concerted CONSPIRACY against PLAINTIFFS which reached common objectives and thus infers said agreement by DEFENDANTS to commit CONSPIRACY.  DEFENDANTS were fully aware that their concerted actions would cause damage to PLAINIFFS.  Overt and blatant criminal acts were intentionally undertaken by certain DEFENDANTS as a concerted part of the multiplicity of CONSPIRACY to commit crimes against PLAINTIFFS.

A well established international conspiracy to form a New World Order obtained control of the U.S. Dollar in 1913[1].  As confirmed by multiple sources, said conspirators set about to establish communism in the United States and other Nations[2].  DEFENDANTS have enjoined in that well established conspiracy and have committed crimes against PLAINTIFFS which are an integral part of said New World Order conspiracy, including the implementation of a Police State in the United States; the claim made by DEFENDANT judges and DA’s in this case that the Sate holds the position of head of family and is authorized to take children from their custodial parent and modify Stipulated Custody Agreements and Orders which is in conformance with said conspiracy’s implementation of socialism/communism; the loaning to PLAINTIFFS money that co-conspirators created out of nothing and then the charging PLAINTIFFS usurious interest rates on said money (Banking DEFENDANTS having charged PLAINTIFFS interest rates as high as 30%); the denials of Constitutionally protected rights in conformance with said conspiracy’s implementation of socialist fascism / communism within the U.S. amongst other crimes committed which further the goals of said conspiracy which have included the malicious prosecution of PLAINTIFFS so as to silence PLAINTIFFS ability to defend themselves and said CONSPIRACY had prevented PLAINTIFFS from deploying and developing technology and products that threaten said conspiracy.

By kidnapping PLAINTIFF Clive Boustred’s children RCB and WFB while maliciously prosecuting Clive Boustred, conspirators emulate a pattern and practice employed by the New World Order conspirators in Communist U.S.S.R. under Stalin.  PLAINTIFFS have been refused any opportunity to depose any of said individuals and it is believed and assumed and alleged that they are part of the conspiracy against PLAINTIFFS.

In addition Santa Cruz Superior Court Presiding Judge for 2007, Heather D. Morse, is added as a DEFENDANT in this cause of action as it is alleged and believed and proven that she has actively conspired against Clive Boustred by committing misprision of treason by refusing to prosecute and act of Treason Committed by Irwin Joseph.  On or about August 1, 2007 Clive Boustred formally filed a Notice of Treason and proof of said Treason against Irwin Joseph, whom by self admission admitted guilt of Treason when Irwin Joseph who was sued by Clive Boustred insisted on presiding over Santa Cruz Superior Court Case FL 16928 where Clive Boustred was the Plaintiff.  As Presiding Judge, Heather D. Morse not only had a duty to remove Irwin Joseph from presiding over a case in which he has a clear personal interest and bias, Morse had lawful responsibility and duty to remove Irwin Joseph from the bench.  Defendant BARRY BASKIN enjoined in said conspiracy to keep commissioner IRWIN JOSEPH presiding over Clive Boustred’s divorce case where IRWIN JOSEPH consistently conspired without any subject matter jurisdiction to deny Clive Boustred his legal rights, despite IRWIN JOSEPH admitting that he had been sued by Clive Boustred, said BARRY BASKIN concluded that IRWIN JOSEPH was not biased and that as a commissioner IRWIN JOSEPH was entitled to preside over Clive Boustred’s divorce case when Clive Boustred had stipulated that he required a qualified judge and not a commissioner.

DEFENDANTS VICKI PARRY, ANAMARIA TICHATSCHKE and IRWIN JOSEPH having repeatedly refused to allow PLAINTIFF Clive Boustred the right to access his own capital and refinance his home did conspire to inflict usurious interest rates against PLAINTIFFS, when said DEFENDANTS were specifically and directly advised repeatedly and on multiple occasions that Clive Boustred was being subject to usurious interest rates as a direct consequence of their refusal to follow the law and lawful court orders.

Multiple requests to Banking DEFENDANTS to reduce usurious interest rates were repeatedly denied.

Further evidence of the formation and ongoing conspiracy against Clive Boustred by parties listed is extensive and irrefutable and included in the attached Exhibit DVD.  The formation of the conspiracy occurred before the Santa Cruz Sheriffs setup ambush to murder Clive Boustred on March 10 2003. 

PLAINTIFF need only allege and believe said conspiracy exists in order to bring the matter to trial, the judgment and consideration of said evidence being the mater to be tried in a Trial by Jury only.  PLAINTIFFS not only allege and believe this to be the case, PLAINTIFFS incorporate evidence herein proving said conspiracy, see Exhibit Liberty For Life Dot.Bomb Conspiracy News DVD Chapter 1: which includes the recorded claim by DEFENDANT Anamaria Tichatschke (formerly Anamaria Boustred) that her lawyer Vicky Parry knew all the judges in the court and could effectively do anything just prior to the assassination attempt on Clive Boustred’s life;  Evidence includes the seven maliciously prosecuted cases filed against Clive Boustred by Santa Cruz authorities following the attempted murder, with such outrageous malicious prosecution as sentencing Clive Boustred to six months in jail for driving 27 miles per hour along his own private road and filing a felony charge against Clive Boustred for this non-crime; ordering Clive Boustred to not communicate with his children for three years; amongst a hoard of other outrageous false and malicious prosecutions against Clive Boustred which shocks the conscience.  Said evidence is incorporated in files on the DVD in the Liberty For Life v15\abuse folder and in the EXHIBITS DVD which are incorporated herein by reference as if part of the whole of this document.

Proof of the formation and operation of the conspiracy against Clive Boustred is well established and irrefutable in addition to multiple wrongful acts done pursuant to the conspiracy with extreme damage resulting which includes but is not limited to the extreme damage to Clive Boustred’s corporations InfoTelesys, Inc. Get IT Real, Inc. and other business ventures and corporations established by Clive Boustred including Liberty For Life Association, Life Yachts, CopperCards, Santa Cruz Cats, Le Essence and the literal kidnap of Clive Boustred’s children.

The corporate persons who are PLAINTIFFS in this suit have been prevented from conducting business as a consequence of the malicious prosecution of PLAINTIFF Clive Boustred, the founder, Chairman, CEO and key person of said corporate persons.

PLAINTIFFS also allege and believe that other SLAP suits field against Clive Boustred, including but not limited to Santa Cruz Superior Court CASE NO. FL 16028, filed by DEFENDANTS JOHN A. CHRISTERSON, DENNIS J. KEHOE, LEONARD DUECK, Twin Lakes Baptist Church, Inc. and MARK SPURLOCK are also a part of a conspiracy to maliciously prosecute PLAINTIFFS Clive Boustred, Liberty For Life Association and CopperCards and their efforts to eliminate corruption in government and to expose and eliminate the New World Order conspiracy.

As further evidence of the blatant and obvious conspiracy against PLAINTIFFS is the fact that both the State of California and the United States of America have repeatedly refused to allow PLAINTIFFS to bring any of the many serious charges and claims that PLAINTIFFS have backed up with substantial irrefutable evidence which included admissions of guilt by some of the DEFENDANTS, to trial.  However, the State of California has filed as many as seven false and frivolous cases against PLAINTIFF Clive Boustred an has repeatedly allowed their utterly unsubstantiated cases to be brought to trial where the State gave Clive Boustred such absurdly sham trials that said trials could be used as classroom examples of how utterly corrupt a trial can become when the government appoints criminals to the bench and office.  The Opening Briefs and Habeas Corpus’ filed in said cases are incorporated herein by reference and attached to the EVIDENCE DVD included with this case as part of the evidence of said conspiracy.

Additionally DEFENDANTS have displayed deliberate indifference to the rights of plaintiffs, and, based upon the principles set forth in Monell v. New York City Department of Social Services , 436 U.S. 658 (1978), are thereby liable for all injuries and damages sustained by plaintiff as set forth in this complaint.

Further evidence relating to said conspiracy is incorporated in each of the other Claims for Relief’s “VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS & ULTIMATE FACTS” section and incorporated herein by reference.


As a proximate consequence of the willful and malicious actions of DEFENDANTS, PLAINTIFF’S have sustained extraordinary damage in a sum to be determined per proof, including severe and extreme emotional stress and anguish, parental alienation, lost time, lost business investments, lost business and prosperity, damaged reputation including both slander and libel, interference with the pursuit of happiness, loss of domestic tranquility, loss of general welfare, and the loss of basic liberties such as enjoying life with one’s own children!

Said damages include the sum certain amounts of $66,016,803,250.00 and $3,001,000.00 from the prior lawsuits filed by PLAINTIFFS in this court. PLAINTIFFS seek additional punitive damages in the sum certain amount of one point four trillion dollars against DEFENDANTS (The amount this criminal government has spent so far in invading and assaulting the Nation of Iraq).

Damages incurred by Plaintiffs as a direct or indirect consequence to the above mentioned and referenced actions by DEFENDANTS are also incorporated herein as listed in the “K DAMAGES” section of this Complaint.


AUTHORITIES in section “K. COMMON AUTHORITIES” are incorporated herein by reference in addition to the following AUTHORITIES:

The elements of a civil conspiracy are[3]:

• the formation and operation of the conspiracy

• the wrongful act or acts done pursuant the conspiracy, and

• the damage resulting.

The making of a conspiracy does not, by itself, vest the victim with a cause of action against the conspirators. Rather, the existence of a conspiracy may render additional parties liable for the wrong.[4]

Therefore, in order to state a cause of action against a conspirator based on the actions of another conspirator, the plaintiff must allege a cause of action based on those actions[5] and must allege (1) the formation and operation of the conspiracy,

(2) the wrongful acts done pursuant to the conspiracy, and

(3) the damage resulting from such acts.[6]

 “A conspirator is responsible for the acts of other conspirators who have left the conspiracy before he joined it, or joined after he left it; statutes of limitations tolled for previous acts when each new act is done” -  US v. GUEST, 86 S.Ct. 1170; US V.COMPAGNA, 146 F.2d 524.


[1] "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" By Eustace Mullins available at

[2] See The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations,

[3] Mosier v. Souther n Cal. Physicians Ins. Exch., 63 Cal. App.  4th 1022, 1048, 74 Cal. Rptr. 2d 550, 567 (1998).

[4] Okun v. Superior Court, 29 Cal. 3d 442, 454, 175 Cal. Rptr. 157, 164, cert. denied, 454 U.S. 1099 (1981). See generally ROBERT I. WEIL & IRA A. BROWN, JR., CALIFORNIA PRACTICE GUIDE: CIVIL PROCEDURE BEFORE TRIAL ¶¶ 6:92.10–:11 (1999).

[5] Manor Inv. Co. v. F.W. Woolwor th, Inc., 159 Cal. App. 3d 586, 595, 206 Cal. Rptr. 37, 42–43 (1984), disapproved on other grounds, Applied Equip. Corp. v. Litton Saudi Arabia Ltd., 7 Cal. 4th 503, 521 n.10, 869 P.2d 454, 464 n.10, 28 Cal. Rptr. 2d 475, 485 n.10 (1994).

[6] Schick v. Bach, 193 Cal. App. 3d 1321, 1327–28, 238 Cal. Rptr. 902, 906 (1987).

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