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InfoTelesys Lawsuit: Synopsis of Case


This case is brought against DEFENDANTS for continued kidnap, racketeering, treason and other charges, in addition to force collection on two earlier cases filed by plaintiffs.  The Clerk of the court refused to issue summary judgments on the earlier suits after the failure to appear of any of the DEFENDANTS in those cases.  This case brings new charges that were not brought in the previous cases.

The government has literally attempted to blow Plaintiff Clive Boustred’s head off in front of his children and repeatedly thrown him in jail under absurdly false charges.  They have given him pathetically sham hearings and trials and have kidnapped and held hostage his children for nearly five years while locking down Mr. Boustred’s finances so as to prevent him from defending himself or effectively holding any of the DEFENDANTS accountable for the outrageous crimes that shock the conscience committed against Plaintiffs. 

While taking Mr. Boustred to trial after trial for absurd false criminal charges that don’t meet any of the constructs of a crime, and for which there never was any evidence of any crime being committed and for which Mr. Boustred had substantial evidence proving his innocence, the Courts continue to refuse to allow Mr. Boustred to take government employees to trial for legitimate, well established and proven serious and outrageous criminal charges.

As a direct and proximate cause of crimes committed by DEFENDANTS against Plaintiff, companies Plaintiff Clive Boustred founded, chaired and ran have been destroyed.  Mr. Boustred had developed next generation internet (InfoTelesys, Inc.) that not only ushered in new education systems which had the potential of significantly reducing world hunger by providing people the means to education, but also had the potential of eliminating the core construct to corruption in the United States and the World at large, namely providing alternate banking infrastructure to that provided by the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and New World Order oligarchy.  A banking infrastructure where non interest baring money would be employed to facilitate transactions and commerce and not where interest on money is employed as it is by the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank and New World Order oligarchy to initiate and cause depressions and wars.

In this case, we will put forward evidence showing that the Federal Reserve Bank owners, lead by the Rothschild’s, embarked on a world dominance plan that has been the underlying cause of the major wars and depressions for the last century and the implementation of communism / socialism in the U.S. and other nations.  It is these socialist/communist principals which completely oppose the construct of the U.S. Constitution and underlying English Common Law that have been employed by criminals working for the State to assault Plaintiffs.

Following the first government assaults of Plaintiffs, new companies founded by Mr. Boustred, including Kite Yacht, Life Yacht, Le Essence and CopperCards have also been eliminated by the continued criminal behavior of the courts and their refusal to follow the most rudimentary and principal laws and fundamental decency.

The government who violently kidnapped Mr. Boustred’s children continues to hold them hostage and continues to lock up Mr. Boustred’s assets while bankers charge usurious interest rates on money Mr. Boustred has had to borrow in order to survive.

Plaintiffs have been denied Justice while the government instigated domestic conflict and eliminated Plaintiffs common defense and destroyed Plaintiffs general Welfare, while taking way the Blessings of Liberty and Posterity from Plaintiffs.  The government has ignored all the constructs and limitations placed on them by the Constitution of the United States of America and even international law.  The government has made mixed war against Plaintiffs. 

The government has sold out the Nations currency to international bankers who now easily master and control the government, the economy and military industrial complex.  The government has literally given the private bankers the right to add as many U.S. Dollars to their bank account as they want without paying anything for the money other than printing costs if the money is printed.  As a consequence, these international banksters, principal of whom are the Rothschild’s, have implemented communism and oppression in the U.S.  They have instigated wars and depressions so as to allow themselves to steal assets and land through fraud and the misfortune of their victims. 

These agents of the Rothschild’s and international bankers have implemented in the United States of America a classic showcase of the Hegelian Dialectic process that instigates conflict in order to take advantage of change that is ensured by instigating wars and depressions.

These agents of the Rothschild’s and international bankers have appointed liars and criminals as Presidents, Vice Presidents, Judges, Attorney Generals and other official State positions.  They have implemented a Court system that entertains cases filed by criminals and dismisses legitimate cases filed by honest and decent citizens, a court system that acquits the guilty and convicts the innocent, a court system which claims government officials cannot be held accountable no matter what crime they commit.  A court system that claims that “they the State” are supreme and sovereign, the head of our families and our “god”.  These government employees who act as agents for the Rothschild’s New World Order oligarchy have committed treason of the worst kind, bringing effective slavery and oppression not only on themselves but on their children and their children’s children and future generations.

This insanity and greed of government officials has brought the United States of America into war after war and depression after depression.  This Nation should be leading the world and not enslaving it. 

However, we live at the cusp of a new renaissance where the great printing press of the Internet is exposing the banking sham and the conspiracy of the New World Order oligarchy, and where Internet promises to usher in a new era of education and prosperity to mankind.  Let us open our eyes and make it so instead of letting greed drive corruption in our Nation.


  1. Have you brought any other lawsuits in a federal court while a prisoner: o Yes x No
  2. If your answer to “1.” is yes, how many?


Petitioners have filed two previous lawsuits relating to these matters in the San Jose U.S. District Court.  Petitioners won both of those lawsuits as a simple matter pursuant to TITLE 28—APPENDIX: RULES OF THE UNITED STATES COURT OF FEDERAL CLAIMS: TITLE VII. JUDGMENT: Rule 55. Default (a), (b)(1).  The court however refused to follow due process or the law in those cases and this lawsuit is filed to enforce collection on those earlier lawsuits in addition to brining new claims not addressed in those earlier lawsuits.


1. Is there a grievance procedure available at the institution where the events relating to your current complaint occurred? x Yes x No


2. Have you filed a grievance concerning the facts relating to your current complaint? xYes

    o No

If your answer is no, explain why not


3. Is the grievance procedure completed? xYes o No

If your answer is no, explain why not


1ST LAWSUIT – U.S. Dist. Ct. Case # C05 000996

On March 9, 2005, in San Jose U.S. District Court, Mr. Boustred filed suit against nine judges, seven cops, four District Attorneys and other government employees, lawyers, his ex Anamaria and her lover Stefan Tichatschke (Case # C05 000996).  In more than a year and a half of hearings in that case, not a single defendant dared to make any appearance or even pick up pen and paper and deny the many serious charges brought against them.  Plaintiffs won that suit pursuant to TITLE 28—APPENDIX: RULES OF THE UNITED STATES COURT OF FEDERAL CLAIMS: TITLE VII. JUDGMENT: Rule 55. Default:

(a) Entry. When a party against whom a judgment for affirmative relief is sought has failed to plead or otherwise defend as provided by these rules and that fact is made to appear by affidavit or otherwise, the clerk shall enter such party's default.

(b) Judgment. Judgment by default may be entered as follows:

(1) By the Clerk. When the plaintiff's claim against a defendant is for a sum certain or for a sum which can by computation be made certain, the clerk upon request of the plaintiff and upon affidavit of the amount due shall enter judgment for that amount and costs against the defendant, if the defendant has been defaulted for failure to appear and if the defendant is not an infant or incompetent person.

2nd LAWSUIT – U.S. Dist. Ct. Case # C07 00391

On or about January 18, 2007, Plaintiffs filed a second case for the fourth false arrest of Mr. Boustred on March 20, 2006.  Defendant Judge Jeremy Fogel had dismissed Plaintiffs 1st Lawsuit after a year and a half of hearings making the ridiculous and absurd claim that the Torts under which Plaintiff had filed his claims were not claims upon which relief could be granted.  Mr. Fogel claimed that attempted murder, kidnap, grand theft auto, libel, slander, malicious prosecution, conspiracy, trespass, fraud, and violations of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 14th Amendments and other laws were not ‘claims upon which relief could be granted’.  Frankly Mr. Boustred in his extensive international career has not seen anything as ridiculous as this claimed by anyone in a relatively senior position.  To counter such absurdities in the 2nd lawsuit, Plaintiffs filed, a carbon copy of a successfully filed U.S. District Court San Jose lawsuit for the same false arrest charges, excepting for names and places and minor details, was filed by Plaintiffs.  This second case was brought before Judge James Ware. 

At the first hearing in this second U.S. District Court Case Mr. Ware indicated that he would issue a summary judgment if the police officer who had falsely arrested Mr. Boustred did not make any appearance.  However, between hearings before the next scheduled hearing, Mr. Ware quietly dismissed Plaintiffs second case, also claiming such absurdities as Mr. Fogel.

Clearly the Courts, knowing that they will loose the case are breaking the law and flat out refusing PLAINTIFFS any right to trial by jury or any trial for that matter, knowing that by simply unlawfully dismissing the case they can keep the case under JUDICIAL POWER indefinitely.  However, according to their own law under Title 28, PLAINTIFFS by law have won these cases.

The Net Result of Continued Criminal Behavior by Government Officials

Plaintiffs filed the 1st and 2nd Lawsuits under the 11th Amendment eliminating any Judicial Power.  Plaintiffs won the cases pursuant to TITLE 28 (APPENDIX: RULES OF THE UNITED STATES COURT OF FEDERAL CLAIMS: TITLE VII. JUDGMENT: Rule 55. Default).  Plaintiffs and had no path other than through the duty of the Clerk of The Court’s Duty under Title 28 Rule 55 (b)(1) to award Summary Judgment, which was denied by the Clerk.  Any Appeal through the Judiciary would be just moot as the void dismissals issued by Fogel and Ware since there is no Judicial Power in this case brought against the State and judiciary.

Plaintiffs move again in this case to enforce collection and summary judgment on the first two cases Plaintiffs field.  Naturally Statutes of Limitation do not apply to this case where the government is employing the courts to delay and deny justice.

In the Santa Cruz Superior Court, Commissioners and Judges Plaintiffs successfully sued still insist on presiding over Mr. Boustred’s divorce case, refusing to allow that case to move forward now for five and a half years.  These judges and commissioner have also refused to enforce lawfully Stipulated Agreements and Orders and have prevented Mr. Boustred from even refinancing his own home, forcing Mr. Boustred to borrow money on credit cards whom have now proceeded to charge Mr. Boustred 30% interest on balances.  New companies Plaintiffs started have also now been destroyed as a consequence.   While the judges and commissioner issued and upheld blatantly void and illegal orders, including criminal void orders kidnapping Mr. Boustred’s children, they went as far as to continuously sanction and fine Mr. Boustred in blatant violations of rules of court and the law and reflecting such baseless criminal behavior unbefitting of the bench.

The net result of the completely out of control behavior of the Courts and government officials has been that instead of building the next generation Internet and education systems InfoTelesys had developed, Mr. Boustred has been forced into five and a half years of defending himself from criminal assaults made by the government, and close to five years attempting to get his kidnapped children back.  The government has Made Mixed War against Mr. Boustred and his children and is doing the same to many citizens in this Nation.

Mr. Boustred, who has worked at the forefront of technology and lead the industry in many areas, undertook an extensive investigation of the nature and cause of the government Making Mixed War against himself and other citizens.  Many of these findings are published on the Liberty For Life Association website at

The underlying or root cause to the extraordinary corruption in the government in the United States can be traced to the fraud and crimes committed during the Woodrow Wilson Presidency in 1913 when private individuals and foreigners were granted the exclusive “franchise” of the U.S. dollar also referred to as “banksters” and or “Agents of the Rothschild’s” and “New World Order” herein.  Principle of these foreigners who hijacked the dollar is the Rothschild family whose World Dominance plan was formally completed by Whitehouse on May 1, 1776 (May Day).

Earlier assumption of Lincoln’s War debt by these banksters can also reveals their underlying Hegelian Dialectic meddling in that devastating war which to this day 90% of U.S. citizens have no idea what the so-called “Civil War” was fought over.  Most citizens even believe Lincoln was honest.


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