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Court Bars Clive's Contact With His Children Indefinitely

Latest Santa Cruz Court Action: On Wednesday 30, 2009 Clive was completely barred from any communications with his children indefinitely by Judge John Salazar who would not even allow Clive to send his sons another card saying that he loves his sons!  continued.

Judge John Salazar completely denied Clive any further right to contact Clive's sons Richard and William, indefinitely. Salazar would not even let Clive send Richard and William cards saying that their dad loves them.  Salazar appears to be claiming that orders issued by Judge Samuel S. Stevens and Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph are lawful, however when Ordered to Show Cause as to the legality of Stevens and Joseph's orders, Salazar could naturally not come up with any explanation or legal justification since the orders are clearly and blatantly unlawful.  Salazar however, forced forward despite the clearly illegal orders issued by Stevens and Joseph.

Following the Santa Cruz Sheriffs attempt to murder Clive in front of Clive's children, Stevens ordered that Clive be psychologically analyzed by a Psychiatrist working for the Sheriffs who Clive was suing.  Naturally Clive refused as not only was there no basis for the order, the order was blatantly and obviously a setup!  The cop who shot at Clive should have been ordered to undergo a Psychiatric examination and Clive's ex Anamaria should have not only been.  Not only was Stevens order out of line because of the setup, Clive had already been subject to a Level II Custody examination by the Courts Psychiatrist Dr. Melissa Berrenge and the Psychiatrist's recommendations were put into a Stipulated Court Order where Richard and William lived with their dad Clive. See all the lawful orders here Only Lawful Orders

Salazar then told Clive to find five Psychiatrists and give their names to his ex-wife so that his ex-wife could pick one of them.  Not knowing any Psychiatrists, Clive asked longtime and highly respected licensed Therapist Annett Hulett for help finding suitable Psychiatrists.  The Psychiatrists clearly were not interested in doing any Psychiatric investigation of Clive so Annett Hulett came to Court and explained this to Salazar and asked Salazar what the Psychiatric investigation was for.  As Annett pointed out, Psychiatrists are given reasons for evaluations so that they can focus on the purpose.  Salazar could not answer as to why Clive was ordered to undergo a Psychiatric evaluation.  Desperate to see his children, Clive then suggested he go back to Dr. Berrenge, and Salazar said that would be fine and set another date a month out for another hearing.  For the first time in more than a year, Clive was allowed to send cards to his boys (Card to Richard - Card to William). Clive does not even know if his boys ever received their cards because he is not allowed to communicate with his sons!

When Clive called Dr. Berrenge to schedule a Psychiatric evaluation, Dr. Berrenge informed Clive that she does not do Psychiatric evaluations because they are meaningless.  Before the next hearing, Clive however, found a Psychiatrist, Dr. Black who would conducted a Psychiatric evaluation of Clive.  However, when Clive went to court and told Judge Salazar that the Court's former Psychiatrist did not do evaluations because she believed they were meaningless, Salazar decided that he was not interested in the case anymore and simply denied Clive any further rights to see his sons.  Salazar got up and walked out of the court room not even allowing Clive to send Clive's sons another card saying he loves them (2nd Card to Richard the Court would not allow - 2nd Card to William the Court would not allow).

Clearly the Santa Cruz Superior Court does not respect any law, morals or decency.  There is not hope for Clive in the Courts.  The San Jose Mercury Expert study of the Appeal System available to Clive and Clive's own experience also proves that Clive has no lawful or meaningful means to appeal.  There simply is not law in Californian Courts.

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