Ass. DA Jeffery Randolph Fraud

The Ass DA, Jeffery Lee under the arch criminal Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee, who is following in the footsteps of the last disgraced Santa Cruz DA Art Danner, uses every trick in the book to find the innocent guilty.  Randolph deleted critical testimony from the Transcripts and tried to hide the fact through deception - the following emails show the fraud as it unravels.  However, even more outrageous and criminal in practice, Ass. DA Randolph fraudulently modified standard Jury Instructions and failed to include mandatory instructions, thereby guaranteeing the innocent would be found guilty, Judas's of modern times.

Motions to Dismiss Proving Fraud

False Jury Instructions Motion to Dismiss - Example of how DA's fix guilty charges.  For example modify the jury instructions to say that if you do not give your birth date you violated the code therefore you are guilty. DA's Jury Instructions Allowed

The Judge simply prevents the Defense from submitting any JURY INSTRUCTIONS Denied

Sham Trial Motions - Shows multiple areas where the DA and Judge work together to find the innocent guilty.

Email Buildup to DA Fraud

Build up to DA committing fraud by deleting critical testimony from transcript. TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO RECORD

1st Email to Ass DA

2nd Email 1 to Ass DA

3rd Email to Ass DA

4th Email to Ass DA

5th Email to Ass DA

6th Email to Ass DA

7th Email to Ass DA