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Support? We're giving up asking.

"We Risk Our Very Lives For YOUR Freedom" was the title of the last support page. After a number of years dedicating our lives to bringing liberty we have received about $500 in donations. This path has cost Clive everything, his multi billion dollar businesses, career, home, all his capital and the most costly cost one can ever pay, his very children.

We have effectively received no support, so were giving up asking. This site and message will be adsorbed into food costs. Clive a man who flew first class, lived in a multi million dollar estate home overlooking Monterey Bay has been brought to a state of abject poverty by the actions of his adulterous ex-wife Anamaria, former Personal Assistant, the Santa Cruz Government and Courts across California and the United States. Even one of Santa Cruz's largest Churches, Twin Lakes Church joined in on the assault of Clive, taking him to trial on Halloween.

Providence will determine the survival of this site and message as it will the survival of Novus Ordo Seclorum represented in the United States of America.


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