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C & Jefferson?

While Clive Boustred "C" bares a striking resemblance to Thomas Jefferson, his political perspective is an even more striking reincarnation.

As you can see the difference between C and Jefferson is the eyebrows form a frown of disgust reflecting the state of affairs in the USA.  How utterly useless the citizens have become and the Union is in complete and utter disarray.

Thomas Jefferson said: "If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency.. the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” he also said "I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies"

Jefferson In Jail?

Today in the USA, with money they literally make out of noting, the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank has not only helped banks take ownership of everyone's home, they have funded wars that have allowed their banking fraud to take control of almost every nation and government in the world. Creating recessions and depressions they have not only deprived the people of all property they have stripped their education down to such a low level that today citizens don't even know what's in the Constitution!

Citizens lack of knowledge of the law is so severe that more people are maliciously prospected for non-crimes in the US and thrown in jail, prison and put on probation than every other nation in the world combined!

C2JClive, one of Silicon Valley and the worlds leading technical strategists, was building a next-generation Internet, education and banking system that would make Thomas Jefferson proud. Capable of delivering 1 Gb/sec connections anywhere in the world, Clive's company InfoTelesys was well ahead of any competitor. InfoTelesys had secured 1.74GHz of ITU spectrum, 100 launch vehicles and satellites with Internationally pre-approved satellite paths for 91 Low Earth Orbit satellites. It was shortly after Russia made Space Station Mir available for Infotelesys' Peace Project, that Clive's troubles began. When you find out how the government has assaulted Clive, perhaps you will consider doing exactly what the Founders of the USA did, because only you and your fellow citizens can save Clive and his children. If the government can get away with what they have done to Clive, no one is safe.

After literally baring arms against Clive and his children, shooting from a point blank range of five to seven feet at Clive with his children in the direct line of fire, after stealing Clive's home, kidnapping his children and locking him up for six months for driving 27 mph down his private road, the State now wants to lock Clive up for ten years because Clive owns lawfully purchased arms! The government has on at least four occasions attempted to assassinate Clive. They have literally ordered that Clive not tell his sons he loves them. Clive can't even send his sons a Christmas Card or Birthday Card. Clive's case reflects the most extreme and out of control criminal behavior by government officials, and a government that is vastly worse than King George's government in Jefferson's day.

One has to ask what this US government would do to Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, or any of the Founders of the United States of America were they here with us in the US today?

Jefferson said that separation of Church and State was a good idea.  C says if you don't separate State from school all you will end up with is fools.  In Jefferson's day, any child at school could not only quote the Bill of rights, they knew what they meant and could not only explain the function and form of a Grand Jury they knew how to form and operate them.  The common man actually knew Common Law and how to enforce it.

In Jefferson's day, no public servant would have dared to file charges against any of their sovereigns, we the people, the citizens of the States. No person would ever be prosecuted without a real person obtaining the 5th Amendment dictate of at least twelve Grand Jurors determining that probable cause existed for a real crime where there was Intent, the Criminal Act and Damage. No judge nor any DA presides over Grand Juries, they are not managed nor formed by the courts, Grand Juries are entirely controlled, initiated and managed by we the people.  Only a real party of interest, i.e. the real victim, can file charges - the government cannot be a real party of interest, the DA cannot trump up charges and bring these before his colleague in crime, a judge, to see if the government wants to prosecute their target!  Read the 5th Amendment!  If you don't know the law, you don't have any law or the freedom and liberty it protects!

In Jefferson's day, every citizen knew that all three elements of a Criminal charge had to be present before you could be charged, the Act, Intent and Damage.  If there is no damage there is no crime!

No judge would dare to try a criminal case and a judge who claimed the exclusive right to determine the law, would be shot on the spot, they would not even bother to take such high treason to the trees.  A President issuing an Executive Order against the pubic would have received the same reaction.  Lawmaking belongs exclusively to the Legislature. Because of State fool, most citizens don't even know what separation of powers means, let alone accurately explain the limitations of the Executive Office, Legislature or Judiciary.

Citizens knew bills of attainment were categorically forbidden.  Today armed highway robbers wearing badges with flashy lights assault and mug the public issuing 'tickets' like they were invites to some party. Government officials would never dare to demand their sovereigns carry licenses for anything, much less traveling along a right of way!

Today in the USA would not every one of the Founders be locked up and assaulted just like the government has locked up and assaulted Clive?

Literally baring arms, shooting at a range of two meters from Clive with his children in the direct line of fire, this criminal government charges Clive with "assault with a deadly weapon"!  They sent him to jail for six months for driving at 27 mph down his private road!  The State stepped in even over their own psychiatrists recommendations and ordered Clive not communicate in any way with his children.  They took Clive's children and handed them to an immoral and lying adulteress and her adulterer who was banned by stipulated court order and psychiatrists recommendations from any contact with Clive's children. 

Clive sued the State.  Not one of the public servants, his ex or her lawyer dared to even make any appearance, entitling Clive to an automatic summary judgment against them.  So the State issued an order to evict Clive from his homestead the very day they filed to get themselves unlawfully dismissed from the lawsuit. Placing Clive under false arrest for he sixth time, while holding him hostage in jail, the State not only dismissed the lawsuit against themselves they ordered that Clive never sue them again, literally, in writing, claiming to be Clive's sovereign and immune from liability for whatever crimes they commit. They ordered Clive to not even tell his sons he loves them, then after baring arms against Clive and his sons, they seek to send Clive to jail for a decade because Clive owns arms!

To learn more and keep track of the malicious prosecution of Clive click here.  In the meantime call the press, call your Congress person, call the Santa Cruz Court and DA and let them know what you think. Santa Cruz Contacts: Help Clive & Boys

There is no law in the Santa Cruz Superior Court - the only way Clive will receive justice is with a public outcry.  The Appellate system has also been proven corrupt (only 2% chance of having a case overturned).

The question is how many of the Founders would this current government lock up?  Or more importantly, would you go to the defense of any of the Founders of the United States of America, or would you, like the rest of the public, sit idly by and watch?

If the government can get away with prosecuting someone like C, then no-one is safe in the US.

What's Really Going On - Why The Government Wants Clive